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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Lord John le Strange & Maud D’Eiville

 60845488. Lord John le Strange & 60845489. Maud D’Eiville

~1253, John born in England, s/o 121690976. John le Strange IV & 121690977. Joan de Someri.

~1265, Maud born in Warwickshire, England, d/o §§Lord Roger d’Eiville of Walton D’Eyville, co. Warwick.

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

12/18/1275, ‘Johannes Extraneus quintus, dominus de Knokyn’ succeeded his father.


John married 1st Alianore?.

3/21/1276, Order to the sheriff of Leicester to take into the king's hand the pourparty of John, son of John le Estraunge, one of the heirs of Nicholaa (486765257, grandmother), late the wife of Roger de Somery, of her lands in Barewe. (S) CFRs.

6/1/1276, Joan settled on son John V and his wife Alianore the manor and advowson of Midelton, Cambridgeshire.

1278, John heir to his mother.

1279, John le Strange holds Middle with it members of John fitz Alan by service of 2.5 knight’s fee at Oswestry in war-time.

Alianore died without issue; the manor of Midleton reverting to John’s mother.

[––John & Maud––]

~1281, John married 2nd Maud.

12/15/1282, Order to the sheriff of Northampton to deliver to Ralph de Crumbwell and Margaret (243382629) his wife, John le Strange (60845488), Walter de Sully and Mabel his wife and Maud late the wife of Henry de Erdynton, coheirs and parceners of a 4th part of the inheritance late of Hugh de Albiniaco, sometime earl of Arundel (s/o 973530514), the manor of Olneye. (S) CFRs. [Hugh’s 4 sisters his heirs: Matilda (189120781); Isabel (94559105); Nicholaa (486765257); Cecily (168448089).]

12/1282, King Edward defeated Llewelyn ap Gruffydd at the battle of Radnor in eastern Wales. Edward received the head of Llywelyn at Rhuddlan castle.

6/28/1283, John le strange summoned to Shrewsbury by writ from Rhuddlan to the king to hold a colloquium to ordain what should be done with David, brother of Llewellyn, formerly prince of Wales. (S) The Titular Barony of Clavering, 1891, P16.

9/12/1283, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to deliver to Ralph de Crumwell and Margaret his wife, John le Strange, Walter de Suly and Mabel his wife, and Maud late the wife of Henry de Erdington, coheirs of a 4th part of the inheritance of Hugh de Albiniaco, earl of Arundel, the manor of Olneye … which manor, late held by Isabel de Albiniaco, sometime countess of Arundel … (S) CFRs.

12/1/1284, IPM of Nicholaa (486765257), late the wife of Roger de Somery. Partition, between Maud de Erdinton, Ralph de Crumwell, Walter de Sutleye and John le Estraunge, heirs of the said Nicholaa [The manor of Olney in Buckingham]. (S) CIsPM.

1284, John le Strange answered for 300 marks to the King, which his grandfather John le Strange had borrowed of the inhabitants of Cheshire to support the Welsh wars.

Bef. 4/28/1286, John le Straunge of Knokyn, co. Salop, conveyed his moiety of Caumpeden to John Ludlawe. (S) History and Antiquities of Chipping Campden, Rushen, 1899, P13.

1286, Grant from John L'Esirange (Extraneus), lord of Ercalwe, and Matilda his wife, to Sir Philip de Say, rector of Hodenet, of 1 virgate in Harpecote, which he had from Sir Will. le Botiler of Wemme. Witn., Sir Fulk L'Estrange, Sir Will. le Botiler, … (S) Manuscripts of Shrewsbury and Coventry, 4th Rpt, Appendix, Pt.X, Sir Walter O. Corbet, 1899.

6/24/1287, Protection with clause volumus, for John Le Strange, going to Wales on the king’s service. (S) CPRs. [The King was in Gascony and the Welsh used the opportunity for minor revolts.]

8/15/1287, Edmund, earl of Cornwall’s force of 4,000 joined up with an army of 6,700 at Rhys ap Maredudd’s castle of Dryslwyn, Wales, and began a siege. They built a trebuchet to attack the castle. [The castle fell Sept. 5th; but Rhys escaped.]

11/13/1287, Protection, John Le Strange, going to Gascony on the king’s service, for 1 year. (S) CPRs. [Joining the King and Queen who had been in Gascony since 1286.]

5/5/1289, Protection, John Le Strange, staying beyond the seas with the king, until Michaelmas. (S) CPRs.

8/1289, King Edward and Queen Eleanor returned to England.

10/1292, John le Strange in a Quo Waranto to state by what right he exercised free warren … in his manor of Nesse, Kyngton and Mudle.

4/1293, John le Strange appeared coran Rege, and vouched warranty for Roger le Strange.

1294, The Gascon War began between England and France, lasting 9 years.

1294, John summoned to serve with horse and arms in the expedition into Gascony.

Bef. 6/1295, Madoc ap Maredudd captured the town of Oswestry and defeated John le Strange at Knockin. (S) Transactions of Shropshire, V1, 1877, P230.

1/8/1296, Order not to intermeddle with taking the corn of John Lestrange (Extraneus) for cos. Salop, Norfolk and Cambridge, who is staying in Gascony on the king’s service. (S) CCRs.

12/13/1297, John le Strante at Haghmon, abbot Gilber exhibited before the barons’ council his muniments concerning Knokyn chapel, … the whole were confirmed by Le Strange.

9/26/1298, Baron “Johan’ le Straunge” summoned with arms to Carlisle against the Scots.

12/28/1299, Johanni le Strange, lord of Knokyn, summoned to parliament.

7/9/1300, Siege of Caerlaverock castle in Scotland began.

8/23/1300, ‘Domino Johanni Extraneo, banneretto’ at the siege of Carlaverock castle, Scotland.

