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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Ralph de Stourton

 11820038. Ralph de Stourton

~1275, Ralph born in England, s/o §§Eudo de Stourton.

2/1292, IPM of Hugh Luvel. Wilts: Sturton. 1 knight's fee with the advowson of the church, held by Ralph de Sturton. (S) CIsPM.

Ralph died.

Family notes:

·         9/15/1247, The king has granted to Eudo of Stourton that he is to pay 20s. at the Exchequer of Michaelmas in the thirty-first year, 20s. at the Exchequer of Easter next following, and 4 m. in the second year at the same terms, and 2 m. at Easter, for the 10m.  by which he made fine with the king for having the crops growing in the assarts of Stourton, until the aforesaid 10m.  have been paid. Order to cause this to be done and enrolled thus. (S) Fine Rolls of H.III, C 60/44, no.480.

·         Eudo de Stourton, s/o John de Stourton & Grace ?, s/o Sir Michael de Stourton, s/o William de Stourton, s/o Robert de Stourton & Agnes ?, s/o Botolph Stourton (fl. K. William) & Anne of England, d/o Godwin, earl of Kent. [(S) Lives of the Speakers of the House of Commons, Manning, 1851, P53. Referencing William Stourton (1901292), the author states of William: “the lineal descendant of the gallant Botolph.”] (S) Studies in Peerage and Family History, Round, 1901, P51. The author refutes validity of the given descent.

Child of Ralph and Alice:

i. Joan de Stourton (5910019), born ~1300 in England.

ii. William de Stourton (7605168), ~1305 in England.

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