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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Baron John de Mohun & Lady Auda de Tibetot

 60844548. Baron John de Mohun & 60844549. Lady Auda de Tibetot

1270, John born in Ireland, s/o 121689096. John de Mohun & 23641867. Eleanor Fitz Peter.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England

~1275, Auda born in England, d/o 121691366. Sir Robert de Tibetot & 121691367. Eve de Chaworth.

1278, John, a minor, succeeded his father; with 55 knight’s fees of the Honor of Dunster; custody of his lands given to John de Saunford, the King’s escheator in Ireland; John a ward of King Edward I. John’s mother surviving.

7/5/1279, Grant to Robert Tibbetot of the marriage of the first-born son and heir of John de Mohun, lately deceased, tenant in chief, or, in the case of his death, the next heir. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 1/1/1281, John’s mother remarried to William Martin.

5/4/1283, Presentation … church of Godelegh … king’s gift … custody of the land and heir of John de Mohun. (S) CPRs.

1286, North Cheriton held by John de Mohun as part of the barony of Dunster. (S) History and Antiquities of Somerset, V1, 1836, P323.

1289, John, under age, was made a payment on behalf of the King.

5/18/1290, Inspeximus … at London … Anthony, bishop of Durham and Otto de Grandisono, executors of the will of John de Vescy, restore the lands late of John de Mohun to John de Mohun, his son and heir, now of lawful age, with the corn therein, … manors of Dunsterre and Karleton, co. Somerset; Stormenstre, co. Dorset; Kadele and Holeboton, co. Devon; Magor in Wales and in certain lands in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

[––John & Auda––]

~1293, John married Auda.

1294, John excepted from general service, holding service that year in Gascony. King Edward was involved in a long war to protect lands in Gascony from Philip IV of France.

1297, John summoned to service, going to Flanders.

8/23/1297, King Edward left England with 500 ships to attack France and assert his rights. Because of the refusal of many barons, Edward only had a small contingent of knights. The army sailed for Flanders to seek additional support.

10/9/1297 in Ghent, King Edward and King Philip agreed to make a truce.

3/29/1298, King Edward and his forces arrived back in England.

7/22/1298, John at the battle of Falkirk, the defeat of William Wallace.

7/22/1298, King Edward defeated Sir William Wallace (Braveheart) at the battle of Falkirk, Scotland. The Scots defensive position was strong, but based on spearmen with support of some cavalry and archers. Edward’s armored knights were repulsed by the amassed spear points. King Edward brought up his Welsh longbowmen. They cut gaps into the Scottish ranks through which the mounted English knights could charge. The Scots were routed, but Wallace escaped.

11/16/1298, John exchanged Grange Mohun and other lands in Ireland with the king for the manor of Long Compton, Warwickshire; to hold of him and Auda his wife, d/o Sir Robert de Tibetot. (S) Cal. of Doc.’s Relating to Ireland, 1881, P270.

2/6/1299, John 1st summoned to parliament.

6/6/1299, John summoned to be at Carlisle; ordered to be ready to serve on 40 days notice.

6/26/1299, Extent taken of all the lands and tenements of John de Mohun in the county of Kildare. (S) Cal. of Doc.’s Relating to Ireland, 1886, P115.

7/9/1300, Siege of Caerlaverock castle in Scotland began. John de Mooun, 1 of 87 barons at the siege, carrying a yellow banner with a black cross engrailed. (S) Patronumica Britannica, 1860, P423. [“Juane o crois noire engrelee La portoit John de Mooun”]

2/12/1301 at Lincoln, S. Johani s de Moun, Lord of Dunster, was a signer of a letter to Pope Boniface VIII asserting the King’s right to dominion over Scotland.

1301, John granted a general confirmation of the charters of his ancestor Reginald, and of his father John.

6/1301, King Edward attacked Scotland and removed the Scot’s ancient coronation stone from Scone, installing it at Westminster.

10/1/1301, Protection for John de Mohun staying in Scotland with the king, until Easter.

5/25/1303, John summoned to be at Berwick in June.

