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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Lord William de Greasley

 39979828. Lord William de Greasley

~1145, William de Gresele born in Nottingham, England.

1142-54, ‘Willielmus de Greilli’ witnessed a deed of Ralph de Gernon, earl of Chester dated ‘apud Greselegam’.

1166, William’s father died, his older brother Robert succeeding.

1167, Ralph de Seile, with the consent of William, earl of Ferrers, to Ralph, son of William de Greseley for 13 marks of silver. “Willielmo de G’sel” a witness to the sale. (S) Survey of Staffordshire, Erdeswick, 1844, P211.

4/6/1199, John succeeded Richard I as King of England.

1200, William de Greseley holds the manor of Drakelow, in the county of Derby, in capite, and pays 1 bow, without a string, and 1 quiver of Tutesbir, and 12 arrows, fledged, or feathered, and 1 unfeathered. “Veredict. de singulis Wapent. in com. Nott. et Derb.” (S) Fragmenta Antiquitatis, Blount, 1815, P147. (S) Antiq’s of Warwickshire, V2, Dugdale, 1730, P1091.

William died.

(S) Coll’s for a Hist. of Staffordshire, V19, VI New Series, 1898, William Salt Arch. Soc., The Gresleys of Drakelowe.

Family notes:

·         There are contemporary multiple lines of the Greaseley family. (S) Desc. Cat. of Charters & Muniments of the Gresley Family, Jeayes, 1895. [The timeline does not differentiate the available records.]

Child of William and ?:

i. Ralph de Greasley (19989914), born ~1175 in Nottingham, England.

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