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Thursday, September 10, 2020

William de Brocbury

 30420996. William de Brocbury

~1280, William born in England, s/o §§Sir Simon de Brocbury.

By 1301, William married Joan.

4/10/1310, … All right etc. in 1 toft with 5 butts of land adjoining, in Colwall, lying between the common street to Berton and land of John Clerk, and between land of William de Brocbury and the cottage of Galfrid Grubbe. (S) UKNA, Herefordshire Archive.

1316-17, Obligation of William de Brocbury, lord of Brocbury, to repay 50 marks lent to him by William de Staundon, at Michaelmas next in Brocbury church: [Heref.] (S) Ancient Deeds, Herefordshire, V2, 1894, P417, B.3566.

1/16/1323, … 1 Strip of land (cultura) lying in a field called Coumbwallefeld between land of William de Brocbury and land of the lord of Berthon … (S) UKNA, Herefordshire Archive.

7/22/1323, 1 Parcel lying in Cumbwallefeld between land of the lord of the Berton and of William de Brocbury, and stretching between land of the said William on either side. (S) UKNA, Herefordshire Archive.

William died.

Family notes:

·         1277, William de Brocbury, s/o Simon de Brocbury, sheriff of Hereford.

Child of William and Joan:

i. Simon de Brocbury (15210498), born 1302 in England.

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