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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Baron Simon de Pierpoint

 60845684. Baron Simon de Pierpoint

~1260, Simon de Petraponte born in Sussex, England, s/o §§Robert de Pierpoint & Annora de Manvers.

1280, Simon’s father died.

4/1280, At Parliament, the men of men of Highweek in Devon given the chance to prosecute their case against Simon de Pierpoint. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

1284, Simon de Pierpoint in possession of Hurstpierpoint, Sussex.

1296, Simon holding Hurstpierpoint, Sussex.

6/8/1304, Simon de Pierrepoint summoned as a baron of the realm to the king.

1316, Simon holding Hurstpierpoint, Sussex.

~1317, Simon died.

(S) Hist. of Sussex, V7, 1940, Hurstpierpoint. (S) Notices of the Ellises, Ellis, 1857, P5ff.

Family notes:

·         Annora d/o §§Michael de Manvers (d.1255), and heir & sister of Lionel de Manvers.

Child of Simon and ?:

i. Simon de Pierpoint (30422842), born ~1290 in Sussex, England.

ii. Robert de Pierpont, born ? in England.

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