2/12/1301 in Lincoln, “Johannes le Estraunge Dominus ds Cnokyn” signed the baron’s letter to the Pope.

1302, John L'Estrange held 2 fees in Hunstanton of Robert de Mohaut. (S) Honors and Kingths’ Fees, Ferrar, 1923, P118.

6/14/1303, John served in the war in Scotland at Berwick.

11/23/1303, Felton by le Knokyn in the march of Wales, within the liberty of John Lestrange of Knokyn, which is on the confines of the countes of Salop and Meyronyth. (S) CPRs.

1304, Monsieur John Lestrange served at the siege of Stirling castle.

4/1304, King Edward started the 90-day siege of Stirling castle. King Edward first used the Warwolf siege engine, the largest trebuchet ever constructed, in a successful siege.

7/8/1304, John’s daughter Elizabeth married Griffith ap Madog [age 6] of Rhuddalt in the presence of both fathers. (S) American Genealogist, V32, 1956, P75. [John and Maud bought the marriage for £50. Griffith’s father, Madog ap Griffith, died 11/12/1304.]

2/28/1305, John summoned to parliament at Westminster.

3/5/1306, Robert the Bruce had himself crowned king of Scotland. [King Edward supported another claimant.]

4/5/1306, John summoned to Westminster to treat with the King on the knighting of Edward, Prince of Wales.

1/30/1307, John summoned to parliament at Carlisle where the King announced another expedition into Scotland.

3/1307, John was with the English army in Scotland pursuing Robert Bruce.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

10/13/1307, John summoned to parliament at Northampton.

2/25/1308, “Joh’i Ext’neo” at the coronation of King Edward II.

4/1/1308, Licence for John le Strange (Extraneo) to crenellate his dwelling-house of Medle [Kernellare mansum suum de Medle]. (S) CPRs.

4/28/1308, John summoned to parliament at Westminster; where complaints were made about the conduct of the King’s favorite, Piers Gaveston.

8/22/1308, John mustered at Carlisle to go against the Scots.

1309, John, sheriff of Shropshire.

5/7/1309, John le Strange, ‘custodi terrarum et tenementorum Templariorum in comitatu Salopie, et vicecomiti ejusdem comitatus’, to hold and inquire a claim of the abbot of Haughmond about lands in Holtprene held by the master and brethren of the Order of the Templars.

7/30/1309, John ordered raise 100 foot soldiers, and to be at Newcastle-on-Tyne on Michaelmas day to join an expedition against the Scots. [‘centum de hominbus Johannis Lestraunge de partibus de Knokyn’.]

8/1309, John encamped at Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, where he died.

8/1309, John died. [Writ of ‘Diem clausit extremum’.]


8/8/1309, Writ for IPM of John Lestrange of Knokyn. Warwick: Walton Deyvile. The manor held, as of the inheritance of Maud his wife … Gloucester: Schenyndon. A messuage, 3 virgates … Cambridge: Midilton. The manor, held jointly with Maud his wife, who still survives … John his son, aged 27 and more, is his next heir. … Oxford: Alcrynton. The manor, held of the same inheritance, … Salop: Kynton and Nesse. The manors …  the hamlet of Wyvel … Mudle. The manor … (S) CIsPM.

10/5/1309, The escheator directed to deliver the manor of Middle and its issues to Maud his wife.

10/30/1309, The escheator ordered to assign dower to Maud in the presence of John, his son and heir, he having done homage for them; Maud having taken oath not to marry without the king’s licence.

4/3/1310, IPM of John at Oxfordshire: Extent of the manor of Alcrynton held by John and Maud of John de Lodbrook by service.

3/28/1310, Order to restore to Matilda, late the wife of John Lestraunge, the manors of Trofford and Donham, co. Chester, which she held jointly. (S) CCRs.

3/28/1311, Maud given the manors of Stafford and Dunham, which she had held jointly with John of the gift of Edmund, earl of Arundel.

By 1316, Maud married 2nd Thomas Hastang.

Bef. 1318, Maud and Thomas petitioned the king stating that Lord Strange and herself had bought the marriage of the son and heir of Mardok ap Griffith Maillor for their daughter Elizabeth for £50.

4/1/1324, Pardon to Maud, late the wife of John Lestraunge, … acquiring, … 2 parts of the manor of Nesse from Emery Pauncefot, … (S) CPRs.

Maud died.

(S) Transactions, London and Middlesex, V1, 1860, P125. (S) Siege of Carlaverock, Nicolas, 1828, P233. (S) LeStrange Records, LeStrange, 1916. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V10, Eyton, 1860.

Family notes:

·         There is also a John le Strange, married to Clemence, of Childs Ercall, contemporary, also a feoffee of Roger le Strange, who appears in many records with annotation “of Ercall”.

Children of John and Maud:

i. John le Strange (30422744), born 5/18/1282 in England.

ii. Hamon le Straunge, born ? in England.

Hamon married Margaret, d/o Ralph Vernon of Montran, Cheshire.

12/8/1309, Hamundus Lestraunge, filius domini Johannis Lestraunge de Knokyn salutem in Domino.

1317, Hamon died.

iii. Eubulo le Strange, born ? in England.

Eubulo married Alice de Lacy; contess of Lincoln and Salisbury, widow of Thomas, earl of Lancaster.

1326-35, Eubulo summoned to parliament.

9/8/1335, Eubulo died.

iv. Elizabeth le Strange, born 1298 in England.

7/8/1304, Elizabeth married to Griffith ap Madog [age 6] of Rhuddalt in the presence of both fathers.

11/1320, Elizabeth aged 22.

[Mother of Griffith Vychan ap Griffith, father of Owen Glendower, born 1359.]

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