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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Lord Philip Burnell & Maud FitzAlan

 60844706. Lord Philip Burnell & 60844707. Maud FitzAlan

8/1/1264, Philip born in England, s/o 121689412. Sir Hugh Burnell & 121689413. Sybil ?.

~1268, Maud born in England, d/o 23639776. Baron John FitzAlan & 23639777. Isabel de Mortimer.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

Aft. 2/5/1278, Philip’s father died.

1/25/1279, Grant to R. [Robert de Burnell] bishop of Bath and Wells, the chancellor, of the custody, during the minority of the heirs, of the lands late of Hugh Burnell, tenant in chief; with the marriage. (S) CPRs. [R. bishop of Bath and Wells the great-uncle of Philip. (S) CPRs, 8/4/1270.]

1282, Philip heir to Philip, his cousin.

11/12/1282, Order to the sheriff of Northampton, escheator in that county, to take into the king's hand the lands and goods late of Philip Burnel [cousin of Philip], deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs. [Philip Burnell drowned; s/o Philip, brother of Baron Robert Burnell. This Philip was married to Isabel, heiress & d/o William Patrik.]

[––Philip & Maud––]

7/15/1283, Richard son of Alan, son and heir of John son of Alan, sometime lord of Cloune and Oswestry (Blancmoster), acknowledges that he is bound to R. bishop of Bath and Wells in 2,000 marks, for the marriage of Philip Burnell, the bishop's nephew, which Richard brought from him for the use of Matilda, his sister; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels. (S) CCRs.

4/28/1286, Letters … for the following going beyond seas with the king … Philip Burnell. (S) CPRs.

6/24/1286 from Dover, King Edward and Eleanor traveled to Gascony where they would stay for 3 years. [9 knights were assigned to guard the royal children.]

2/18/1287, Philip and his uncle Bishop Robert in a grant of William de Derneford, knight, of his claim in the manor of Boscumbe. (S) CCRs.

7/2/1287, Protection for Henry de Preers, going with Philip Burnel to Wales on the king’s service. (S) CPRs.

8/15/1287, Edmund, earl of Cornwall’s force of 4,000 joined up with an army of 6,700 at Rhys ap Maredudd’s castle of Dryslwyn, Wales, and began a siege. They built a trebuchet to attack the castle. [The castle fell Sept. 5th; but Rhys escaped.]

1/3/1288, Letters … Philip Burnel, going beyond seas to the king, nominating … (S) CPRs.

1/6/1288, Walter de Gayton acknowledges the he owes to Philip Burnell 100s. (S) CCRs.

4/4/1288, Robert Burnel, bishop of Bath and Wells, and Philip Burnel; and Sir Adam le Despenser, knight. … Adam has enfeoffed Robert and Philip in the manor of Magna Rollingdryth (Oxon.), for £55 11s. ½d., and after 8 years they will restore the manor to Adam and his heirs. (S) UKNA.

3/1289, Sir Philip Burnel, knight, presented Robert de Newenton, clerk, to the chapel of Brocton Haket. (S) Register of Bishop Godfrey Giffard, 1902, P409.

3/5/1289, Protection for Philip Burnel, going to the king in Gascony. (S) CPRs.

1/10/1291, Philip Burnel granted the feoffment of the manor of Walshale by John Paynel and Margery la Rouse his wife, of her inheritance. (S) CPRs.

10/1/1291, Roesia Trussel acknowledges that he owes Philip Burnell, £12. (S) CCRs.

7/5/1291, Philip had a grant of free warren in his demesne lands in Wodeton, Midlinghope and Conede, co. Salop. (S) CChRs.

6/13/1292, To the keeper of the forest of Essex. Order to cause Maud, wife of Philip Burnell, to have within the bailiwicks of Waltham and Hatfeld, within the bounds of that forest, 10 bucks, of the king's gift. (S) CCRs.

10/25/1292, Philip heir to his uncle Robert Burnell, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and Chancellor of England, inheriting 82 manors in 19 counties. (S) CFRS, 10/22/1292. (S) Index Library, V30, 1903, P162.

10/26/1292, IPM of Robert Burnel, Bishop of Bath and Wells. Southampton: Enham Knight’s. The manor … Philip Burnel his brother’s son, is his next heir and of full age. Wilts: Great Chyverel. The manor held jointly with Sir Philip Burnel by inheritance … Sir Philip Burnel, aged 25, is his next heir. Dorset: Todebere. 6 bovates … Hereford: Skotard Hyde, viz., a messuage, 160a. … Philip son of Hugh Burnel, is his next heir … Berks: Westcumton. The manor with the hundred … Gouucester: Risendon, a member of the barony of Taydon. The manor … Worcester: Haneleye. The manor … [4 messuages] … Stafford: … Essex: … Surrey: Shene. The manor … Hamme. The manor … Hacchesham. The manor … Chester: Nantwich (de Wyco Malbano). A third part of the barony … Copenhale. The manor … Somerset: … Northampton: … Norfolk: … Cambridge: Wilburham. The manor … Oxford: Rollendriht. The manor … Kent … Lincoln: … Salop: Castrum Holgod. The castle … Conedovere. The manor … (S) CIsPM.

