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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Baron William Botreaux & Dame Elizabeth Beaumont

 1901094. Baron William Botreaux & 1901095. Dame Elizabeth Beaumont

2/20/1389, William born in Walton, Kilmersdon, Somerset, England, s/o 3802188. William Botreaux & 3802189. Elizabeth St. Lo.

1390, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 3802840. Lord John de Beaumont & 3802841. Katherine de Everingham.

5/25/1395, William’s father died.

2/7/1397, Commitment to Elizabeth late the wife of William de Botreaux, ' chivaler,' … [many properties] which have come to the king's hands by the death of William de Botreaux, ' chivaler,' … and by reason of the minority of William his son and heir. (S) CFRs.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

2/14/1400, Commitment to Elizabeth [grandmother] late the wife of William Botreaux, chivaler,' the elder, by mainprise of …,' Ralph Botreaux, ' chivaler,' …, of the keeping of all the manors and lands late of William de Botreaux, ' chivaler,' the younger. … together with his marriage, paying at the Exchequer for the aforesaid keeping and marriage 700 marks.  (S) CFRs.

10/21/1400, The king by letters patent [CPR 1399-1401, p.393] granted 2 parts of the manor of Ellingham called Moyles, Hampshire, to John Fekenham, esquire, during the minority of William son of William Botreaux, knight, who held the whole manor of the king in chief. Elizabeth [grandmother] widow of William Botreaux, knight, holds the third part in dower, annual value 6 marks. (S) IPM of Walter Clopton, Knight.

3/6/1406, John Beaugraunt, … having granted to Dionisia Lopham, …, and William Botreaux, the reversion of certain messuages … [Herts]. (S) UKNA.

1406-07, Plaintiffs: William Balsham and Alice his wife. Defendants: William Botreaux, esq., and Thomas Gryme, of Ilchester, Somerset. (S) UKNA.

7/12/1408, Pardon to William Botreus of the county of Cornwall, alias William Botreaux, esquire, for all treasons, felonies, … except murder, rape, and common larceny. (S) CPRs.

4/30/1410, Elizabeth [grandmother] who was wife of William Botreaux knight, … the said Elizabeth is suing against William son of William Botreaux knight (militis) for a third part of a fourth part of the manor of Upton Meoles as her dower by endowment of her husband, and the defendant by William has asserted that her said husband his grandfather, whose heir he is, was long ago seised of the said manor. (S) CCRs.

[––William & Elizabeth––]

By 1410, William married Elizabeth.

1410-11, William knighted.

9/16/1411, IPM of William Botreaux, Knight [William’s father]. … William his son and heir was aged 21 on 20 Feb. last. Elizabeth his father’s widow has held since his death and still takes the profits granted for the minority … Gloucester: William Botreaux, a minor in the king’s ward, is the next heir of Elizabeth widow of William Botreaux, knight, being their son, and aged 21 years and more. (S) CIsPM.

1/8/1412, Writ for IPM of Margaret, widow of John de Sancto Laudo, Knight. [Maternal grandmother of William] Wilts: She held the manor of Little Cheverell with the advowsons … William Lord Botreaux, son of Elizabeth her daughter, is her heir, aged 22 years and more. Dorset: She held the manor of Maiden Newton … By his second wife John de Sancto Laudo had a daughter Elizabeth who married William Lord Botreaux and had a son William, who is still living. John de Sancto Laudo died without heirs male by Margaret. Alice daughter of Richard, John son of John Chydyok and William Lord Botreaux are his heirs. Somerset: She held the manors of Aller, Yeovilton, … with remainder to William Botreaux son of Elizabeth daughter of John and Margaret, and the heirs of the body of William.

12/1/1412, William summoned to parliament by writ.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.         

3/22/1413, Writs issued for a parliament to meet at Westminster on Monday 15 May. Lords spiritual … Lords temporal: The earls of Devon, Arundel, Westmorland, Salisbury, and Warwick, and the earl marshal; Hugh Stafford, Edward Charlton of Powys, William Clinton, Thomas de la Warre, John Oldcastle, Henry le Scrope of Masham, William Roos of Helmsley, Henry Fitzhugh, William Ferrers of Groby, Thomas Morley, Hugh Burnell, Thomas Berkeley, John de Welles, Ralph Cromwell, Ralph baron Greystoke, Thomas Dacre of Gilsland, John Harrington, Robert Willoughby, John Lovell of Tichmarsh, Richard Grey of Codnor, Reginald Grey of Ruthin, Peter Mauley, Thomas Camoys, William la Zouche of Harringworth, Henry de Beaumont, William de Botreaux, John Latimer, Richard Strange, Robert Poynings, Gilbert Talbot, John Clifford, and John Talbot of Furnivall. [47 ‘spiritual’, 38 ‘temporal’, 73 knights, 178 burgesses.] (S) Parliament Rolls, Henry V, May 1413.

1413, Sir Richard Stucley acquired the feoffees of William Botreaux, 3rd Baron Botreaux.

