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Saturday, September 5, 2020

Lord Gilbert de Monmouth & Domina Bertha de Braose

 47268484. Lord Gilbert de Monmouth & 47268485. Domina Bertha de Braose

~1140, Gilbert fitz Baderon born in Wales, England, s/o 94536968. Baderon de Monmouth & 94536968. Rohese de Clare.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

~1155, Bertha born in England, d/o 79958018. William de Breuse & 79958019. Bertha de Hereford. [This is the only timeline fit for the parents of Bertha, and the names and family locations match.]

~1160, Grant by Baderon de Monmouth, with assent of Gilbert and James, his sons, to the monks of Monmouth in exchange for Hadnock, co. Monm., of 3 forges in his borough of Monmouth on the bank of the Wye, free, with all the iron forged therein.

Aft. 1169, Gilbert’s father died.

1174-90, Gilbert Fitz-Baderon, lord of Monmouth, a patron of Hue de Rotelande, author of ‘Ipomedon’, who then wrote ‘Protheselaus’, which concludes with several lines in honour of Gilbert. [Protheselaus is about a female that fights like a knight.] (S) Courtoise in Anglo-Norman Literature, West, 1966, P80.

[––Gilbert & Bertha––]

~1175, Gilbert married Bertha.

1176, Gilbert paid 100 marks for trespasses done by his men in royal forests.

7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.

[Undated] Gilebertus de Monemuta et Berta uxor mea donated revenue from ‘molendini de Ope’ to Dene abbey. (S) FMG. [Gilbert’s uncle James the first witnesses.]

[Undated] Gilbert de Monmouth, greetings to all his men, French and English and Welsh, and all his neighbours and friends. Let it be known to all you present and all future that I, Gilbert, have given and granted to William de Marisco for his service and for a certain dapple-grey horse, which he has given to me, the land, which was of Brunwin, and 2 acres in front of the garden of the guild, from which he was accustomed to pay to me 12 pennies. Moreover, with the assent of James, my brother, I have granted these to the said William and his heirs, to hold from me and my heirs freely and quietly by paying 1 sore hawk a year for all services, and so that it may be firm and stable, I have confirmed by my seal. These are the witnesses: Robert de Albemara, Thomas son of Pain, and Pain his son, Ranulf Bruto and Robert his son, Jordan de Wisham and Ralph his son, William de Colevilla, William de Hereford, Adam de Blakaneia, Gilbert who wrote this charter. Farewell. (S) UKNA, Latin Palaeography, Practice 25, Ref. DL 36/3 folio 183.

Bef. 1190, Gilbert and Bertha make 2 donations to the Cistercian foundation of Flaxley, Gloucestershire. [In one, they give 5s and customs dues to buy sacramental wine, with the statement that left-over money could be applied, with consent of the whole chapter, to the repair of books.]

1190, Gilbert died, John his son a minor.


1195, Domina Bertha is overlord of the estates Hugo de Charke.

1201, Domina Bertha is overlord of the estates Hugo de Charke.

(S) Facsimiles of Royal and Other Charters of the British Museum, Warner, 1903, P41. (S) Cat. of Romances in the Dept. of Manuscripts, British Museum, V1, Leigh, 1883, P733. (S) Women and Literature in Britain, Meale, 1996, P16-17.

Children of Gilbert and Bertha:

i. Margaret de Monmouth, born ? in England.

ii. John de Monmouth (23634242), born ~1180 in England.

iii. Basilia de Monmouth, born ? in England.

Basilia married Adam de Blakeney. Gilbert gave them land of Hadnock near Monmouth as her marriage portion. (S) Lords of the Central Marches, Holden, 2008, P80. [Adam witnessed and undated charter above.]

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