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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Baron Thomas de Multon & Lady Edmunda le Butilere

 60845204. Baron Thomas de Multon & 60845205. Lady Edmunda le Butilere.

~1230, Thomas born in England, heir & s/o 121690408. Lambert de Multon & 121690409. Amabel de Lucy.

~1256, Edmunda born in Ireland, heiress & d/o §§Lord John le Botiller.

1246, Thomas heir to his father.

1/10/1247, The king has rendered to Thomas of Moulton, son and heir of Lambert of Moulton, all lands and tenements formerly of Lambert which fall to him by hereditary right. (S) FRsHIII.

1/27/1250-1, Between Simon prior of Spalding, querent, and Thomas son of Lambert de Multon, deforciant … Thomas has rendered to the prior his relief in respect of the tenement, which fell to the prior by the death of Lambert his father. (S) Final Concords of the County of Lincoln, Foster, 1920.

1252, Thomas de Multon, lord of Holbeach and Egremont, obtained a licence from King Henry III. to hold a Market and a Fair at Holbeach. The Market was to be held weekly on Thursday, and the Fair was to last two days. (S) Linclonshire Notes and Queries, V4, 1896, P34.

10/31/1253, Thomas de Multon, lord Egremont, obtained a market and fair to Holbech. (S) Itinerarium Curiosum, V1, 1969.

1/20/1256-7, at Lincoln, Between Thomas son of Lambert de Muleton, querent, and Richard de Harington, deforciant, of customs and … which he holds of Thomas in Harington, to wit, 2 knights' fees; and whereupon Thomas demanded of him that he should do to him homage and relief … which service Richard did not heretofore acknowledge to him. (S) Final Concords of the County of Lincoln, Foster, 1920.

1256, John le Faucuyner v. Thomas son of Lambert de Moleton over the advowson of Goseford. John recognised the advowson as the right of Thomas, … Thomas released and quitclaimed from himself and his heirs to Thomas son of Thomas de Muleton and Matilda his wife, and to the heirs of Matilda £20 annual cornage rent, which Thomas son of Thomas and Matilda used to pay to Thomas son of Lambert from the manor of Goesford. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V7, 1907, P225.

1258, Thomas son of Lambert de Muleton vs. Adam de Tunemue and Isolda his wife, a quarter of the manor of Distington and the advowson. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V7, 1907, P226.

11/6/1259, Ratification of a fine which Thomas son of Lambert de Multon has made with Baldwin de Viles for the marriage of Elizabeth late the wife of John de Monemuth, which marriage the king had granted to the said Baldwin. (S) CPRs.

1/7/1265, Thomas made constable of Carlisle castle.

5/25/1265, Thomas named keeper of the peace for the defense of Holland, Lincs. [Thomas was attendant with the king and could not execute the assignement.]

10/6/1265, Safe conduct for Thos. Fil. Lambert de M. coming to the K.

12/27/1265, Commission to Thomas son of Lambert de Molton to keep the peace in the parts of Hoiland and pursue the king’s enemies there who are running about with a multitude of armed men. (S) CPRs.

9/6/1266, Thomas named keeper of the peace for the defense of Holland, Lincs.

5/20/1267, Thomas son of Lambert de Moleton granted a market and fair at Egremont, Cumberland.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

By 1273, Thomas de Multon, lord of Holbeach and Egremont, had “the Cross of Holbeach”, a high cross erected on a pentagonal ground plan: a base of 3 pentagonal steps, then 5 arches supported by buttresses, upholding a goined roof with moulded ribs. The roof had a parapet dorned with the arms of De Multon, Argent, 3 bars gules and of Holbeach, A chevron engrailed, then 2 more 5-sided steps, a pentagonal spire, crowned by the cross. The cross stood near the ancient High Cross Bridge at a point where 5 roads met. (S) The Cross in Ritual, Tyack, 1900, P120.

8/16/1273, Sr. Thos. De M. overlord at Boston, Lincs., of Rougheclif Manor, Cumb.

[––Thomas & Edmunda––]

By 1273, Thomas married Edmunda.

1/5/1274, Order to cause Thomas de Moleton and Edmunda his wife, daughter and heiress of John le Botiller, tenant in chief of the king in Ireland, to have seisin of the lands falling to Edmunda in Ireland by right of inheritance, which Otto de Graunzon lately held in wardship of the king’s grant … for the use of Thomas and Edmunda, who is of full age. (S) CCRs.

