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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sir Robert Avenell & Sybilla ?

 39979814. Sir Robert Avenell & 399798145. Sybilla ?

4/24/1124, David I crowned King of Scotland.

~1130, Robert born in Scotland.

Bef. 1153, Robert in the service of King David I of Scotland.

5/24/1153, Malcolm IV succeeded King David I of Scotland.

1153-11/20/1160, Herbert, bishop of Glasgow, announces that Robert Avenel has given the teinds of Eskdale to the monks of Melrose. (S) POMS.

~1155, Robert Avenel, justicia, married Sybilla.

12/9/1165, William the Lion, age 22, succeeded King Malcom IV of Scotland.

1165-1174, Robert Avenel a perambulator of King William of Scotland (39979020).

Aft. 12/24/1165, Robert Avenel, at the instance of his lord, William, king of Scots, with the consent of Gervase, his heir, has granted and given and established by this his charter to Melrose Abbey, his land of Eskdale, namely Tomleuchar and Watcarrick … for the soul of his lord King David, the same land which he (David) gave him (Robert) for his service … and for his own soul and that of his wife, Sybilla … he now remits and gives them the 5 marks in alms … After the death of his wife, Sybilla, by the assent and consent of Gervase, his heir, … he remits, gives and quitclaims to Melrose in pure and perpetual alms 4 marks annually … His previous donation and charter was made to them in the time of King Malcolm. (S) POMS.

10/4/1172 at Maidens castle, A charter of William, king of the Scots, … witnesses: … Robert Avenell, Philip de Valones, Robert de Quency, … (S) Northumberland Rec. Off., Swinburne Manuscript Vol. 1; (S) UKNA.

Bef. 1185, Robert Avenel has given at feuferme in perpetuity and has established by this his writing to Kelso Abbey, his land, wood and pasture which belongs to him and his heirs, that is, the sixth part of Innerwick.

By 1185, Sybilla died before Robert, who became a novice at Melrose abbey shortly before his death.

1185, Robert Avenel and Gervase his heir have quitclaimed in perpetuity that 4 marks which the monks of Melrose … owed 4 times a year, on these days: the day on which Robert himself relinquished the secular life, the day on which Sir Robert dies, the 6th day after Christmas, in commemoration of the soul of Lady Sybilla, Robert’s wife, and the day of Gervase’s death. (S) POMS.

3/8/1185, Robert died. (S) POMS.

(S) People of Medieval Scotland.

Family notes:

·         1165-85, Gervase de Eincurt, nephew of Robert Avenel, witnessed his gift of Tomleuchar and Watcarrick. (S) POMS.

Child of Robert and ?:

i. Gervase Avenel, born ? in Scotland.

1185-92, Gervase Avenel son of Robert Avenel has granted and established to Melrose Abbey, the donation of his father of land in Eskdale, which his father donated in perpetual alms and established by his charter, at the instance of the most pious King Mael Coluim, first, as well as the illustrious King William. (S) POMS.

ii. Robert Avenel, born ? in Scotland.

1185, Robert Avenel, son of Robert Avenel, clerk, witnessed the grant of his father and older brother. (S) POMS.

iii. Mistress ‘Isabel’ Avenell (19989907), born ~1157 in Scotland.

“Isabel” assumed by name of daughter.

The Chronicle of Melrose refers to ‘the daughter of Robert Avenal’ as the mother of King William's (39979020) daughter Isabel. (S) FMG.

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