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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Lord Almaric de Saint Amand & Iseult Pantulf & Lord Henry Biset & Aubrey Fitz Eustace & Lord Walter de Tateshal

 60838000.  Lord Almaric de Saint Amand & 60838001. Iseult Pantulf & 39979036. Lord Henry Biset & 39979037. Aubrey Fitz Eustace & 378241560. Lord Walter de Tateshal

~1160, Walter born in England, s/o §§Robert of Tattershall. (S) FRsHIII, 7/23/1223.

1166, Henry born in England, s/o §§Sir William Biset & Hawise ?.

~1173, Aubrey born in England.

1177, Henry’s father, household steward to King Henry II, died.

~1180, Iseult born in England, d/o §§William Pantulf & Joan de Goldington.

[–––Hugh & Inseult–––]

Inseult 1st married to Hugh de Munpincun.

By 1186, Hugh de Montpicon died.

1187, Henry Biset came of age.

11/3/1189, Richard I crowned king of England.

~1190, Almaric born in England, nephew and heir of Walter de Verdon [keeper of St. Briavel castle, warden of the forest of Dean, Gloucester, and sheriff of Herfordshire; & Ralph de Verdun.] (S) Hist. Sketch of the Parish of Croxall, Ussher, 1881.

1191, Henry Biset warned the Chancellor, Longchamp, that Prince John had a plan to capture him. [Longchamp took refuge in the Tower.] (S) Notes & Queries, Oxford, 1904, P70.

[–––Henry & Aubrey–––]

~1193, Henry 1st married Aubrey.

[–––Walter & Inseult–––]

~1197, Isuelt married Walter de Tateshal.

9/1197, Confederation between Richard of England and Baldwin, count of Flanders and Hainaut, against Philip, king of England. … Henry Byset … The above witnesses were sworn in Normandy, before the king of England and the Count of Flanders … (S) Life of Philippe Auguste, Rigord, 1826.

Bef. 1198 at Selkirk, Henry Byset witnessed 2 charters of King William of Scotland. (S) The Chiefs of Grant, V1, Pt1, 1883, P5.

By 1199, Aubrey died.

1199, Walter de Tateshal died.

[–––Henry & Inseult–––]

Henry Biset married Inseult.

1199, Isolda, late the wife of Hugh de Munpincun, in conjunction with her husband Henry Biset, was demanding dower in her late husband’s tenement in Ovingdean, Sussex. (S) Honors and Knight’s Fees, Farrer, 1923, P403.

5/27/1199, John crowned king of England.

11/1201 at Orbec, France, Hugh de Gournay, by charter, gave to the hospital of Lisieux a rent of a thousand eels, payable every year; witnessed by Count William Mareschal, … Henry Biset, …

11/13/1204, Henry Biset a king’s messenger to Walter de Lasey; and witness of a grant to Walter. (S) Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland.

1205, A tun of wine was sent by King John to Henry Biset to be given to his wife. (S) The Royal Bastards of Medieval England., Given-Wilson, 1984, P127.

By 1208, Henry Biset made a grant to Breamore priory, witnessed by Hugh de Angens. (S) Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families, Loyd, 1951, P4.

1208, Henry Biset of Kidderminster, Worcestershire and Rockbourne, Hampshire died.

[–––Inseult & Walter de Baskerville–––]

Inseult married Walter de Baskerville.

1213, Walter died.

1213, Isolda ‘q fuit ux Walteri de Baskvill’ paid a fine for ‘dote sua’ in Leicestershire. (S) FMG.

12/9/1213, Isolda Biset paid a fine for ‘villa de Magorham … Henr Biset quondam vir suus … habuit’ in Wiltshire. (S) FMG.

1214, Isuelt Biset, widow of Hugh de Munpincun, made a claim of dower in the manor of Annington. (S) Victoria History of the County of Sussex, V6, 1997.

1214, Isolda, Walter’s widow, owed 100 marks and one palfrey for having her inheritance and freedom to marry whom she wished. (S) Lords of the Central Marshes, Holden, 2008, P96.

[–––Almaric & Inseult–––]

1215, Almaric married Iseult Pantulf.

1216, Almaric a supporter [but not a signer] of the Magna Carta with the rebel barons.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

3/15/1217, Almaric received a grant of the vill of Clafford (Clatford), Hants: De villa concessa.–Rex omnibus militibus, …. Scias quod commisimus dilecto et fideli nostro Amurico de Sancto Amando, villam de Clafford, … (S) CPRs.