10/13/1303, John de Mohun exchanged divers lands in Ireland with Queen Margaret for the manor of Great Cumpton, co. Warwick, of value of £41. (S) CPRs.

1303, Simon de Raleigh held half a fee at Allecheford of John de Mohun. (S) The History of the Part of West Somerset, Heley, 1901, P187.

2/14/1304, John de Mohun at Perth where he dined with Edward [II], Prince of Wales.

6/10/1304, Pardon to John de Mohun, in consideration of his service in Gascony and elsewhere, of 100 marks prest in the wardrobe, which he received at the time he was setting out to Gascony in the king’s service. (S) CPRs.

8/1304 at Weymuster, John de Segrave lord of Segrave, and John de Mohun, lord of Dunsterre, agreed that John de Mohun, eldest son of the latter is to marry Christiana, daughter of the former, who is to dower … 100 marks a year … to be given back to John de Mohun the father, for the maintenance of John and Christinana.  John de Mohun the father, after his death, shall leave … £600 a year … John de Segrave shall pay John de Mohun the father £400 sterling, … Witnesses: Payn Tibetoft, … Nicholas de Segrave, … Stephen de Segrave, knights, … (S) CPRs, 4/1/1305.

3/31/1305, John de Segrave, the elder, Stephen, his son, … acknowledge they owe John de Mohun of Dunsteere £400 … John de Mohun of Dunsterre acknowledges that he owes John de Segrave, the elder, £10,000 … (S) CCRs.

6/6/1306, Agatha Taillard at her death held … a seventh of the manor of Stuministre Marshall of the grant of Eleanor, late countess of Winchester, and that Joan de Vivona and Cecily de Bello Campo, Eleanor’s nieces, Aymer de Archiaco, her kinsman, and Sibyl wife of Guy de Rupe Cauardi, her niece, James de Bohun, deceased, and John de Mohun, her nephews, and Agatha de Mortuomari, her sister, are her next heirs and are of full age. (S) CCRs.

7/7/1307, at Burgh by Sands, near Carlisle, King Edward I died; succeeded by his son King Edward II.

1307, Commission to be keepers of the peace … John de Mohun } co. Somerset. (S) CPRs.

1307, John gave the burgesses of Dunster leave to dig slime for manuring their lands in his marshes near the sea. [The deed mentions the seaport of Dunster which no longer exists.]

1309, John de Mohun summoned against the Scots. [The expedition delayed until 8/1310.]

8/1310, King Edward, invading Scotland, would spend a year on the expedition with no major conflicts, using Berwick as his base of operations.

4/1/1311, Commission to John de Bello Campo, John de Mohun [justices] and the sheriff of the county of Somerset, … hold an enquiry … (S) CPRs.

9/1/1311, Pardon to John de Mohun of £100 which he owes. (S) CPRs.

6/19/1312, John, as a peer, a party to the execution of Piers de Gaveston.

1313, John de Mohun presented to Luppit [as had his father in 1267]. (S) Devonshire Assoc., V2, 1928, P161.

10/16/1313, Pardon to Thomas, earl of Lancaster, and his adherents, … on account of the capture, detention, or death of Peter de Gavaston … John de Mohun. (S) CPRs.

5/1314, Edmund earl of Arundel; and Sir John lord of Segrave and Christine his wife. Edmund has granted, … Witnesses: Sir Thomas earl of Lancaster, Sir Guy earl of Warwick, Sir Ralph Basset, Sir John de Somery, Sir Nicholas de Segrave, Sir Robert de Holand, Sir John de Mohun, Sir Henry Tregoz. (S) UKNA.

1314, … John de Moun, John de Meryet, Andrew Luterel, Hugh de Popham, … witnesses to an agreement between John, dean of Wells, and John, bishop of Bath and Wells. (S) Calendar of the Manuscripts of the D & C of Wells, V1, 1907.

10/14/1315, John de Mohun, the elder, acknowledges that he owes to John de Trillawe … £10. (S) CCRs.

1316, John de Mohun lord of Whichford. (S) Victoria History of the County of Warwick, V5, 1949, P205.

