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Monday, September 7, 2020

Lord John de Dover & Isabel Briwere

 39979340. Lord John de Dover & 39979341. Isabel Briwere

~1140, John born in Kent, England, s/o 79958680. William de Dover.

~1140, Isabel born in England, d/o §§Henry Briwere [a royal forester].

By 1153, John’s father died on crusade.

1151-53, ‘Hugo de Chileham filius Fulberti de Dofora’ donated the church of Chilham to the abbey of Saint-Bertin, for the souls of ‘patris mei Fulberti et matris mee Adelit … et Matildis uxoris mee’, signed by ‘… Helya de Chilleham, Mathilde uxore mea, Radulfo filio Willelmi, Willelmo et Johanne (39979340) fratribus eius, nepotibus meis … Arnaldo de Bolonia.’ (S) FMG.

10/25/1154, Henry II succeeded Stephen as King of England.

Aft. 1155, Isabel’s father died.

~1168, John heir of his uncle Hugh de Dover. [Hugh’s wife Matilda holding lands.]

1171-74, John helped rebuild Chilham castle.

1171-72, ‘Johannes de Dovra xiv l, de novo xx s’ in Kent. [John de Dover pays £14 for scutage in Kent for service in Ireland.] (S) FMG.

1174, John of Dover a justice of assize in Warwick and Leicester.

1194-95, ‘Johannes de Doura…pro habenda saisina de Ringwald et Witstapel dote Matildis uxoris Hugonis de Doura’. [John heir to his uncle Hugh’s wife Matilda.]

[Undated] A deed referring to the mill near St.Mildred's Church, Canterbury, given to him by his Uncle, Hugh de Dover,  witnessed by Robert de Lucy. (S) Surrenden Library.

John died. (S) FMG.

(S) Judges of England, V1, Foss, 1848, P232.

Child of John and Isabel:

i. Fulbert de Dover (19989670), born ~1160 in England.

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