3/18/1222, Berkshire. Sewal’ de Oseville gives the king a palfrey for having a weekly market on Tuesdays, until the king comes of age, at his manor of Ilsley. … Witness H. etc. For Aymer de St. Amand. (S) FRsHIII.

1222, Almaric received a grant of 2/3rd of the manor of Liskeard, Cornwall.

5/10/1223, Pledges for Baldwin de Guines, son and heir of Ernald, … Aymer de St. Amand for £10. (S) FRsHIII.

By 7/1223, Inseult died. (S) FMG. (S) FRsHIII.


10/1224, Pledges for Ralph de Bray for £200 … Aymer de St. Amand for 15 m. (S) FRsHIII.

1225, Almaric de St. Amand sheriff of Hereford. (S) Collections … County of Hereford, Duncumb, 1804, P235.

1226, Order to admit Almaric de St Amand to his inheritance of the manor of Ashendon. (S) History of the Antiquities of the County of Buckingham, V1, 1847, P254.

1226, Amaury visited Ireland and had his tenure of Gormanston, north of Dublin [previously given to Henry Biset, which Isolda continued to hold after Henry’s death] confirmed. (S) 13th Century England IV, Coss, 1992, P187.

6/10/1226, Amaury de St. Amand granted 2 carcucates of the maor of Balscadden, Ireland. (S) Judges, Administrators and the Common Law, Turner, 1994, P221. [Amaury did not have siesin for at least 2 years.]

1228, Dominus rex concessit Amaruico de Sancto Amando quod habeat warennam apud manerium suum de Kideministre in terra sua propria, … (S) CPRs.

1229, Amaury obtained a grant in fee of Gormanston in Ireland for the service of 1 knight. (S) National Manuscripts of Ireland, Gilbert, 1879, P116. [4 carucates called ‘le rynn’.]

1230, Almaric served overseas.

4/30/1230, from Portsmouth, King Henry invaded Brittany in hopes of recovering Normandy. They established their camp at Nantes, and captured a small castle. [Returning in October.]

10/28/1230, The king has taken the homage of Aymer de St. Amand for the lands which Ralph de Verdun, his kinsman, whose heir he is and who died in parts overseas with the king, held of the king in chief in England and which fall to Aymer by inheritance, and the king has pardoned him his relief for the same lands. Order to the sheriff of Kent … Gloucestershire … [Bloxham in] Oxfordshire. (S) FRsHIII.

7/17/1231, Order … to place in respite, …, the demand they make from Aymer de St. Amand, who is in the king’s service in the parts of Wales by the king’s order, for the prest of Ireland. (S) FRsHIII.

5/1231, King Henry sent Hubert de Burgh to Wales to suppress an uprising led by Llywelyn ap Iorwert, prince of Gwynedd.

1231, Almaric negotiated a truce with Llewelyn, the Welsh war lord.

5/17/1232,  The king has granted to Aymer de St. Amand that he may render those 10m … for a prest of Ireland. (S) FRsHIII.

10/30/1232, Almaric a keeper of St. James de Beuvron (La Manche). (S) CPRs.

1233, Almaric the King's envoy to the Duke of Brittany.

7/1233, Almaric knighted by Henry III.

7/27/1233, Robert Marmiun, first born son of Robert Marmiun, conveying to P. bishop of Winchester, … all his land in England … with the custody and marrige of Philip Marmiun, his son and heir, to hold for seven years, … S. de Sedgrave, justiciar of England, … Sir Amaury de Sancto Amando, … (S) CChRs.

8/13/1233, King Henry made a grant to the abbot and convent of the Cistercian monastery of St Martin's Viterbo, in accor dance with letters of popes Gregory and Iunocent … witnessed by P. bishop of Winchester, S. de Segrave, justiciar of England, Brian de Insula, …, Amaury de Sancto Amando, … (S) Calendar of Papal Registers, V1, 1893.

5/23/1234, Appointment during pleasure of Amaury de Sancto Amando to the custody fo the county of Hereford, … as their sheriff. (S) CPRs.

6/3/1234, Grant to Amaury de Sancto Amando, to the use of Ralph de Sancto Amando his son, of the marriage of Ascelina, younger sister and one of the heirs of Robert de Aubeny son of Robert de Aubeny, so that if his son die before marrying her; it shall be lawful for Amaury to marry her to whom he will. (S) CPRs.

