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Monday, September 7, 2020

Lord Alan Fitz Roland & Elene de Lacy

 39979014. Lord Alan Fitz Roland & 39979015. Elene de Lacy

~1180, Alan of Galloway born in Scotland, s/o 79958028. Lochlan of Galloway & 79958029. Elena de Moreville.

~1183, Elene born in England, d/o 39979060. Baron Roger de Lacy & 39979061. Maude de Clere. (S) POMs.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

8/1196-11/1200, Roland, son of Uhtred, constable of the king of Scots, and Helen [de Moreville], his spouse, with the consent of their heir Alan and their other heirs, have granted and established by their charter to Furness Abbey … as the charter of Avice of Lancaster, wife of Richard de Moreville, donated and established to the same monks. (S) POMS.

[––Alan & Elene––]

~1199, Alan married Elene. (S) Calendonia, Chalmers, V2, P949.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

12/26/1199, Alan son of Roland, lord of Galloway, witnessed a grant of King William to the church of Holy Trinity of the bishopric of Moray. (S) POMS.

12/12/1200, Alan succeeded his father in Galloway.

9/25/1201-1205, King William to Kelso Abbey; has granted donation which Alan, son of Roland, and Helen, his mother, made of 5 ploughgates in Oxton in Lauderdale [in exchange] for revenue which abbey used to have in Galloway. (S) POMS.

1201-10, Adam granted Adam son of Gilbert the dispenser, by the same as he held of his father.

Elene died.


1209, Alan married 2nd Margaret d/o 79958030. David of Huntingdon & 79958031. Maud de Blundeville.

1/7/1210, Confirmation of donation of King William of Scotland to the church of St. Cuthbert by Alan, son of Roland, the constable. (S) POMS.

1210, Alan son of Roland of Galloway with King John on his expedition to Ireland. (S) Magna Carta, Leongard, 2010, P177.

6/6/1210, King John launched successful attacks in Ireland [which he split into shires ruled by the crown from Dublin]. King John launched 700 ships in the attack, and used 10 knights as personal bodyguards in this campaign.

By 10/1/1211, Alan quitclaimed to Roger de Lacy, constable of Chester the advowson of the church of Kippax, Yorkshire. [Kippax was part of the dowery of Elene.]

6/1212, Alan met with King John at Carlisle.

7/20/1212, Alan summoned by King John against the Welsh [which was aborted.]

1212, Alan summoned by King John to serve in Ireland. He sent his natural son Thomas with 1000 men and 76 ships to lay waste to the coast of Derry. [Alan’s fleet was estimated to have up to 200 ships.]

8/16/1212, King John gifted Alan 500 marks to pay his squires who had come with him to the king’s service in Wales.

12/25/1212, Alan was present at Durham when King John met with King William.

7/15/1213, Alan granted Irish fiefs with rights of forests, and privileges of markets and fairs. (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland, V1, P75.

6/3/1214 at Windsor, Alan gave King John a good hunting hound in exchange for 2 geese.

12/5/1214 at Scone, Alexander II crowned King of the Scots; all 7 Scottish earls were present.

12/1214, Alan given the title of Constable of Scotland [which he held until he died.]

5/5/1215, King John authorized payment to Alan [and his brother Thomas] of 330 marks for prests [military service.]

6/12/1215 at Runnymede,

6/19/1215 at Runnymede near Windsor, King John forced to agree to the terms of the Magna Carta. Alan identified in the preamble as a supporter of King John.

5/12/1216, Prince Louis [future VIII] of France, after a successful landing, crowned King of England in London. In June, Louis captured Winchester and controlled half of England.

6/1216-10/1217, Alan confirms to John son of Laurence of Newbiggin property in Kirkby Thore, Westmorland.

1216, Alan identfied as a rebel against England.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1217, Alan inherited lands in Lauderdale and Cummingham from his mother.

5/20/1217, English forces, with the aid of previous rebel barons, defeated the French forces at Lincoln.

7/1217, Alan’s Galwegian forces served with Alexander II in an incursion into Northumberland.

9/23/1217, King Alexander II and Alan, constable of Scotland, ordered to surrender Carlisle castle and all other war gains.

1218, Alan complained to King Henry III that he had gained little advantage from his estates in Ireland, but was still ready to serve him faithfully.

1219, Alan did homage to King Henry III for his lands.

4/18/1220, King Henry III, already planning to meet King Alexander II at York, invited Alan to come and do homage for his lands in Ireland.

6/15/1220, Alan swore to observe King Alexander’s oath to marry Joanna, King Henry’s oldest sister.

1221-22, Alan sent levies to assisst in King Alexander’s pacification of Argyll.

1222, Witnesses to a charter of Galloway: Alan, son of Roland of Galloway; Fergus, son of Uchtred; Edgar, son of Donald; … (S) Celtic Monthly, V15, 1907, P28.

10/1224, Alan son of Roland de Galloway, constable of Scotland, to the K., relative to his expedition into Ireland, and the conclusion of peace between Lord William Marshall and Hugh de Lacy. Begs that the K. will grant confirmation of the lands given to himself and his brother, the earl of Athol, by King John. (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland, V1, 1875, P186.

1225, Alan took over Hugh de Lacy’s Irish lands after Hugh rebelled.

1225, Alan aided Ragnvald Godredsson against Ragnvald’s half-brother Olaf.

3/31/1226, Alan witnessed a charter of King Alexander II at Stirling.

1228, Alan married 3rd  married Rose, d/o of Hugh de Lacy & Lesceline de Verdun.

1228, Alan, Ragnvald Godredsson, and Alan’s brother Thomas attacked the Isle of Man [Held by Ragnvald’s half-brother Olaf.]

10/26/1229, Alan summoned with horses and arms to serve overseas with King Henry III. [Alan did not attend the king.]

5/1230, A Norse fleet sailed into Clyde, landed on Bute, and stormed Alan’s castle of Rothesay. King Alexander led an army in relief. (S) The Wars of Scotland, Brown, 2004, P30.

1231, Alan married a daughter to John de Balliol; and his sister to Walter Bisset.

2/1234, Alan, Lord of Galloway, died; buried at Abbey of Dundrennan, Scotland. (S) The Historians of Scotland, 1880, P51.

(S) A History of Dumfries and Galloway, Maxwell, 1896, P55. (S) Medieval Scotland, Stringer, 1998. (S) Hereditary Sheriffs of Galloway, Agnew, 1893.

Family notes:

·         Another “Alan son of Roland”, a tenant of Wallingford, was deceased by 1212.

Children of Alan and Elene: (S) POMS.

i. Helen of Galloway (19989507), born ~1200 in Scotland.

Children of Alan and Margaret: (S) POMS.

i. Christiana of Galloway, born aft. 1209 in Galloway.

Christiana married William de Forz.

1246, Christiana died without issue.

ii. Devorguilla of Galloway, born aft. 1209 in Galloway.

1228, Devorguilla married to John de Balliol of Bernard castle, Yorkshire.

Children of Alan and ?: (S) POMS.

i. Thomas of Galloway, born ? in Galloway.

Thomas married Isabel, d/o Henry, earl of Athol.

1231, Thomas died.

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