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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Lord Roger de Carmynow & Sara Hornicote

 60844608. Lord Roger de Carmynow & 60844609. Sara Hornicote

~1235, Roger de Carminou born in Cornwall, England, s/o §§Roger de Carminow.

~1240, Sarra born in Cornwall, England, d/o §§Gervais Hornicote.

~1258, Roger married Sara.

1270, Sir Roger accompanied Lord Edward [I] on crusade.

8/19/1270 from Dover, Lord Edward and consort Eleanor left on the 8th crusade.

9/1172, Lord Edward, leaving soldiers to defend Acre, began his journey home.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

1274, Roger de Carmynou had by customery right the parking of all distresses taken in Kerrier hundred, with the right to demand a penny for each animal parked. (S) The Hundred and the Hundred Rolls, Cam, 1960, P82.

1276, Roger’s sister Maud, married to Sir Robert Heligan died.

Roger died. [Assumed by 14-year break in records.]


1302, Assize roll: Sarra de Hornyacote mother of Roger de Carmynowe.

[Undated] Sara heiress to her niece Margery, d/o her sister Cenota.

Sarra died.

(S) Journal, Royal Institution of Cornwall, 1889, PP149&222. (S) Publications of the Harleian Society, V9, 1874.

Family notes:

·         1173, Roger de Carminow held 1 knights’ fee in Moteland, Cornwall.

·         1220, §§Roger de Carminow witnessed a charter relating to Trenant, Cornwall.

·         §§Gervais Hornicote, s/o Robert de Tintagel (d.1224), s/o Jervais de Hornicote (d.1207).

·         1245-57, Grant of Robert, prior of Launceston, …, by the wish of Earl Richard of Cornwall. Witnesses: Richard, earl of Cornwall, lord Richard, bishop of Exeter, lord John, archdeacon of Cornwall, John of Lamford, steward of Cornwall, Reginald of Botreaux, Gervase de Hornicote, … (S) UKNA.

Child of Roger and Sarah:

i. Roger Carmynow (30422304), born ~1260 in England.

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