1317-8, The master and brethren of the hospital of St John the Baptist, Bridgwater, to retain rent in Isle Bruern payable by them to John de Mohun and Richard de Berehulle. (S) UKNA.

9/20/1319, Appointment as conservators of peace … John de Bello Campo of Somersete, John de Mohun, John de Clivedon } co. Somerset. (S) CPRs.

10/14/1320, Nicholas son of John de Sancto Johanne of Lageham acknowledges that he owes to John de Mohun, the elder, 100s. (S) CCRs.

1321, John de Mohun ordered to not participate in the parliament that Thomas, earl of Lancaster, was calling at Doncaster.

4/4/1322, To John de Mohun, Order to send to the king without delay the jewels, goods and chattles, to wit silver cups and money by tale, and diverse other things, that belonged to John de Moubray, the king’s enemy, … to the hands of John de Mohun by the delivery of the wife of the said John de Moubray, … (S) CCRs. [John had to have received these before 2/6/1322 when Aline and her son were imprisoned in the Tower. 3/16/1322, John de Moubray was taken prisoner at the battle of Boroughbridge; and hanged 3/23/1322.]

1323, John acquired all the lands of John de Toriton and Matilda his wife. (S) Transactions, Devonshire, V2, 1928, P161.

6/3/1324, John de Mohun to grant the manor of Magor to John de Durreburgh and Joan his wife. (S) CPRs.

2/6/1325, Holedych, co. Devon, held of John de Mohun by knight service. (S) CCRs.

1326, Sir John de Mohun made a £200 donation to Ashley abbey. (S) Country Life, 1991, P84.

2/1/1327 at Westminster, Edward III, age 14, crowned king of England.

7/1/1327, IPM of John de Meriet: [Mariota, or Mary, his wife, long since deceased] … Mary his wife, deceased, who was one of the daughter and co-heirs of William son of Reginald de Mohun ; … heirs of the said Mary were John de Mohun (60844548), of Dunster, of full age; Henry Fitz-Roger (15211020), (of Chuton), aged 8 years; John de Beauchamp (30420994), of Somerset, senior, of full age; John de Bohun, of Midhurst, Sussex, of full age ; and Hugh de Mortimer, of Cheilmersh (Salop), of full age. (S) Proceedings, Vs27-28, Somersetshire A&NHS, 1882, P184.8/10/1327, Association of John de Mohun and John Randolf in a commission de walliis et fossatis in the county of Somerset. (S) CPRs.

4/26/1328, Licence for John de Mohun to enfeoff the manor of Magor to John de Durreburgh and Joan his wife. (S) CPRs.

4/19/1329, Exemption of John de Mohun, in consideration of age and infirmity, from attendance in parliament, and from service with the army, provided that Robert de Mohun his son attend the parliament in his stead and do the aforesaid services. (S) CPRs. [John’s son and heir John died before him.]

5/21/1329, Licence for John de Mohun t enfeoff Hugh de Mortuo Mari and Elizabeth his wife of a fourth part of the hundred of Flitten, co. Bedford. (S) CPRs.

1/25/1330, Ratification of a grant of John de Mohun, lord of Dunsterr, to John son of John de Bello Campo of Somersete, in fee simple, of the share in coparceny which accrued to him by the death of John de Meriet of the inheritance of Mary, formerly his wife, in Esturminstre Mareschal, co. Dorset. (S) CPRs.

Bef. 8/31/1330, John, 1st Lord Mohun, died; his grandson John, s/o John his heir. Writs taking John’s goods into the King’s hands were issued on this date. (S) UKNA.

(S) The Archaeological Journal, 1880, P72. (S) DNB, V13, Stephen, P554.

Family notes:

·         John de Mohun, lord of Dunster, abandoned the arms of his ancestors. The arms of Carlaverock and the seal used on the letter to the pope by “S. Johanis de Moun” match. The change is documented in the register of Newenham abbey.

Child of John and Ada: [7 sons, 1 daughter]

i. John de Mohun (30422274), born ~1295 in Ireland. [Heir]

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