1275, John de Eston v. Alicia de Lucy and her nephew Thomas de Multon of Egremont. (S) Transactions of Cumberland and Westmorland, V29, 1929.

Aft. 1276, Edmunda died [possibly in 1276 in childbirth].


Thomas married 2nd Margaret ?.

7/12/1277, Thomas son of Lambert de Multon, fine of 100 marks for 1 knight's fee for service due in Wales. (S) CFRs.

1278, The jurys says that Thomas de Multon of Egremont holds the manor with the barony of Coupeland of the King as 1 fee, and that within Coupelaunde he has return of writs and holds pleas. (S) Some Feudal Lords, Scott-Ellis, 1904, P86.

1280, IPM of Peter de Saubadia: … Lincoln. … Skyrebek and Frampton. 1 fee held by Thomas son of Lambert de Multon for homage and scutage, which is worth to his use £10 yearly. (S) CIsPM.

1280-1, Allocacio Libertatum [eyre] to Thomas fil. Lamberti de Multon in his lands in the Parts of Holland, co. Linc. (S) Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts, 1901, P196.

1281, Thomas son of Lambert de Multon was challenged for wreck of the sea in Multon and Fleet, and he disclaims it. [The jury found that he never took it.] (S) History of the Foreshore, Moore, 2006, P83.

1283, Thomas de Multon Lord Egremont obtained a market and fair for Holbeach. (S) History of the County of Lincoln, Vs1-2, Allen, P357.

10/11/1285, Sir Thomas de Multon presented Robert de Belsted at Skirbeck [Lincolnshire]. (S) Guide to the Church of S. Botolph, Jebb, 1903, P133. [Thomas’ grandfather Thomas presented in 1238.]

3/13/1289, Sir Thomas de Multon presented Magister lawrence de Nafferton at Skirbeck. (S) Guide to the Church of S. Botolph, Jebb, 1903, P133.

5/28/1290, Thomas son of Lambert de Multon granted markets and fairs at Moulton, Lincolnshire and Thurston End, Suffolk.

1292, Placita de Quo Warranto for Cumberland: The honors of Coupland and Allerdale were divided; to Isbella, countess of Albemarle, by right of ‘ainessie’ got Cockermouth castle and half of Allerdale; Thomas de Lucy got Papcaster with the rest of Allerdale, and Aspatrick with half of Coupland; and Thomas de Multon, Egremont Castle with the rest of Coupland. [They shared in the barony court and the pleas belonging to it.] (S) English Historical Review, V35, 1920, P194.

1292, Thomas held the market and fair at Ravenglass, Cumberland, formerly held by Richard de Lucy, his maternal grandfather.

1292, Thomas de Multon, lord of Egremont, claims wreck of the sea in Egremont. [The Abbot of St. Mary also claimed the wreck, as granted by Richard de Lucy, ancestor of Thomas.] (S) A History of the Foreshore and the Law, Moore, 1888, P101.

2/6/1294, Thomas granted an additional fair at Moulton, Lincolnshire.

1294, Thomas had a grant of free warren at Egremont.

4/1294, Thomas died.

4/26/1294, Order to take into the king's hand the lands late of Thomas son of Lambert de Multon, deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs.


4/29/1294, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to deliver to Margaret, late the wife of the said Thomas, the manor of Flete, late of her said husband, to hold in tenancy until the king assign her dower. (S) CFRs.

6/22/1295, Margaret, widow of Thomas son of Lambert of Moulton: one-third … Fleet, Lincolnshire … Mouton and Weston … (S) Agrarian History of England and Wales, V2, 1988, P16. [6/30/1295, Margaret assigned dower in Egremond.]

(S) Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs. (S) Knights of Edward I, Moor, 1930.

Family notes:

·         Arms of Thomas de Moulton Baron Egremont: Arg. 3 bars gules, a label 5 points or. (S) Fenland Notes & Queries, V5, 1903, P136.

·         Many genealogies given Edmunda as d/o John de Verdun & Margery de Lacy. Since she is the ‘heiress’ of John, and since John used the name ‘Verdun’, this is not probable.

Child of Thomas and Emoine:

i. Thomas de Multon (30422602), born 2/21/1276 in England.

5/12/1296, The K. took the homage of Thomas de Multon, son and heir of Edmunda le Butilere, deceased, for all the lands and tenements which Thomas de Multon, formerly husband of the said Edmunda, and father of Thomas … of the inheritance of the said Edmunda … (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland, 1881, P135.

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