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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Sir John de Rocheford & Emma ?

 11820432. Sir John de Rocheford & 11820433. Emma ?

~1225, John born in England, heir & s/o 23640864. Ralph de Rocheford & 23640865. Joan ?.

By 1241, John father died, John a minor.

1249, John succeeded his father.

1251, John paid 1 mark for a suit before the King’s Bench.

1253, John paid 10 gold bezants for having respite from knighthood.

1258, King Henry forced to sign the Provisions of Oxford granting parliament administrative reform. [The beginning of the Baron’s Revolt.]

1261, John owed 60s to the crown. John’s defense alleged that the sheriff of Lincolnshire and his bailiffs had entered his houses in the town of Boston, Toft and Skirbeck, and broke their gates and doors, and took, scattered and caused to be sold goods and chattels found in those houses to the value of 40 marks.

1262, John, a bailiff of the county, bought 50 casks of wine for £110 14s for the king.

5/14/1264, Lord Edward (I) and his father King Henry III captured by Montfort at the battle of Lewes, Sussex, “at the Mill of the Hide”. An estimated 2700 died. Lord Edward and his knights penetrated the center of Montfort’s army, but was flanked on both sides by armored calvary.

1264-65, Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, effectively ruled England.

7/11/1266, Simple protection until Christmas for John de Rocheford. [John a royalist.]

7/21/1266, John paid half a mark for a suit in court.

By 1267, John died in the Baron’s War.

5/1267, Lord Edward (I) suppressed the barons at the battle of the Isle of Ely, in the fens of the Ouse River in northern Cambridgeshire. The rebels were under the leadership of John d’Eyville. [This battle ended the 2nd Barons War.]


4/20/1267, Simple protection … for Emma late the wife of John de Rocheford until 29 September.

1269, Ralph and his mother Emma paid 2 marks to have a case heard at the King’s Bench dealing with properties in Lincolnshire and Nottingham.

1271, Emma paid half a mark to have a case heard before the King’s Bench.

1271-72, Emma died.

(S) Rochford of Fenne, V1, Nettleton, 2016.

Family notes:

·         1292, Ralph de Saint Lo before the justices of the King’s Bench, on trial for the murder of John de Rocheford during the Baron’s war. The Court ruled for Ralph de Saint Lo – his defense, that he did not do it, and it was during a time of war, and pardons had been subsequently issued.

Children of John and Emma:

i. Ralph de Rocheford (5910216), born ~1250 in England.

[Documented in 9/1335 suit of his son Sayer.]

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