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Monday, September 7, 2020

Earl Roger le Bigod & Countess Ida de Tony

 39819292. Earl Roger le Bigod & 39819293. Countess Ida de Tony

~1150, Roger born in England, s/o 79638584. Hugh le Bigod & 79638585. Juliane de Vere.

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

~1158, Ida born in England, d/o 79638586. Ralph V de Tony & 79638587. Margaret de Beaumont.

1162, Ida’s father died.

[––Ida & King Henry II––]

~1170, Ida had a child by King Henry II. [Earl William Longespee.]

1173, King Louis of France called a national assembly in support of the rebellion of King Henry II’s sons.

10/11/1174, Louis VII, stopped supporting King Henry’s sons.

10/17/1173, Roger bore the standard of St. Edmund of the royal forces at the Battle of Fornham. [His father was on the other side.] (S) Chronicles of the Reigns of Stephen, Henry II, and Richard I; 1886, P295.

10/17/1173, Rebel forces of 3000, with 300 knights, under the Earl of Leicester vs Royal forces at the Battle of Fornham. The rebel forces were caught fording the River Lark in Suffolk and defeated.

10/17/1174, Roger le Bigod, son of Earl Hugh, and Hugh de Cressi, commanded a detachment, including men from Ireland, defending the town of Bury St. Edmunds against the rebel forces of young King Henry. (S) Henry II, Salzman, 1914, P135.

1176, Roger, after the death of his father, involved in a dispute with his step-mother over the inheritance. King Henry II took the disputed lands into his possession.

6/1176 at Clarendon, Roger le Bigod attested a charter of King Henry II to Stamford Nunnery, Lincolnshire. (S) Court, Household, and Itinerary of King Henry II, Eyton, 1878, P205.

3/16/1177, Roger Bigod, son of Earl Hugh, a member of the Assize of Castile-Navarre at London. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983, P104.

1179 at Winchester, Roger Bigod, son of Earl Hugh, witnessed the dissolution of the convent of Amesbury. (S) Feudal Assessments, Keefe, 1983, P104.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

[––Roger & Ida––]

~1182, Roger married Ida.

12/25/1186 at Guilford, Roger Bigod served at the King’s table, performing duties that pertained during coronations and solemn feasts. (S) Henry II, New Interpretations; Harper-Bill, P198.

1188, Roger le Bigod and Earl Richard de Clare disputed the honor of carrying the banner of St. Edmund in battle.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

11/25/1189, Roger appointed by King Richard I as one of the Ambassadors to King Philip of France, Earl of Norfolk, and awarded the office of Steward; for which Roger paid 1000 marks.

1190, Roger gave King Richard 1000 marks for his inheritance and to prevent his half-brother Hugh from being rewarded any of their father’s lands.

~1190, Roger started the construction of Framlingham castle, Suffolk. This revolutionary castle without a keep reflected crusader experience. Its vast curtain-wall, laced with strong towers, enabled a large force including cavalry to be kept in the area of maximum defensibility.

1191, Roger put in charge of Hereford castle.

1192, Roger le Bigot a King’s Justice at Norwich. (S) Peerage of England, V3, Collins.

By 1193, Ida died; Roger making a grant to Reading Abbey for the health of her soul.


1193, Roger summoned to attend the Chancellor in Germany on the matter of the King Richard’s release from captivity.

4/17/1194 at Westminster, at the 2nd coronation of King Richard I, Roger was one of 4 carriers of the silken canopy.

1194, Roger present at the Great Council at Nottingham.

1195–1202, Roger a Chief judge in the King’s court.

1195-96, Roger paid a fine of 100 marks to not be disseized by his brother Hugh Bigod.

4/1/1197, Final concord made at St. Benet of Holme before the archbishop of Canterbury, earl Roger le Bigot, Osbert son of Hervey, … and William de Glanville. (S) Publications of the Pipe Roll Society, V8, 1931, P-XVII.

1198, Roger de Braham seneschal of Roger Bigod. (S) Suffolk Charters, Mortimer, 1979, P65.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

10/1200, Roger an envoy to William the Lion, King of Scotland, to bring him to Lincoln to do homage.

5/5/1203 at Porchester, “Count Roger Bigod” a witness to King John’s specification of Queen Isabela’s dower. (S) Epistol√¶.

11/1/1203, Earl Roger le Bigod granted a market at Hanwoth, Norfolk.

5/5/1204, Charter of the Lady the Queen I. on her Dower. John, by the grace of God, … Attesting, the Lords … Earl Roger le Bigot; W. Earl of Arundel; … William Briwerr, Hugo de Neville, Robert de Trasgoz, Robert de Veteriponte, … (S) King John of England, Chadwick, 1865, P192.

1204, Roger lost many lands in Normandy.

1204, Roger Bigod founded Thetford priory. (S) Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmorland Antiquarian & Arch. Soc., 2007, P53.

1206, Roger paid a fine to King John to dismiss the claims of his half-brother Hugh.

6/6/1210, Roger and his son Hugh served King John on his campaign in Ireland.

1213, Roger Bigod dusputed the advowson of the church of Campsey Ash with William Bigod. (S) Eye Priory Cartulary, Pt2, Brown, 1994, P66.

1213, Earl Roger Bigod fined with King John to reduce his service from 125.25 knights to 60. (S) Anglo-Norman Warfare, Strickland, 1992, P43.

2/1214, King John landed at La Rochelle, France in an expedition into Poitou. Roger attended King John.

6/15/1215 at Runnymead, King John forced to sign the Magna Carta.

11/20/1215 at Bury St. Edmunds, Roger [and his son Hugh] elected as one of the 25 to guarantee observance of the Magna Carta. (S) History, Gazeteer and Dir. of Suffolk, 1874, P565.

12/16/1215, Roger excommunicated with the other Magna Carta barons; his lands forfeit. (S) History and Antiquities of the City of Norwich, 1783, P52.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1216, Roger appointed constable of Norwich castle. (S) Royal Illustrated History of Easter England, Bayne, 1873, P239.

By 9/1217, Roger’s lands restored by King Henry III.

1220, William le Bigot v. Earl Roger le Bigot of Es. (S) Calendar of the Feet of Fines for Suffolk, 1900, P21.

Bef. 8/2/1221, Roger, 4th Earl of Norfolk and Suffolk, died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P84.

Children of King Henry II and Ida:

i. William Longespee (19989838), born ~1174 in England.

[Duplicated under King Henry II.]

Children of Roger and Ida: [5 sons, 3 daughters]

i. Hugh le Bigod (19909646), born ~1184 in England.

ii. Margaret le Bigod (47280401), born by ~1185 in England.

iii. Mary le Bigod (486765189), born by 1193 in England.

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