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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Seigneur Roger de Toeni & Dame Ida of Hainault

 159277172. Seigneur Roger de Toeni & 159277173. Dame Ida of Hainault

8/2/1100, Henry I crowned King of England.

~1104, Roger born in Normandy, s/o 79958530. Ralph de Tony & 79958531. Alice of Northumberland.

8/3/1108, Louis VI crowned King of France.

~1111, Ida born in Hainaut, d/o 378220816. Baldwin III Count of Hainaut & 378220817. Yolende of Gueldre.

1126, Roger’s father died; his mother remarried.

~1128, Roger married Ida.

1129-35, Confirmation of the gifts made by Robert de Brus to the canons of Guisborough, co. York … signatories .. the king, … Roger de Toeni, … (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P561.

1130, Roger founded Conches abbey, “Rogerus de Totteneio filius Radulphi junioris” made the donation. (S) FMG.

1130s, Roger de Tosny waged war against his neighbor Hugh de Chateauneuf who had attacked Nogent.

1131-33, King Henry I had his forces occupy Conches when Roger de Toeny, in association with William Talvas, did not appear before the court. (S) History of Normandy, V4, P562.

1132, Hughes II, son of Gervais, fighting with Roger Tosny against William Monvoisin, seigneur de Rosny.

By 1135, Confirmation of various grant of alms made to the monaster of St. Ouen, Conches, by Roger de Toesni the elder, and others. The signatories are : the king and Queen Adelaide, Hugh archbishop of rouen, Auding bishop of Evreux, William earl of Warenne, Amaury count of Everux, Hugh [the king’s sewer], … (S) English Historical Review, V34, 1919, P561.

1135, Roger de Tosny supported Geoffrey of Anjou in his conflict the King of France. (S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P382.

12/22/1135, Stephen crowned king of England.

1135-54, Roger de Tany a tenant of the honour of Boulogne. (S) Families, Friends, Allies : Boulogne, Tanner, 2004, P340.

5/1136, Roger de Tosny seized the ducal castle of Vaudreuil, widening the local conflict. Roger is driven out by the earl of Mellent. (S) Reign of King Stephen, Longman, 2000, P60.

1136, Brothers Walern, count of Meulan, and Robert, earl of Leicester, hired Theobald (378220994), count of Blois for 100 marks. (S) Place of War in English History, Prestwich, 2004, P64.

5/12/1136, Roger excutes reprisals against the Count of Mellant (79959034) for the burning of Acuigni the previous day.

6/1136, Theobald, count of Blois, began to prosecute the war against Roger de Tosny ; while the earls of Mellent and Leicester [Beaumont brothers] pillaged his lands. (S) Reign of King Stephen, Longman, 2000, P61.

10/1136, Roger de Conches ravages the diocese of Lisieux, pillaging the abbey of Croix-Saint-Leufroi, and burning the church of St. Stephen at Vauvai. Robert of Gloucester captured Roger de Tosny.

5/1137, King Stephen of England liberated Roger de Conches.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

1138, Baldwin, count of Hainault, rode 150 miles across northern France to support Roger and Ida in a war with the Earl of Leicester.

9/7/1138, Roger de Toeni reduces to ashes the town of Bretueil.

1138, Roger is reconciled with the earls of Leicester and Mellent, and with King Stephen. A settlement was made whereby a daughter [Margaret] of Earl Robert would marry Roger’s son [Ralph].

1140, Vincent abbey gives a palfrey to Roger Tosny and two ounces of gold to Ida, the wife of the latter, in exchange for donations in England. (S) Prosopographie des Abbes Benedictins, Gazeau, 2007, P71.

1140, Raoul du Fresne and Girelme, his brother, were witnesses to a charter of Roger de Tosny.

By 1142, Pont St-Pierre given back to Roger de Tosny [previously held by Robert of Leicester].

1142, Roger made a confirmation to Lyre abbey at Pont St-Pierre. (S) Beaumont Twins, Crouch, 2008, P55.

1144, Roger de Conches named as a lord in Normandy of the army of the Count of Anjou.

1145, Robert de Mesnil a witness to a charter of Roger de Tosny associated with Mesnil-Vicomte.

1147, Roger de Tosny, fils de Raoul le Jeune, decharge l’abbe Vincent de l’obligation de reparer ou de refaire la chaussee de l’etang de Fontaine. (S) Prosopographie des Abbes Benedictins, Gazeau, 2007, P71.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

1155, Roger de Conches granted a charter in case of forteiture of the citizens of Plessis-Mahiel; witnessed by Robert de Mesnil.

1156, Roger gave the abbey of Bernay 5 acres of land and vine at Tosny.

1157, Rogo de Toeni in Norfolk and Suffolk, ‘in Holcha’. (S) FMG.

1157-62, Roger granted a charter to Bec concerning the Norfolk manor of East Wretham “to all his men either French or Normans and English.”

9/29/1158, Roger living.

1160, King Louis VII took possession of Nogent  from Roger [but returned it later in the year.]

1162, Roger de Tony, lord of Flamsted, Herts, died.

(S) Parochial and Family History of the Parish of Blisland, Maclean, 1868, P65. (S) Norman Frontier, Power, 2004, P295. (S) Dictionnaire Historique de Toutes Les Communes, Charpillon, 1868 & 1879. (S) Ecclesiastical History of England, Vitalis, 1856.

Family notes:

Conches about 4 leagues southwest of Everux.

Child of Roger and Ida:

i. Ralph de Tony (79638586), born ~1130 in Normandy.

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