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Monday, September 7, 2020

Lord Walter de Wengham & Maud de Sancto Mauro

 33556042. Lord Walter de Wengham & 33556044. Maud de Sancto Mauro

~1250, Walter born in England, s/o §§Walter de Wengham.

~1255, Maud de Seymour born in England.

[––William & Maud––]

5/15/1271, Elias de Betleshangr', and Juliana, his wife, plaintiffs, and Walter de Wengham and Matilda, his wife, defendants … 1 messuage, 40 acres and 2 acres of meadow, with appurtenances, in Bossington [Hampshire] … Juliana and her heirs to hold of Walter, Matilda and her heirs, in perpetuity, paying annually a rose … Elias and Juliana gave Elias and Matilda an unmewed sparrowhawk. (S) Feet of Fines, CP 25/1/204/11, number 26.

8/1271, Richard Ken brought a writ of novel disseisin against Walter de Wengham and Maud his wife. (S) Somerset Rec. Soc., V36, P155.

11/1271, Walter Wengham and Maud his wife by their attorney, plaintiffs, and Thomas de Marynes to hear the election [of the jury] concerning the services and customs … (S) Somerset Rec. Soc., V36, P161.

6/1272, Walter Wengham and Maud his wife by their attorney, plaintiffs, and Thomas de Marynes … (S) Somerset Rec. Soc., V36, P175.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

Walter died.

4/1290, Maud died.

(S) House of Yvery, V1, Anderson, 1742, P385, P358.

Family notes:

·         12/26/1252, Walter de Wengham pardoned in the death of Henry de la Smalelide at Tentwardenn. (S) CPRs.

·         4/1290, Maud’s mother Maud died. An assize of Mort d’Ancestor was brought by the coheirs of Walter de Wengham against Simon de Ludgate and Laurence de Sancto Mauro. Because of the minority of Maud and Joan, the case was delayed 2 years. [Until Maud of age at 14.]

·         1320, Somerset. Philip de Wyke and Maud his wife plaintiffs; John de Bourbon and Joan [Maud’s sister] his wife deforciants; a messuage and 80 acres of arable land … in Old Kyngston and Weston-Gordein … Kyngston to Walter de Wyke, son of the said Philip, … remainder to John de Wyke, brother to Walter, and his heirs …  Weston-Gordein to the said John de Wyke, son of Philip, … (S) House of Yvery, V1, Anderson, 1742, P385.

·         1321, The manor of Kingston St. Maur allotted to the daughters of Walter de Wengham with the advowson on alternate presentation. The daughters were married to Laurence de Sancto Mauro, Philip de Wyke, and John de Boudon.

Children of Walter and Maud:

i. Maud de Wengham (16778021), born 1278 in Steventon, Hampshire, England.

ii. Joan de Wengham, born ? in England.

Joan married John de Bourbon/Boudon.

iii. ? de Wengham, born ? in England.

? married Laurence de Sancto Mauro.

iv. Alice de Wengham, born ? in England.

Alice married John de Wyke, brother of Maud’s husband. [No children.]

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