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Monday, August 24, 2020

Lord William de Tregoz & Agnes ?

 189127472. Lord William de Tregoz & 189127473. Agnes ?

~1110, William born in Normandy, France.

~1125, Agnes born in England.

1130-31, William de Tregoz of Norfolk, Essex, Berks and Lincolnshire, and the lands of William Peverell of London in farm. (S) Pipe Rolls of King Henry I.

1140, William de Tregoz had the lands of William Peverel of London in farm. (S) Dugdale.

1172, William de Tregoz owed the service of 1½ knights fees in the Cotentin, Normandy.

William died.

1197-98, Agnes, widow of William, holding lands in Norfolk and Essex.

(S) The Topographer and Genealogist, V2, 1853, P124ff.

Children of William and Agnes:

i. Geoffry de Tregoz, born ~1145 in England.

Geoffrey married Annabella, d/o Robert Gresley.

Bef. 1175, Geoffry died.

1185-86, Annabella holding the manor of Dunstable, valued at £12 yearly.

Son: William Tregoze, a minor at his father’s death, married d/o Robert de Lucy of Norfolk.

ii. Robert de Tregoz (94563736), born ~1147 in England.

iii. John de Tregoz, born ~1150 in England.

1167, John married and became seated in Sussex.

By 1199, John died; his heir his son Henry.

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