6/12/1234, Appointment of Amaury de Sancto Amando to the custody of the castle of St. Briavels and of the forest of Dene, at his own cost, for a year …. (S) CPRs. [And to the custody and castle of Hereford, at his own cost.]

5/2/1235, Ratification of a covenant … and Robert de Mucegros of the whole land of Nicholas de Fescampo in Kenemerthun, … Witnesses:- … [4 bishops], William de Ferariis, earl of Derby, John de Lascy, earl of Lincoln and constable of Chester, Roger le Bygot, earl of Norfolk, … Amaury de Sancto Amando, Geoffrey le Despenser … (S) CPRs.

1235, Amaury was importing corn from Gormanston, Ireland to England. (S) Ireland and Britain, Frame, 1998, P40.

8/9/1235, Exemption for life for Amaury de Sancto Amando from suits of counties and hundreds due to the king in respect of his land in Finegal in Ireland. (S) CPRs.

9/6/1235, Confirmation … Witnesses :– William de Ferrariis, earl of Derby, William his son, Hugh de Vivona, … Amaury de Sancto Amando, … (S) CPRs.

7/23/1236, Writ de intendo to the knights, free men and all others sworn to arms in the counry of Berks in favour of Amaury de Sancto Amando, the king’s steward, and Nicholas de Molis, whom the king is sent to those parts to expedite his business, … (S) CPRs.

9/22/1236, Order to the sheriff of Oxfordshire to place in respite the demand for 8m 3s 4d that he makes from Aymer de St. Amand for a certain scutage and a prest made to Walter de Verdun in Wales. (S) FRsHIII. [Aymer heir of Walter.]

4/1/1237, Payn de Chaworth has made fine with the king by 200m. for having custody of the land and heir of Margaret de la Ferté , … He has found Simon de Montfort as pledge for 25m., H. de Bohun, earl of Essex and Hereford, for 25m., Aymer de St. Amand for 25 m., …. (S) FRsHIII.

6/14/1237, Notification … the king has caused William de Ferariis, Emery [Aubrey] de Sancto Amando, the steward Hugh de Vivona, … to swear on his soul the he will cause the prorogation of the truce with L. prince of Abberfraw and lord of Snawdon, for one year … (S) CPRs.

3/8/1238, To L. prince of Aberfrau and lord of Snaudon. The king is sending to him Amaury de Sancto Amando, the king’s steward, with Henry de Aldithele and John Lestrange to make amends for the attacks committed upon him and his against the truce. (S) CPRs.

1239, Almaric the godfather of Edward [I], stood at the font during the christening.

10/20/1239, Comfirmation of the quit-claim which William de Sancto Amando made to Amaury de Sancto Amando, his brother, the king’s seneschal, of all rents … late of Ralph son of Walter de Verdon, their kinsman, in England, and of all the rents, … of Guy de Sancto Amando, their brother, in England. (S) CChRs.

12/7/1240, Aymer de St. Amand has made fine by 20 m. for having custody of the land and heirs of William de Elibehol’ with marriage of the same. (S) FRsHIII.

1240, Almaric went on a Crusade to the Holy Land with his friend Simon de Montfort, led by Richard, Earl of Cornwall.

1241, Almaric died on crusade.

Family notes:

·         §§William Pantulf of Breedon (b.~1160), Leicestershire, s/o §§William Pantulf (fl.1166) & Burga ?. (S) Early Yorkshire Charters, V9, Farrer, 2013, P25.

·         §§Joan de Goldington (b.~1160), d/o §§Lord Peter de Goldington & Eve ?. (S) FMG.

·         1163-77, Peter de Goldington held Stoke Goldington. (S) Hist. of Buckingham, V4, 1927, Stoke Goldington.

Children of Henry and Aubrey:

i. Margaret Biset (9994933), born ~1195 in England.

ii. Albreda Biset, born ? in England.

Albreda married William le Grant.

Children of Walter de Tateshal and Iseult:

i. Robert de Tatteshall (189120780), born ~1198 in England.

Children of Henry and Iseult:

i. John Biset (19989518), born ~1205 in England.

Children of Almaric and Iseult:

i. Ralph de Saint Amand (30419000), born ~1216 in England.

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