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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Lord John de Muscegros & Cecily Walerand

 60849354. Lord John de Muscegros & 60849355. Cecily Walerand

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

~1215, John de Mussegros born in England.

~1235, Cecily born in England, d/o 121682070. William Walerand.

8/5/1239, John de Muscegros gives 20s for having a writ to attaint 12 jurors. Order to the sheriff of Lincolnshire. (S) FRsHIII.

~1255, John married Cecily.

1258, Kilcot Wood held by John de Muscegros. [Held in 1270 by Beavis de Knovil, married Joan (30424677), and then in 1307 by Bevis’s son Bevis. (S) Hist. of Gloucester, V12, 2010, Newent, Kilcot.]

By 1270, John died.

Family notes:

     12/12/1308. IPM of John Waleraund, an idiot deceased. Norfolk: … John de Edeworth, son of Alice one of the said John’s aunts [nee Walerand]; Alice de Everingham, one of the daughters of Cecily [nee Walerand] another aunt; Bevis (Bugo) de Knovill (15212338), son of Joan de Knovill (30424677) another daughter of the said Cecily; and Maud, late the wife of Richard le Bret, and Cecily de Helioun, whom Peter de Helioun married, daughters of Cecily the third daughter of the said Cecily. (S) CIsPM, Edward II, 1908, P70+.

·         This John [I], and John [II] (60848492) married to Cecily Avenel, are linked through Sir Bogo de Cnovill (30424676), see John [II] 7/31/1272; and John [I] 1258. [Likely related.]

Children of John and Cicely:

i. Alice de Muscegros, born ? in England.

Alice married ? de Everingham.

ii. Joan de Muscegros (30424677), born bef. 1258 in England.

iii. Cecily de Muscegros, born ? in England.

Daughter: Maud married Richard le Bret.

Daughter: Cecily married Peter de Helioun.

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