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Monday, September 7, 2020

Seigneur Maurice II de Craon & Isabel de Meulan & Seigneur Geoffroy III de Mayenne

 39979516. Seigneur Maurice II de Craon & 39979517. Isabel de Meulan & 155917950. Seigneur Geoffroy III de Mayenne

~1115, Geoffrey born in France, s/o 311835900. Juhel II de Mayenne & 311835901. Clemence de Ponthieu.

6/26/1128, Juhello principe Meduane et uxore eius Clementia et filio eorum Gaufrido primogenito subscribed a charter under which property was restored to the abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel. (S) FMG. [Juhel & Clemence and first son Geoffrey.]

~1130, Maurice s/o §§Hugues I de Craon [and nephew of William II de la Guerche. See 1190, 1191.]


1135, Conan III (319836090) returned the town of Rennes to Robert, heir of Andre de Vitre, who went into rebellion. Conan gathers his troop at Châteaugiron, and besieges and quickly takes Vitré.  Robert II, his wife Emma and his sons André and Robert take refuge with Henri de Fougères; but Conan III orders the latter to drive them out. Robert then goes to Juhel II de Mayenn (311835900). Conan III, in order to break this alliance, gives his daughter Constance in marriage to Geoffroi (155917950) the son of Juhel II.

8/1/1137, Louis VII succeeded as king of France.

~1145, Geoffrey 1st married Constance de Bretagne, d/o Conan III Duke of Brittany & Matilda.

~1145, Isabel born in Meulan, France, d/o 79959034. Count Waleran IV of Meulan & 79959035. Agnes de Montfort.

6/1147, Maurice left on crusade to Jerusalem with King Louis VII.

12/1147, On Christmas day on the coast of modern-day Turkey, encamped by a river, a tremendous storm washed away much of the supplies of the French. They decided to take a route over the mountains to Antioch. One night, King Louis was in the rear guard which was surrounded and attacked. Louis decided to return to his water route.

1148, Louis’ barons decided that they best move in defense of the holy lands would be to retake Damascus. There, due to heat, lack of water, and disagreement on plans, the seige eventually failed.

By 11/1149, All of the surviving crusaders had returned.

1150, Maurice succeeded his brother.

1152, Maurice, Lord of Craon in Anjou became a vassal of Duke Henry [II].

12/19/1154, Henry II crowned king of England.

4/10/1158, Geoffrey took the cross of a crusader for 3 years with others at the church of St. Mary’s in Mayenne.

10/10/1158, Maurice with King Henry II at the siege of Thouars, France.

1160, in Syria, Reynald of Châtillon, the Prince of Antioch, leader of the crusade, captured by Nurad-Din.

1161, Geoffrey returned to Maine.

[–––Geoffrey & Isabel–––]

1161, Isabel 1st married to Geoffroy de Mayenne. (S) FMG.

12/23/1161, Geoffrey’s father died. (S) FMG.

1163, Geoffrey went on crusade. (S) FMG.

1162, Maurice made a grant to Saint-Melaine de Rennes priory at Montfort.

1166, Alured of Pointon, steward of Maruice de Craon, holding fees “de verti and de novo.” (S) Restoration and Reform, White, 2000, P93.

6/18/1169, Geoffrey died on crusade.

[–––Maurice & Isabel–––]

1169, Maurice having returned to France, married Isabel, widow of Geoffroy.

1174, Maurice supports King Henry II during the rebellion of his son Young King Henry. During the rebellion Maurice destroyed opposition castles in Saint-Loup, Saint-Brice and Ancenis.

6/1174, King Henry appointed Maurice as Governor [custos and dux exercitus] of Anjou and Maine; and given custody of the key castle of Ancenis.

1177, Maurice named an arbitrator for King Henry II with King Louis VII of France.

6/28/1180, Maurice named an arbitrator for King Henry II with King Philip Augustus of France for the peace treaty signed at Gisors.

9/18/1180, Philip Augustus succeeded as King of France.

1180-83, Ysabell filie Gualerandi comitis de Mellento, with the consent of filiis suis Juhello … filio Gaufridi de Meduana, et Mauricio et Petro, filiis Mauricii de Creon. (S) FMG.

