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Monday, September 7, 2020

Comte Etienne d'Auxonne & Comtesse Judith de Lorraine

 39979492. Comte Etienne d'Auxonne & 39979493. Comtesse Judith de Lorraine

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

~1130, Etienne born in France, s/o 79958984. Guillaume de Macon & 79958985. Adelaide-Pontia.

~1143, Judith born in France, d/o 756501362. Matthias I, duke of Lorainne & 756501363. Bertha von Hohenstaufen.

6/14/1147, ‘Wilelmus Masticonensis comes et Burgundie’, donated ‘abbatiam de Balma’ to Cluny, confirmed by, ‘Poncia comitissa uxore mea et filiis meis Stephano et Gerardo.’

3/9/1152, Frederick ‘Barbarossa’ crowned King of Germany. [Brother of Judith’s mother.]

9/27/1155, Etienne succeeded his father as Comte d'Auxonne.

10/28/1157, Comes Stephanus ... et fratrem meum comitem Gerardum, settled disputes with Charlieu abbey, with the consent of: ‘matris nostræ ... comitis Willelmi patris nostri et avi nostri domini Theobaldi de Treva’.

~1168, Stephen married Judith.

1170, ‘Matthæus Lotharingorum dux et marchio’ donated ‘ductu aquæ molendini … Farros-Moulin’ to Saint-Dié, in the presence of ‘uxore mea Bertha et filiis meis Matthæo et Judith comitissa Burgundiæ.’

10/3/1172, Stephanus comes Burgundie, donated property to Cîteaux with the consent of: uxoris mee Joete et filii mei Stephani.

1173, ‘Stephanus comes Burgundie et dominus de Treve’, donated land ‘apud Ledonium’ to Tart abbey, with the consent of: ‘Judith comitissa uxore mea’.

8/1173, Etienne, count of Burgundy and lord of Trier, buried at the abbey of Clairefontaine; his brother Girard and his son making gifts for his soul. (S) Les Mémoires historiques de la Répub., Gollut, 1846, P1841.

(S) Foundation for Medieval Genealogy. (S) Sword, Miter, and Cloister: Nobility and the Church in Burgundy; Bouchard, 2009, P275. (S) Chartes de Communes et d’Affranchissements en Bourgogne, Garnier, 1868.

Family notes:

·         Etienne witnessed many documents of his maternal uncle Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

Child of Etienne and Judith:

i. Etienne II Comte d'Auxonne (19989746), born ~1170 in France.

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