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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Baron Matthew de Lovaine

 47277990. Baron Matthew de Lovaine

1202, Mattnew born in England, s/o 94555980. Baron Godfrey de Louvain & 94555980. Alice de Hastings.

4/1226, Matthew de Lovano paid homage to the king for the 10 knights’ fees that Godfrey de Lovano his father held of the king. (S) FMG.

1226, Grant by Henry (47277606) Duke of Lothier to his nephew Matthew de Lovaine of the bailiwick of the honour of Eye. “H. Dei gratia dux Lotaringiae marchio imperii Romani … Sciatis me ratum fecisse et confirmasse praesenti carta mea Mathaeo de Lovain nepoti me … fratri meo Godefrido de Lovain patri suo … custodiam totius terrae meai in Anglia scilicet honoris Eye.” (S) Brief Hist. of the Bishoprick of Somerset, Camden Society, V8, 1839, P.64.

Aft. 1226, Confirmation of land by Henry I King of England granted the lands of “Robertus filius Walteri de Wyndesora ... patris sui” to “Willelmo (378223924) filio predicti Roberti” which Henry II reconfirmed to “Henrico de Cornhell, Aliciam (94555981) filiam et heredem Roberti de Hasting (189111962) ... uxorem [suam]”, and “confirmation of the same in favour of Matthew de Loveyne (47277990) cousin and heir of the said William, Henry and Alice and his heirs. (S) FMG.

Aft. 1238, Matthew married, as his 2nd wife, Muriel ?.

1260, Matthew summoned as a baron to parliament in London.

Bef. 11/1262, Matthieu, of Little Easton, Essex, died; seized of the manor and barony of Estaines.

(S) Baronia Anglica, V1, Banks, P293.

Children of Matthew and ?:

i. Hawise de Louvain (23638995), born ~1220 in England.

ii. Matthew de Louvain, born 1237-38 in England.

11/11/1262, Matthew Luveyn alias de Lovayn – Matthew his son aged 24 and more is his heir; holding Eystanes ad Turrim manor [Essex]. (S) FMG.

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