4/1183, Maurice acted as King Henry’s negotiator at the siege of Limoges; held by the King’s son in rebellion.

Bef. 4/1187, Maurice appointed senescallus Britannie.

1187-96, Maurice de Craon and Alan de Dinan alternated in holding the position of seneschal of Brittany.

7/6/1189, Richard I succeeded Henry II as King of England.

1190, Mauritius de Credone filius Hugonis appointed meæ uxoris Isabel as guardian of his lands and his children in his testament when leaving for Jerusalem. (S) FMG.

1190, Maurice joined the 3rd crusade led by King Richard I, ‘the Lion Heart’.

7/1190, The English and French armies met at Lyons; where they learned that the German Emperor, leading his forces to the crusade, had died in an accident.

1191, Mauritius de Credone Hugonis filius confirmed donations to ecclesiæ de Rota … witnesses Isabel uxore mea et filiis meis Mauritio et Petro et Philippo de Sauconeio, Paganus de Sancto Amatore, Guillelmi de Vitreio et Mauritius frater eius. (S) FMG.

6/1191, Maurice, seneschal of Brittany, wrote a testament mentioning debts incurred in Brittany, and the expectation that Duchess Constance (39979511) of Brittany would pay some of his debts.

By 6/5/1191, The French crusaders beseiging the city of Acre.

7/1191, After the arrival of the English, Acre fell.

7/31/1191, Due to the death of Count of Flanders, Philip of Alsace and Philip’s own illness, King Philip left his 10,000 men under the control of Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy, and returned to France.

1192, Most of the crusaders returned home.

7/12/1196, Maurice died.


1211, Juhel de Mayenne and his mother Isabel gave a lamp to the infirmary chapel of Saint-Michel. (S) The Armor of Light, Lillich, 1994, P390.

1217, Constancia soror domini Amaurici de Credone donated property to Roë, with the consent of ... Isabel matris meæ et Juhel de Meduana et Amauricii de Credone fratrum meorum. (S) FMG.

5/10/1220, Isabel died.

(S) Brittany and the Angevins, Everard, 2000.

Family notes:

·         Guy de Croun (fl.1085) came to England with William the Conqueror [1066]. His son named Alan. Alan de Croun, the founder of the priory of Freiston in the time of the first king of Henrici [1100-35], … father of a son, whose name was Maurice. [Maurice had a son named Hugues (b.~1100) who had a son named] Maurice (b.~1130, 39979516) the father of Guy, who was of the time of King Stephen [1135-54]. Guy [Wydo] de Croun II (19989994), contemporary of King Richard [1189-99], had a daughter Pertonilla (9994997) that first married William de Longchamp, …’ (S) The Hist. & Antiq’s of Croyland-abbey, 1856, P39.

Child of Geoffroy and Constance:

i. Mathilde de Mayenne, born ~1147 in France.

Matilde fille Geoffroy de Mayenne et de Constance la fille du Duc Conan le Gros de Bretagne married Andre de Vitre. (S) FMG.

1173-84, Andreas de Vitreio" donated property to Savigny, for the souls of … with the consent of Mathildis uxor mea … (S) FMG.

1189, The marriage was annulled, justified on consanguinity. (S) FMG.

Children of Geoffroy and Isabel:

i. Clemence de Mayenne (79958975), born ~1166 in Maine, France.

ii. Juhel de Mayenne, born 1168 in France.

Juhel married Gervaisia, heiress  of Alan de Dinan in Brittany.

4/1199, Arthur of Brittany gave 3 castles to Juhel.

1220, Juhel died; buried at Fontaine-Daniel with his wife and 2nd daughter. (S) Chronicon Savigniacensis Monasterii.

Children of Maurice and Isabel:

i. Wydo de Croun (19989994), born 1170 in France.

Bef. 1196, Wydo died, leaving a daughter as his heir, his brother succeeding their father.

ii. Amaury I de Craon (19989758), born ~1175 in France.

iii. Constance de Craon, born ? in France.

[See 1217.]

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