1/25/1293, Order to deliver to Philip Burnell, nephew and heir of Robert, late bishop of Bath and Weils, tenant in chief, the lands late of his said uncle, he having done homage. (S) CFRs.

6/1293, Roger de Crete conveyed the manor and advowson of Onibury to Philip Burnell. (S) Antiquities of Shropshire, V5, Eyton, 1857, P57.

1294, Philip died.

6/3/1294, Order to the escheator on this side Trent to take into the king's hand the lands late of Philip Burnell, deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs.

7/3/1294, IPM of Philip Burnell, alias Burnel. Staffordshire: La Horewode. The manor, including a fishery … Edward his son, aged 7 on the feast of St. Mary Magdalen last, is his next heir. … Wolvernehampton. The manor … Hereford: … Gloucester: … Little Risindon. The manor … Worcester: Doddeleye. A capital messuage … Kydermoster. A capital messuage … Hanley William. A capital messuage … [many properties in multiple counties] … (S) CIsPM.


9/7/1294, To W. bishop of Bath and Wells, the treasurer. Order to permit Maud, late the wife of Philip Burnel, tenant in chief, to have her 40 days use of the goods and chattels that belonged to Philip. (S) CCRs.

9/8/1294, Order to deliver to the said Maud the manor of Conede, as it appears to the king by inspection of the charter that Richard son of Alan, earl of Arundel, granted the manor to Philip and Maud in free marriage with Maud. (S) CCRs.

9/9/1294, Order cause dower to be assigned to the said Maud, as she has taken oath before the king that she will not marry without his licence. (S) CCRs.

9/19/1295, Licence for Matilda, late the wife of Philip Burnel, tenant in chief, to marry Robert de Brus, lord of Annadale. [No children.] (S) CPRs.

10/19/1295, Assignment of dower to Maud, late the wife of Philip Burnel … (S) CCRs.

10/13/1296, Order to give power to someone to receive the attorneys of Robert de Brus, earl of Carrik and lord of Annandale, and Maud his wife, in a plea of dower.

7/20/1298, IPM of Roger son of Roger de Norariis. Oxford: Writ of plenius certiorari to enquire into the tenure of the manor of Churchehull by the said Roger, warning Maud late the wife of Philip Burnel, mother of his heir, to be present with the muniments concerning the manor. (S) CIsPM.

10/24/1298, Commission touching the persons who entered the park of Matilda, late the wife of Philip Burnel at Conde, Salop, hunted therein … (S) Parliamentary History of the County of Worcester, Williams, 1897, P2.

1304, Robert de Brus died.

7/7/1307, Edward II became king on the death of his father.

By 1315, Maud married Simon Criketot without license.

2/22/1315, Presentation at London of Master Stephen Criketot, clerk, to the church of Chiverel Magna by the lady Maud Burnell. (S) Registrum Simonis de Gandavo, 1934, P830.

1315, Maud made agreements with John de Haudlo and Hugh le Despenser the elder in exchange for 4000 marks about her daughter’s marriage to John de Haudlo. Simon agreed to bring Maud to Tenbury by July 25th to perform the said covenants. [Maud’s daughter Maud was then widow of John, 2nd Lord Lovel, slain at the battle of Bannockburn.]

7/25/1315, Maud (the mother) had not delivered her daughter Maud for the marriage.

1/20/1316, Pardon, at the request of Hugh le Despenser the elder and for a fine of £100 made by Simon de Criketot, to the said Simon and to Maud, late the wife of Philip Burnel, tenant in chief of Edward I, of their trespass in intermarrying without licence. (S) CFRs.

Bef. 11/17/1326, Maud died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P523.

Children of Philip and Maud:     

i. Edward Burnell, born 7/22/1287 in England.

1294, Edward became a ward of Joan de Munchensy, Countess of Pembroke.

5/3/1302, Edward married to Aline le Despenser, d/o Hugh, the elder. [No children. Hugh paid 1000 marks for the marriage.]

3/6/1304, Edward, son and heir of Philip Burnel, tenant in chief, a minor in the king's ward. (S) CFRs.

12/19/1311, Edward became Lord Burnell on the death of his mother.

8/23/1315, Edward, Lord Burnell, age 28, died leaving his sister Maud as heir.

9/1/1315, Order to take into the king's hand the lands late of Edward Burnel, deceased, tenant in chief. (S) CFRs.

1/30/1326, Aline received a rare honor for a female being appointed Constable of the castle of Coneweye.

Bef. 5/24/1353, Aline died.

ii. Maud Burnell (30422353), born 1292 in England.

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