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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Seigneur Geoffrey ler de Fougères & Maud of Porhoët

19989756. Seigneur Geoffrey ler de Fougères & 19989757. Maud of Porhoët

~1175, Geoffrey born in Fougeres, France, s/o 39979512. Guillaume de Fougeres & 39979513. Agatha du Hommet.

~1185, Maud born in France, d/o 39979514. Eudo II de Porhoet & 39979515. Margaret ?.

6/7/1187, Geoffrey’s father died.

6/15/1194, Geoffrey’s grandfather died. (S) Magni Rotuli Scacarii, Stapleton, 1844, P.cxcix.

~1200, Geoffrey married to Matilda. The articles of marriage were between his granduncle William de Fougeres, son of Henry, Baron of Fougeres, and Eudo, son of Vicomte Eudo.

1/30/1200, Charter of King John for homage and service granted to William de Fougeres all the land called Le Blois, in the parish of Villechien, to hold to him and his heirs by rendering annually a nias hawk.

10/7/1200, Agreement that William de Fougeres would hold the whole land of Fougeres as Ralph de Fougeres had committed to him from the Nativity of the Lord 1201 for 5 years, at which end of term they would be rendered back to Geoffrey.

1/27/1203, King John ordered the seizure of Hudimesnil with all its appurtenances and chattles belonging to William de Fougeres [who was holding the lands of Geoffrey] who was aligned against King John with Comte Robert of Sees.

4/3/1203 at Rouen, King John of England killed his prisoner Arthur of Brittany, age 16, rightful heir to the throne of England. [Arthur being the s/o Geoffrey, John’s older brother.]

7/25/1204, Geffrey and his granduncle William in a treaty of their respective rights.

1208, King Philip of France confirmed the treaty of 1204.

1211, Geoffrey, a Breton, that testified that in his country a husband could give his wife a third part of his inheritance.

12/15/1212, Geoffrey died. “Gaufridus dominus Filgeriarum, filius Willelmi et Agathæ, filiæ Willelmi de Humeto.”

(S) Journal of the Brit. Arch. Assoc., V7, 1852, P127ff. (S) Magni Rotuli Scacarii, Stapleton, 1844, P.ccxlviii. (S) The Gentlemen’s Mag., 1827, V97, Pt1; V141, P487.

Child of Geoffrey and Maud:

i. Ralph de Fougeres (9994878), born ~1208 in Fougeres, France.

[Raoul, d/o Geoffrey and Matilda, claimed in right of the success to count Eudo and to Eudo his son.]

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