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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Chief Koten the Cuman

 47277630. Chief Koten the Cuman

~1200, Koten born in Russia.

1222, Koten defeated by invading Mongols, a “monstrous and inhuman race of men” [Tartars], with a leader called Khan. Koten, chief of the Cuman, then allied himself with Kievan Rus.

5/31/1223, The united forces were again defeated by the mongols. K├Âten was deposed from power in that year, but he remained leader of the Terteroba clan.

5/1237, The Mongols attacked the Cuman-Kipchaks, capturing their leader who they executed.

1238, Again under attack, Koten fled with 40,000 of his tribe to Hungary.

1239, Koten, chief of the Kuman, baptized into Christianity as ‘Jonas’.

1241, Koten, chief of the Cuman, assassinated in Hungary.

Family notes:

·         Kutan belonged to the Durut tribe of the Kipchaks, part of the Cuman–Kipchak confederation, known as Cumania in Latin.

Child of Koten and ?:

i. Elizabeth the Cuman (23638815), born ~1239 in Hungary.

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