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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Lord Ralph de Goushill & Dame Hawise Fitz Warin

 60842274. Lord Ralph de Goushill & 60842275. Dame Hawise Fitz Warin

11/16/1272, Edward I ascended to the throne while on crusade.

11/6/1273, Ralph born in Lincolnshire, England, s/o 121684548. Lord Peter de Gousel & 121684549. Ela de Camoys.

~1275, Hawise born in Wales, d/o 121684550. Fulk Fitz Warin & 121684551. Margaret de la Pole.

1286, Ralph heir to his father.

7/1/1286, IPM of Peter de Goushull. Lincoln: Poynton. The manor … … Ralph his son, aged 12 on the feast of St. Leonard …  held of Ralph de Goushill his uncle by foreign service … (S) CIsPM.

11/6/1286, Ralph, age 12, in IPM of his father. (S) Record Series, V23, 1898, P169.

7/12/1291, IPM of Peter de Gousele alias de Goushill. Writ, on the complaint of Ralph, son and heir of the said Peter, that the escheator had taken into the king's hand the manor of Toppesfeld and lands &c. in Roxton and in the suburb of Lincoln. Essex: Topesfeld. The manor held by the said Peter of Ralph de Cameys, who gave it to him in free marriage with Ela his daughter, … Ralph his son, aged 18, is his next heir. Lincoln: … [see IPM of Ralph] … (S) CIsPM.

1294, Ralph died, Margaret his heir an infant.

8/30/1294, IPM of Ralph de Goushull. Lincoln: Gedeneye. The manor, including a capital messuage called Cockedyk, 3 salt works, pasture called ‘le Mersch,’ a fishery, works of villeins called ‘workmen,’ and ‘molemen,’ and a custom called ‘wodefoyer,’ … Margaret his daughter, aged half a year at the feast of St. Martin next, is his next heir. … Rokesham. The manor … Cranewell. 6 bovates … Walecote by Bilingeye. 6 bovates … Lincoln city. A messuage … Basingham. A capital messuage, … Poynton. The manor … Market Steynton. A capital messuage … Goushill. The manor … Halton by Hombre. The manor … Rokeston. A messuage … Immyngham. A messuage … York: [various small properties] … CIsPM.


1294-5, IPM of Radulphus de Goushill alias Gousel alias Goushull, filius Petri de Goushill’. Quaedam Margareta filia ipsius Radulphi est propinquior ejus haeres, … Hawisia filia domini Fulconis filii Warini quam desponsaverat, … (S) Calendarium Genealogicum, V2, 1865, P506.

1/30/1295, Assignment of dower to Hawis late the wife of Ralph de Gousill made at Brustewyk, … Order to cause dower to be assigned to Hawysia, late the wife of Ralph de Gousel, tenant in chief, as she has taken oath before the king that she will not marry without his licence. (S) CIsPM. (S) CCRs.

10/7/1297, Whereas the escheator assigned to Hawysia, late the wife of Ralph de Goushill, tenant in chief, dower of her husband’s lands … escheator has taken the lands, … orders the escheator not to intermeddle further with the lands thus assigned in dower, … (S) CCRs.

1321, Dame Hawise de Goushill in a grant of Stopsley, and of a messuage and land in Wheathampstead. (S) Complete Peerage.

1/28/1344, Licence … for the alienation in  mortmain by Margaret late the wife of John de Roos … to celebrate devine service … Holy Trinity, Gedeneye, for the good estate of her, Hawisia, her mother, …, of Ralph de Goushill, …. (S) CPRs.

Hawise died.

(S) The History and Topography of Essex, Wright, 1836, P645.

Child of Ralph and Hawise:

i. Margaret de Goushill (30421137), born 5/12/1294 in England.

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