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Monday, October 5, 2020

Baron Robert de Brent & Isabella de Montacute

 4989124. Baron Robert de Brent & 4989125. Isabella de Montacute

~1255, Robert born in Somerseet, England, heir & s/o 9978248. Robert de Brent & 9978249. Millicent ?.

~1275, Isabella born in England, d/o 4990612. Simon de Montacute & 4990613. Isabel ?.

1277, Robert’s father died.

1277, An assise of mort dancestor arraingend by Robert son of Robert de Brent against Reymund Malet and Milicent (Robert’s mother), his wife, touching 6 mesuages and land in Wrington, and East Brent, Somerset. (S) Rpt. of Dep. Keeper, Vs46-47, 1886, P331.

1284-85, Robert de Brent held Cossington of Jordan Ridel. [Held by his grandfather in 1254.]

1290-91, Robert de Brent holds of the Abbey of Glastonbury, 7 messuages and 12 acres of land at Stikelinche.

1292-93, Between William son of John of Geoffrey, and Anne his wife, and Robert de Brent; of lands and a mill at Edynton.

1293, Robert de Brent holds of the Abbott lands at Wells, Doutlynge and Sowy.

8/21/1295, Walter de Ivythorne of co. Somerset, … Robert de Brente, of the same county, …, acknowledge that they owe to Christiana de Mariscis £40; … (S) CCRs.

1297, Robert de Brent, knight of the shire for Somerset at Westminster.

By 1300, Robert de brent knighted. [Likely served in Scotland.]

9/29/1300, Debtor: Robert de Brent, knight [held Cossington and South Brent in Whitley Hundred, Somerset] Creditor: John de Seles. Amount: 27m. Before whom: Mayor of Bristol. (S) UKNA.

2/24/1303, An English invasion force, coming by Borthwick castle near Catcune, were decimated by Scotish archers in the third and last skirmish of the battle of Roslin Muir [aka Roslin Glen]. The Scots were commanded by Sir Simon Fraser. English forces under John de Seagrave and Ralph de Confreys had already been defeated. [Possibly Robert injured in this battle – see next record.]

7/27/1303 at Exeter, Debtor: Isabel de Brent [Devon.], and Robert Short [of Devon]. Amount: £10. (S) UKNA.

1303, Robert de Brent holding the fee of Cossington directly of the abbot of Glastonbury.

1303, Robert bought 3 messsuages and land in Cossington, Wrington, Syndeland, Legh, South Brent, Cotes & Glaston from William of Bourne.

1/11/1304, Debtor: Robert de Brent, knight [held Cossington and South Brent in Whitley Hundred, Somerset]. Amount 27m. (S) UKNA.

7/7/1307, Edward II succeeded Edward I as King of England.

1307, Robert entailed lands on his heirs. [These became part of suits that were settled in 1440 by his heirs.]

1309, Robert died holding lands in Somerset, Wilts, Hants, and Essex. [a ‘Baron of the Parliament in the time of Edward the first.’ (S) Ancient Funerall Monuments, Weever, 1631, P295.]


Isabella died.

(S) The Denbow Disaspora, May 2000. (S) The Brent Family, VA Hist. Mag. V13, 1906, P105. (S) Hist. of Somerset, V8, 2004, Cossington. (S) Hist. of Somerset, V6, 1992, Bawdrip

Child of Robert and Isabella:

i. Robert de Brent (2494562), born ~1285 in England.

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