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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Baron Robert de Roos & Lady Sibylle de Valoignes & Lord Ralph de Aubeney

 39979808. Baron Robert de Roos & 39979809. Lady Sibylle de Valoignes & 79958474. Lord Ralph de Aubeney

~1120, Robert de Ros born in Engand, s/o §§Piers de Ros & Adeline Espec.

~1130, Sybylle born in England.

~1135, Ralph de Albianaco born in Yorkshire, England, s/o §§William de Albianaco & Cecilia ?.

Bef. 1143, Robertum de Roos married Sibillam de Valoniis.

Bef. 1150, Robert de Roos witnessed William of Albemarle’s charter founding the abbey of Melsa.

~1150, Robert married Sibylle.

By 1153, Robert’s older brother Everard died.

1153, Robert’s uncle Sir Walter Espec died, buried at the abbey of Rievaulx; leaving property to his three sisters: Hawisia married to William Bussy, Albreda married to Nicholas de Trailly, and Adelina married to Peter de Ros.

1153, Robertus de Ros confirmed donations to Rievaulx by Walteri Espec ‘avunculi mei’, for the souls of … ‘fratris mei’. Everardi. (S) History of Belvoir Castle, Eller, 1841, P16.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

1157, Robert’s father died, buried in the abbey of Rievaulx; Robert paying 1000 marks silver for livery of his lands inherited by his mother from Walter Espec, her brother. (S) Cartularium Abbathiae de Whiteby, Atkinson, 1879, P199.

1157, A payment of £4 for work done on Scarborough castle by testimony of Robert de Roos.

1161-62, Robertus de Ros ‘ii m’ in Yorkshire, and Robertus de Ros ‘dimidiam marcam’ in Warwickshire, Leicestershire.

1161-62, Willelmus de Percy ‘xi l vi s viii d’ in Yorkshire. [Next husband of Sibylle]

By 1163, Robert died.

[––Sibylle & William & Ralph––]

1165-66, Sibylle married 2nd William de Percy of Topcliffe, Yorkshire.

1165-66, ‘Wills de Pci’ accounting for 400 marks ‘p uxore Robti de Ross hnda’ in Yorkshire.

1167, In Yorkshire, Naburn, Ralph d’Aubigne renders accompt of half a mark, delivered to the treasury.

1168, “I William d’Aubigne, by the assent of William my son and heir, and of Matilda my wife, and of Cecilia, my mother, and likewise of Ralph d’Aubigne, my brother, and of my vassals … have granted … to … St. Mary of Belvoir … the church of Redmill …” [William names the knights enfeoffed in his barony which his father had held, his brother being the first named, tenant of 15 knights’ fiefs.]

[Undated] Willielmus de Percy donated Topcliffe church to York Cathedral, for the souls of uxoris meæ Sybillæ … filiorum quoque et filiarum mearum, witnessed by Sybilla de Valloniis. (S) FMG.

1174-75, William died. (S) FMG.

1180, Pleas before William Basset, Robert de Vaux and Michael Belet in Yorkshire. The Earl of Warwick rendered accompt £53 6s 8d in a suit against Sibilla de Valognes regarding land of himself and Josceline of Louvain, brother of Queen Adeliza.

[––Ralph & Sibylle––]

1180-82, Sybille married 3rd Ralph.

1182, Ralph d’Aubigne rendered 200 marks for marrying the mother of Ebrard de Ros (19989904), and owes £98 6s 8d of which £40 ought to be rendered yearly which ought to return to the king with the heir of Ebrard. [Radulfus de Alben accounting for 200 marks pro ducenda matre Ebrardi de Ros in Yorkshire. (S) FMG.]

1182, For Ebard de Ros, lord of Helmsley. Ralph d’Aubigne for him rendered £16 13s 4d for the fine of his land. [Everard was ill.]

1183, Ralph d’Aubigne rendered £43 16s.

1184, Ralph d’Aubigne rendered £54 10s 8d and was quit.

12/12/1189, King Richard departed on the 3rd Crusade. Richard commandeered ships and ordered them to Dover to move some of his forces to France. Ralph joined the crusade.

7/1190, The English and French armies met at Lyons.

1191, Richard captured the city of Messina, Sicily.

6/5/1191, Richard set sail for Acre.

1191, Ralph de Albini Brito died on crusade at Acre. (S) FMG.


2/4/1196, A claim by ‘Sibillam de Vall et Agnetem de Percy’ against the church of Beverley.

1198, Sibilla gave 40 marks for licence to remain in England from the host in Normandy, which sum she had delivered to the treasury and was quit.

1199, Sibilla paid 50 marks for having exemption from marrying herself; and should she choose to marry it would be through counsel of the king.

1201, Lady Sibilla de Valognes gave the manor of the Holy Trinity of Beverley to the Hospital of Jerusalem.

1203, Sibilla made grants to the Hospital of Jerusalem.

Sibylle became a nun at Appleton priory.

Aft. 1212, Sibylle died.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Some Historic Mansions in Yorkshire, V2, Wheater, 1889, P164. (S) Proceedings, Royal Arch. Inst., 1848, P48ff.

Family notes:

·         Adeline Espec d/o §§Lord Walter de Espec & Adeline ?, lord of Helmsley, Yorkshire. “Walterus Espec et Adelina uxor eius” founded Kirkham Priory, Yorkshire; witnessed by Everardo de Roos et Roberto de Ross, filiis Audelinæ sororis meæ junioris. (S) FMG.

·         §§William de Albianaco’s sons were William, Ralph, Eudo and Geoffrey.

Child of Robert and Sibylle:

i. Everard de Roos (19989904), born ~1151 in England.

Children of Ralph and ?: [3 daughters, 1 son]

i. Gunnora de Aubeney (39979237), born ~1160 in England.

ii. Ralph de Aubeney, born ? in England.

Ralph died leaving his 3 sisters as his coheirs.

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