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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Sir John de Beauchamp & Joan ? & Margaret Walesboro

 30420906. Sir John de Beauchamp & 30420907. Joan ? & 15210459. Margaret Walesboro

~1295, John de Bello Monte born in Ryme, Devon, England, s/o 16778024. Sir Humphrey de Beauchamp & 60841813. Alice Novant.

[––John & Joan––]

By 1312, John married Joan ?.

8/27/1312, Humphrey de Bello Campo to grant a messuage and land in Oburnford to John son of Humphrey de Bello Campo and Joan his wife, retaining land in Buckerell. Devon. (S) CPRs.

1316, John’s father died, his older half-brother Hugh the heir.

8/1324, King Edward began the War of Saint-Sardos with his brother-in-law King Charles of France, who had invaded Aquitaine.

8/21/1325, Protection for John de Bello Campo of Ryme going with John de Bello Campo of Somerset, going beyond seas on the king service. (S) CPRs.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England.

1329, John de Godeleigh, Dean of Wells, did homage at Stoke to John de Beauchamp (30420994), lord of Hache, for the manor of Knapp in the presence of John de Beauchamp le filz (d.1351, no children), and John de Beauchamp of Ryme. (S) Proc’s Somersetshire A&NH Soc., Vs35-36, 1890, P39.

2/14/1331, Commission of oyer and terminer to John Inge, Thomas de Louthe, John Treiagu (15210406) and John de Stouford on complaint by John de Chuddelegh (7605203) that John de Bello Campo of Ryme (30420906) [with 6 others] abducted Idonia his daughter and heiress at Axininstre, co. Devon, and still detain her from him, and that they carried away his goods both there and at Clifton. (S) CPRs.

~1332, Margaret born in England, d/o 30420918. Sir John de Walesboro & 30420919. Joan de Bodrugan.

John’s 1st wife Joan died.


2/5/1340, John de Beauchamp, Knt., confirms the grant of an acre of meadow in his lordship of Tale, Devon which had previously been granted to the Magdalen Hospital by Roger de Tale and Robert de Beauchamp his predecessors …

[––John & Margaret––]

By 1340, John married 2nd to Margaret de Walesborough.

5/6/1345, IPM of John de Bello Campo of Somersete. … Tale. A moiety of a knight’s fee held by John de Beauchamp of Ryme … (S) CIsPM.

1348, The Black Death entered the west countryside of England.

4/8/1349, John died.

4/22/1349, Writ for IPM of John Beauchamp, knight. (S) CFRs.


10/22/1350, Commitment to Richard de Braunkescoumbe of the wardship of the lands in Teynghervy, co. Devon, late of John de Beauchamp of Rym, who held in chief, to hold until the lawful age of Thomas, his brother. (S) CFRs.

By 1353, Margaret married 2nd Richard de Brauncecombe.

11/20/1353, To escheator of Devon. Order to deliver to Margaret late the wife of John de Beauchamp of Ryme and to Richard de Brauncecombe now her husband, a third part of the manor of Woburneford, to hold in dower. (S) CCRs.

1355, John de Beauchamp of Ryme: Devon (assignment of dower to his widow Margaret). (S) UKNA.

Child of John & Joan:

i. Joan de Beauchamp (15210453), born ~1315 in Ryme, Devon, England.

10/6/1325, John de Chuddelegh and Joan, daughter of John de Bello Campo of Ryme, querents, … (S) Feet of Fines, Devon, Cornwall, CP 25/1/286/36, number 80.

ii. John de Beauchamp, born ? in England.

John died before his father leaving 2 sons, John and Thomas (b.1/6/1347 (S) Proof of age, 10/26/1368).

Son John died leaving his brother Thomas as the heir.

4/10/1350, Commitment to Richard de Brankescombe of the wardship of lands in Bokorel, and a moiety of the manor of Oulescombe. and of the manor of Wobourneford, co. Devon, late of John son of John son of John de Beauchamp of Rym, who held in chief, to hold until the lawful age of Thomas, his brother and heir, together with the said heir's marriage. (S) CFRs.

9/13/1401, Thomas died, the son of Joan (7605229) his heir.

Child of John & Margaret:

i. Joan de Beauchamp (7605229), born by 1350 in Ryme, Devon, England.

2/28/1410, Writ for IPM of Thomas son of John Beauchamp of Ryme Intrinseca. Devon: … Robert Chalons is his next heir, now aged 41 years (b.1369). (S) CIsPM. [Robert Chalons is s/o Joan.]

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