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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Sir Ralph d’Eyncourt & Dame Alice ?

 47282994. Sir Ralph d’Eyncourt & 47282995. Dame Alice ?

1205-06, Ralph born in England, s/o 94565988. Ralph d’Enycourt & 94565989. Helen de Funesia.

~1210, Alice born in England.

1213, Ralph’s father died.

1/22/1216, The heir of Ralph de Aincurt is given as a hostage for the good behavior of Gilbert fitz Reinfrid.

10/28/1216, Henry III, age 9, crowned king of England.

1227, Ralph de Aencurt gives to Roger Abot and his heirs 5a. land which he had from Roger de Lancastre in the vill of Levenes, rendering 12d yearly.

[––Ralph & Alice––]

~1230, Ralph married Alice. [See family notes.]

1233-35, Roger Abbot released to Ralph, son of Ralph de Aynecurt, lands at Levens, co. Westmorland; withesses, Walter de Strictland, Gervase d’Eyncourt, … Thomas de Levens granted to Ralph land with Ketel de Levens gave to Gervase de Aynecurt, the said Ralph’s grandfather.

1235, Ralph held 1 knight’s fee of the barony of Kendal.

1237, John Gernett grants to Ralph de Ayncurt the vivary of Hennecastre, both the moiety the grantor holds of Ralph and that which he holds in demesne, and the mill of Hennecastre.

7/10/1237,  Ralph Deyncourt gives the king 20s. for himself and Agnes of Derwent Water, Walter of Windsor, Richard de Hegham and Cecilia, his wife, Robert de Aunew and Isabella, his wife, Richard of Coupland and Alice, his wife, and Henry of Harrington and Sarra, his wife, his partners, for having an assize of darrein presentment concerning the church of Lowther in Westmorland at York. (S) FRsHIII.

12/7/1237, Ralph d’Eyncourt appointed to collect the subsidy in co. Westmorland.

6/23/1239, William de Strictland’s (23641496) marriage to Elizabeth (23641497) arranged. Robert de Stirkland, knight, at his manor of Great Strickland, grant to William his son and Elizabeth daughter of Ralph Daincourt, knight, on their marriage, his whole manor of Great Strickland, with the services of free tenants, … (S) History and Antiquities of Westmorland, V1, 1777, P89.

2/13/1240, Ralph to be reimbursed 100s for his expenses as a collector.

1240, Ralph granted the right to delay becoming a knight until the next Feast of Pentecost.

4/24/1241, The sheriff of Westmorland to distrain Ralph d’Eyncourt for failure to become a knight.

1241-2, Ralph knighted.

1242, Ralph d’Eyncourt, knight, appointed as conservator of peace in co. Westmorland.

1243, In a suit before the King’s Bench, Ralph de Ayncurt “attached” to William de Lancaster concerning the manors of Levenes, Skelesbolt, Quenfeld and Lupton. (S) Redmans of Levens and Harewood, Greenwood, 1905, P30.

1246, Ralph impleaded William de Lancaster to take wood from his estate of Barton.

1246-47, Ralph granted a private chapel in his court at Natelond. (S) Feet of Fines, Westmorland.

1246-7, Ralph d’Eyncourt of Sizergh and Rowland de Reagill interim feoffees.

11/29/1246, Ralph, steward of the barony of Kendal, at the deathbed of William de Lancaster.

1247, Ralph amerced half a mark for a default.

1247, Grant by Ralph de Ainecurt, seneschal of Kendal, to Roger Pepin, parson of Kirkby in Kendal, of land in Natelunt. (S) Redmans of Levens and Harewood, Greenwood, 1905, P30.

1251, Ralph sued for entering the Abbot of Bylands demesne at Bannisdale, co. Westmorland, with force of arms.

Ralph died.


1260, Dame Alice de Aynecurt demised property at Sizergh which Sir Ralph de Aynecurt, her late husband, had granted, in exchange for land called Ewode.

(S) English Origins of New England Families, 1984. (S) Records Relating to the Barony of Kendale, Farrer, 1942. (S) Medieval Scotland, Barrow, 1998. (S) Records Relating to the Barony of Kendale, V2, Farrer, 1923.

Family notes:

·         4/1312, John son of Roger de Lancaster vs. Walter de Stirkeland: Walter claimed common pasture in Barton by right of Gervase d’Eyncourt seised in the time of King Henry III, to son and heir Ralph (94565988), to son and heir Ralph (47282994), to son and heir Gervase [below] – no heirs, to Richard [below] brother of Gervase – no heir, to Elizabeth (23641497), sister and heir of Richard, to William [see Elizabeth] her son and heir – no heir, to his brother Walter (11820748), the present claimant. (S) De Banco Roll, Westmorland, No. 192.

·         Alice likely a “Thursby” or “Whitby”. Lands brought by Alice through the marriage, included half of the manor of Blencarn [Kirkland parish] and property at Drigg, co. Cumberland; and half the manor Carnforth in Warton, co. Lancashire. 1199-1215, Blencarn held by the families of Thursby and Whitby. (S) Magna Britannia, V4, 1816, Ireby-Kirk-Oswald. 1227, Evon (Ivo) de Vipont gave 6 bovates in Blenkarne to Benard Thuresby [1278, held by William Boyville.] (S) An Accompt of … Estates and Families … in Cumberland, Denton, 1887, P116.

Children of Ralph and Alice:

i. Gervase d’Eyncourt, born ~? in England

Gervase died leaving his brother Richard his heir.

ii. Richard d’Eyncourt, born ~? in England

By 1271, Richard died, his sister Elizabeth his heir.

iii. Elizabeth d’Eyncourt (23641497), born ~1235 in England.

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