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Monday, August 24, 2020

Lord William de Duston & Mary de Erdington

 243382850. Lord William de Duston & 243382851. Mary de Erdington

~1185, Mary born in England, d/o 486765702. Thomas de Erdington.

~1190, William de Duston born in England, s/o 486765700. William de Duston.

[–––Mary & William FitzAlan–––]

Mary 1st married William FitzAlan, s/o 189118208. William Fitzalan.

3/3/1215, William FitzAlan succeeded his father, doing homage at the Tower of London.

4/19/1215, William FitzAlan died. [No children.]


9/1215, The burgesses of York were order to pay William de Duston £50 towards the wages of the sergeants at Scarborough castle.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

10/13/1217, Mary’s dower included the manor of Nortun; and lands in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Bef. 9/7/1218, William’s father died.

6/1219, William still under age, a minor in the wardship of Maud le Bigod.

[–––William de Duston & Mary –––]

By 1220, William married widow Mary.

6/1220, William de Duston and Mary his wife called to answer John FitzAlan and show by what warrant they hold in the manor of Meleham, Norfolk, which John claims as his right and inheritance. Mary claims dower right from his brother William. (S) Curia Regis Rolls, V9, P57.

1223, Dionisia, widow of William fitz Geoffrey, appeared on the fourth day against William de Duston, in a plea of the one-third part of the vill of Langenhalre (Longner), which she claimed in dower. (S) Plea Rolls for Staffordshire, V4, 1883.

1224 in Northampton, Joan, formerly the wife of Henry FitzRalph, sued William for dower in Duston. (S) The Genealogist, 1904, P223.

6/1225, Willliam de Duston sued Thomas Coigne for the service of owing to him for the free tenement in Hulmo. (S) Collections for a History of Staffordshire, V4, 1883, P34.

6/13/1277, William de Duston gives 20s. for license of concord with Walter Coyne, respecting a service of 8s. from six bovates of land in Hulme. (S) Staffordshire Hist. Coll’s, V4, 1883, Roll no.26.

11/12/1227, William de Duston in an agreement with Walter and Thomas Coyngne; 16 acres in Hulme. (S) Feet of Fines.

By 8/21/1231, William, of Duston, Northamptonshire, died. (S) FRsHIII.

Family notes:

4/19/1271, IPM of William de Duston. Kent: Ditton. 100s. rent, … gave the said rent to William de Duston, father of Isabel de Grey, in free marriage with a certain maid (domicilla) of hers, without service, until it should come to the 4th degree. … he had 3 daughters his heirs, who were under age when their father died, … Walter, sometime archbishop of York, who afterwards had the wardship of the heirs, married them, and assigned to each her share of the inheritance, so that the said rent fell to the pourparty of Isabel, the eldest daughter, who was married to Walter de Grey: the said Isabel is in seisin of 2 parts thereof, viz.—⅓ which the king delivered to her by reason of her pourparty, and another ⅓ which the king delivered to her by reason of Roesia de Vylli, who acknowledged that the rent wholly fell to the pourparty of the said Isabel her sister, and the remaining ⅓ is in the king's hands, because Joan, the third daughter, married to Mauger le Vavathur, never came to make any acknowledgement, and died leaving an heir of full age: the said Isabel and Roesia are of full age. (S) CIsPM.

Children of William [de Duston] and Mary:

i. Isabel de Duston (121691425), born ~1225 in England.

ii. Roisia de Duston, born ? in England.

Roisia married Sir John Vylli.

iii. Joan de Duston, born ? in England.

Joan married Mauger le Vavathur.

By 1271, Joan died.

10/28/1276, IPM of Joan daughter of William de Duston (late the wife of Mauger le Wavesur). Northampton: Wycle. The manor, excepting 3½ virgates land which Isabel de Grey holds, … Mauger le Vavasur her son, aged 26, is her next heir. … (S) CIsPM.

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