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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Baron Odinel de Umfreville & Lady Alice de Lucy

 39979978. Baron Odinel de Umfreville & 39979979. Lady Alice de Lucy

~1140, Odinell born in Northumberland, England, s/o §§Lord Odinel de Umfreville.

[Undated] Odinel raised at the court of Henry, earl of Northumberland [with future of King William the Lion]. (S) Archaeologia Aeliana, V14, 1891, P199.

~1145, Alice born in England.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

Aft. 1161, Odinel’s father died.

12/9/1165, William the Lion, age 22, earl of Northumberland, succeeded King Malcom IV of Scotland.

1165, Odinel assessed £15 3s 4d scutage in Northumberland.

1168, Odinellus de Unfranvill reddat compotum de ‘xls.’ de scutagio.

1171, Odinel assessed scutage in Northumberland.

1171-2, Odinell de Umfravill accounting for land in Yorkshire. (S) FMG.

1172, Odinel assessed £10 scutage in Northumberland.

1173, King William the Lion of the Scots is documented as saying [on abandoning the siege of Newcastle], “May I be loathed and disgraced, cursed and excommunicated by priest, if I grant any terms or respite to Odinel’s castle.”

1173, Odinel had a grant of £20 of the rent of the mines of Carlisle to retain knights at Prudhoe to go against the Scots.

7/1174, Odinel, hearing of King William’s invasion, Odinel’s castle of Harbottle having already fallen, road the countryside enlisting 400 knights to help defend his castle of Prudhoe.

7/8/1174, Odinel under siege for 3 days at castle Prudhoe by King William had well prepared for the attack. Yorkshire barons heard of the attack and broke the siege.

7/10/1174, King William lifted his seige at Prudhoe and moved toward Alnwick.

7/13/1174, Odinell participated in the Battle of Alnwick in support of King Henry of England, at which King William was ambushed and captured.

1181, Odinel de Umfraville granted land in Kidland to the monastery of Newminster stipulating that “the dogs of the monks were to lack one foot that the lord’s wild animals might have peace.” (S) Highways and Byways in Northumbria, Graham, 1920, P362.

1182, Odinell of Prudoe, Northumberland, died; his son Robert his heir. [Collections for 6 months were distributed: £22 7s 4d to the treasury, 100s to Robert to maintain himself, £10 applied to the purchase of clothing for his children.]

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P28. (S) Memoirs Chiefly Illustrative …, Royal Arch. Inst., 1858, P231ff.

Family notes:

·         1154, §§Odinel named in a king’s writ. (S) Introduction to the Curia Regis Rolls, Flower, 1944, P75.

·         1161, Odinel assessed 2 marks scutage in Northumberland for 2 knigths’ fees.  (S) History of Northumberland, Hodgson, 1858, P265.

Child of Odinel and Alice:

i. Robert de Umfreville, born ~1165 in England.

1187, Robert heir of Odinel de Unfranvilla charged £10 payable in Middlesex for appearance in the king’s court about Etton and Hambleton.

ii. Alice de Umfrefille (121698309), born ~1168 in England.

iii. Margaret de Umfreville (19989989), born ~1170 in England.

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