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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Lord Hugh de Polstede & Aubrey Fitz Auger

 47280802. Lord Hugh de Polstede & 47280803. Aubrey Fitz Auger

~1215, Hugh de Polstead born in England, s/o 94561604. Hugh de Polstede & 94561605. Hawise de Chandos.

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England.

~1220, Aubrey born in England, d/o §§Alan Fitz Auger.

1236, Hugh succeeded his father: “Instructions given to Adam fitz Walter, the King's escheator, that the King had taken the homage of Hugh, son and heir of Hugh de Polstead, for the 5 fees which Hugh had held in chief of the honours of Raleigh and Haughley; he was instructed to take security for payment of relief and to give Hugh full seisin of his lands.” Hugh gave £25 relief for 5 knights’ fees.

12/12/1236, The king has taken the homage of Hugh, son and heir of Hugh of Polstead , for 5 knights’ fees. (S) FRsHIII.

1239-40, Hugh an heir of Michael de Polstead.

1240-41, Hugh married Aubrey.

1240-41, Hugh, son of Hugh de Polsted, knight, and Aubrey his wife, daughter of Alan son of Auger: demise of a rent from land and buildings in Cannon Street in the parish of St Mary Abchurch, London. (S) UKNA.

1241, Hugh paid a fine of 5 marks to not attend the king into Gascony.

1256-7, Hugh in a suit over the advowson of Stratford.

1257, Hugh de Polsted and Juliana de Gymingham took stallage in the market of Burnham.

1260, Hugh de Polsted gave the monks in Frank Almoign his wood in Compton, called Inwood, with liberty to enclose it. [Apparently a confirmation of a grant of 1215.] (S) Monasticon Anglicanum, V5, 1825, P238.

1265, Simon Bishop of Norwich confirmed to the prior of Castleacre, 2 parts of the tithes of the demeans, of Philip de Burnham, William de Grancourt, John Fitz Ralph, Hugh de Polstede, and William de Gymingham.

Bef. 12/14/1265, Hugh died: daughters Hawise aged 22, Petronilla aged 18, and Rohese, 14-15 and more, are heirs; Suffolk: Polstede manor held of the honour of Releye, doing service of 4 knights' fees; Norfolk: Burnham manor and 40 acres of land held of the fee of Sir William de Grandcurt by service of ¼ of a knight's fee, and there are moieties there of the advowsons of the churches of St Margaret and All Saints. (S) UKNA.

(S) A supplement to The Suffolk traveler, Page, 1844, P959. (S) Essay … County of Norfolk, V3, 1769, P745. (S) Essay … County of Norfolk, V7, Blomefield, 1807, Burnham Norton, Burnham Wesgate, Burnham Sutton.

Children of Hugh and Aubrey:

i. Hawise de Polsted, born 1243 in England.

3/28/1266, Licence for Hawise, first born daughter and one of the heirs of Hugh de Polsted, who held in chief, for a fine of 20 marks, that she may marry whomsoever she will, provided that he have adhered constantly to the king and Edward his son. (S) CPRs.

Hawise married William de Lambourn.

ii. Petronila de Polstead (23640401), born 1247 in England.

iii. Rohesia de Polsted, born 1250 in England.

Rohesia married Robert le Moyne.

1257, Petronell and Rose, daughters and heirs of Hugh de Polsted, had a right of patronage of the church of Burnham All Saints, and in that of Polsted in Suffolk.

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