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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Lord John de Sancto Laudo & Joan de Cheveroil

 30417512. Lord John de Sancto Laudo & 30417513. Joan de Cheveroil

~1275, John de St. Lo born in Somerset, England, s/o 60835024. Sir John de Sancto Laudo.

1282, Joan born in Somerset, England, d/o 60835026. Alexander de Cheveroil.

1294-95, John de Seyntlo’s father died.

1/25/1296, IPM of Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hertford. Somerset: Newente Pupplowe. 1 1/4 fee held by the heir of John de Sancto Laudo. [John still a minor.] (S) CIsPM.

1299, John de Sancto Laudo receives 6d yearly from a tenemnt in Bath. (S) Chew Magna.

1301, Kingswood Abbey has quitclaimed … Witnesses: Sir Nicholas son of Ralph, Sir John de Sancto Laudo, Sir Thomas de Berkeleye, son of Sir Thomas de Berkeleye, Sir William de Wauton, knights … (S) UKNA. [Earliest possible date.]

4/14/1304, Grant by By Thomas de Bayuse to William Snel, of Bath and Alice [Cok] his wife … Witn. Dom. John de Sancto Laudo, Knt. (S) UKNA. [Alice Cok appears in multiple records with John married to different husbands.]

7/7/1307, Edward II succeeded Edward I as King of England.

[––John & Joan––]

1309, John de St. Lo and Joan his wife sue Richard de Melles … manor of Publow … (S) Chew Magna.

1310, Joan’s father died.

1310 in Wilts, Alexander Cheverel (Johannes de Sancto Laudo, qui duxit in uxorem Johannam, filliam et heredem ejusdem Alexandri, Galfridus de Lavyngtone et Stephanus de Stoforde, attornati ejusdem Johanna, pro eodem Alexandro). (S) Miscellanea Genealogica Et Heraldica, 1888, P316.

10/1/1310, IPM of Alexander Cheverel. Wilts.: … Joan his daughter, the wife of John de Sancto Laudo, aged 28 and more, is his next heir. (S) CIsPM.

12/30/1310, Order not to intermeddle further with the lands that Alexander de Cheveroil … [Gloucester] … Joan his daughter, whom John de Sancto Laudo married, is his nearest heir. (S) CCRs.

1311, John presented Josceline de Brankescombe to Newton St. Lo. (S) Chew Magna.

7/1/1311 at Bristol, Debtor: John de St Lo {Laudo} of Somerset [held Newton in Wellow Hundred, and part of Publow in Keynsham Hundred, Somerset]. Amount: £22. (S) UKNA.

9/14/1312, Grant to Dom. Andrew de Corston rector of Bradewey (Broadway, Co.Som.) … Witn. John de Sancto Laudo … (S) UKNA.

3/13/1314, Grant by John de Wyk, of Bath and Alic Cok his wife … Witn. John de Sancto de Laudo, … [Somerset] (S) UKNA.

12/5/1314, Order to deliver to the aforesaid Matilda the following of the said [Gilbert de Clare] earl's knights' fees, assigned to her in dower: … a fee in Neweton, in the same county, which John de Sancto Laudo holds, of the yearly value of £20 … (S) CCRs. [Held by his son in 1349.]

1315, Publewe cum Hamel held by John de Sancto Laudo. (S) Chew Magna.

1318, John de Sancto Laudo, knight, presented Wm. de Stawell to Newton St. Lo. (S) Chew Magna.

1319, John de Sancto Laudo, knight, presented Nicol de Kynemersford to Newton St. Lo. (S) Chew Magna.

4/22/1321 at London, Debtor: John de St Loe {St Lo} [of Newton St Loe, Wellow Hundred, Somerset.]. Amount: 160m. (S) UKNA.

5/1322, John grant the right of divine service celebrated in his chapel of Newton. (S) Chew Magna.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England. [1/20/1327, Edward II abdicated.]

5/7/1330, Grant by Thomas de Button … Witnesses:- John de Sancto Laudo the elder, Edmund de Clevedone and Walter de Rodeneye, knights, … (S) Ancient Deeds, V4, 1902, A.6969.

John the elder died. [Next record of ‘John son and heir of John’.]

(S) Coll’s for a Parochial Hist. of Chew Magna [Somerset], Wood, 1903, P114ff.

Child of John and Joan:

i. John de Sancto Laudo (15208756), born ~1305 in Somerset, England.

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