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Monday, September 7, 2020

Lord William de Widworthy & Juliana de Reyngny

 33612286. Lord William de Widworthy & 33612287. Juliana de Reyngny

10/19/1216, Henry III, age 9, succeeded John as King of England.

~1235, William born in Devonshire, England, s/o §§William de Widworthy.

Aft. 1236, William’s father died.

~1240, Juliana born in Devonshire, England, d/o §§John de Reingni.

1246, Juliana’s father died.

1262, Settlement between William le Prouz and William de Widworthy that allowed the latter to present his clerk to the church on that occasion, after which William le Prouz, his wife Alice [children of Wm. & Wm.] and their heirs would have sole possession of the advowson.

William died.

Family notes:

·         1200, & 1224, §§William de Widworthy holding Lustleigh, Devon.

·         1/5/1227, Order to the sheriff of Devon that if William of Widworthy, [many named] … pledges of Matthew of Torrington … (S) FRsHIII.

·         12/10/1236, William of Widworthy gives the king 20s. for having four justices against Hugh de Knowle and others. Order to the sheriff of Devon. (S) FRsHIII.

·         11/3/1275, IPM of William de Reyngni. Cumberland: Neutonreynye … His aunts on the side of his father and their heirs, are his next heirs, but their names and ages are unknown, because they are not dwelling in Cumberland. … Somerset: Asholt … Ayly … Doniford. The manor … Joan the wife of Robert Grubbe, Joan the wife of John [Hugh] de Locun, Alice the wife of William le Pruz, Nicholas de Walton, and Elizabeth de Horsy, all of full age, are his heirs. (S) CIsPM. [Heirs of 4 paternal aunts of William; Joan and Alice sisters.]

·         1/20/1276, Order to the sheriff of Cumberland [and Somerset] to deliver to Robert Crubbe and Joan [1/4th] his wife, William le Pruz and Alice his wife [half of 1/4th with Hugh&Joan] Hugh de Luckom/Litilcombe/Luccombe and Joan his wife, Nicholas de Wauton [1/4th, s/o Sir Alan de Wauton of Neuton Reynny, co. Cumberland] and Elizabeth/Isabel de Horsy [1/4th], coparceners of the inheritance late of William de Reigny [wife Akina holding in dower], the lands late of the said deceased, Robert, William, Hugh and Nicholas having done homage. (S) CFRs. (S) CCRs, 10/22/1279. (S) IPM of William de Reigny, 1/3/1277.

·         [1100-1154] Newton Reigni granted to Turstan de Reigni, held of service in Scotland. (S) The Pipe-Rolls, Sheriff’s Annual Accounts, 1847, P.lxx.

·         1185, §§William de Reigni holding Newton Reigni.

·         1201-02, John de Reigni fined 2 marks ‘ne transfretet’ on 2 carucates of land.

·         1204-05, John de Reigni fined 2 marks ‘ne transfretet’ on 2 carucates of land.

·         1205-06, John de Reigni fined 3 marks ‘ne transfretet’ on 2 carucates of land.

·         §§John de Reigni [I] (d.1222) – son §§John de Reygny [II], holding half a fee in Doniford and Stogumber in 1225. His wife married Nicholas de Haulton without king’s licence. John [II, (d.1246)] had a son William (d.1276) w/o issue, wife Akina. (S) Honors and Knights’ Fees, Farrer, V2, 1924, P133. (S) Hist. of Somerset, V5, 1985, St. Decumans.

Children of William and Juliana

i. Hugh de Widworthy, born ? in England.

Daughter: Emma, married Robert de Dinham.

By 1290, Emma died without children, her heirs her cousin William le Prous (16806142), s/o Alice, and Hugh de Luccombe, s/o Joan.

ii. Alice de Widworthy (16806143), born ~1260 in England.

iii. Joan de Widworth, born ? in England.

Joan married Hugh de Luccombe.

Son: Hugh de Luccombe.

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