1413-1415, King's Bench ‘nisi prius’ record of a special assize of 4 Ric II, Cornwall, William Botreaux, kt, and John Sergeaux vs. John Trevarthian. (S) UKNA. [William abroad in the service of the King.]

8/13/1415, William in King Henry V’s force of 12,000 landing at the mouth of the Seine at Harfleur.

9/22/1415, English capture Harfleur after a siege.

10/25/1415, Battle of Agincourt in northern France. [Documented by 3 eye witnesses.] The English longbows gave “a terrifying hail of arrow shot.” French estimate of their own dead of 4,000 would imply a ratio of nearly 9 to 1 in favour of the English.

By 1417, William returned to England.

1417-24, Plaintiffs: William Botreaux, knt. Defendants: Richard Kayton, feoffee. Subject: Manors and lands, etc (unspecified). (S) UKNA.

11/18/1418 at Westminster, Debtor: William Botreaux, lord of Botreaux, … Amount: £200. (S) UKNA.

1420, William summoned to parliament by writ.

1421, William arranged for the marriage of his daughter Margaret.

8/31/1422, Henry VI (an infant) succeeded Henry V as King of England.

1423, Royal licence was granted for Elizabeth, Lady de Botreaux [William’s paternal grandmother], and Sir William de Botreaux to convert the parish church of North Cadbury into a college of 7 chaplains and 4 clerks.

1424, William wrote a will asking to be buried in the North Cadbury church with his family.

1425, William summoned to parliament by writ.

11/7/1427, To the escheator in Cornwall. Order to give William Botreaux and Isabel his wife livery of a moiety of the manor of Allet, … with remainder to Margaret their daughter and to the heirs of her body. (S) CCRs.

1428-29, Grant by Henry Nanskelly, perpetual vicar of St. Ives … Memoranda, in a certain process touching William Botreaux, and others … (S) [Cornwall] (S) UKNA.

5/6/1430, William Darell, … to Walter Hungerforde knight lord of Haytesbury and Homet, John Tiptoft knight lord of Powys, …. Charter of demise and feoffment of all the grantors' messuages, lands, …. Witnesses: William lord Botreaux, Humphrey Stafforde, Stephen Popham knights, … (S) CCRs.

9/27/1430, Indenture between the Prior and Convent of Bath, and the Lord Hungerford ... Witnesses, William Lord Botreaux, Humphrey Stafford, John Stourton, Knights; Robert Lond, Robert Assheley, ... (S) Guide to Farleigh Hungerford, Co. Somerset, Jackson, 1879, P129.

11/8/1431, John Spriggy of Northampton esquire to William Botreaux knight. Bond in £220. (S) CCRs.

By 1432, Elizabeth died.

[––William & Margaret––]

1432, William married to Margaret, widow of John Hertham. (S) UKNA. [“Margery” had forged her husband’s will – which led to a property issue for William.]

1433, William heir to his paternal grandmother.

11/27/1433, Order to the escheator in the county of Devon to take the fealty of William de Botreaux, knight, son of William the son of William de Botreaux knight and Elizabeth late his wife, and the kinsman and heir of the said William de Botreaux and Elizabeth, and cause him to have full seisin of all the lands … whose homage the king for 6 marks paid in the hanaper has respited. (S) CFRs.

2/26/1434, William de Botreaux, knight, Humphrey Stafford, knight, William Boneville, knight, … Somerset and Dorset … to treat with important persons in the county for a considerable loan to the king … (S) CPRs.

5/1/1434, Commission, pursuant to the Act of the last Parliament ... the following whose names have been certified ... as those of persons who should take the oath not to maintain peace breakers ... Dorset ... William de Botreaux, ‘chivaler,’ ... commissioners to receive the oath of ... Humphrey Stafford, ‘chivaler,’ ... John Latymer ... Nicholas Latymer, ... John Carent ... William Godwyn ... (S) CPRs.

1/1/1435, Indenture between Richard Duke of York, Earl of March and of Ulster, Lord of Wigmore and of Clare, and William Lord Botreaux; witnessing that the duke has given to Lord Botreaux for life the custody of the forests of Exmoor and Neroche, Somerset. The Lord Botreaux shall take yearly all the revenues, services and other perquisites anciently belonging to the said offices and shall pay yearly to the duke and his heirs at Michaelmas £40 sterling. (S) BL, Harleian Charter 43 E 47.

6/23/1437, Debtor: John Jordan, of Dorset, merchant. Creditor: William Botreaux, knight, lord of Botreaux. Amount: £200 of good, legal and usual English money. (S) UKNA.

10/12/1445, IPM of Stephen Popham, Knight. Wiltshire. Jurors: Ralph Thorp ; ... William Botreaux ... 

1456-60, Plaintiffs: William Botreaux, knt. and Margaret his wife, daughter of Thomas late lord Roos. (S) UKNA.

10/16/1459, Lease. (i) Sir William Botreaux. (ii) William Drywe [Drew], Cecile his wife and Roger their son. (S) UKNA

5/23/1461, William summoned to parliament by writ.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster, beginning the House of York.

5/16/1462, William died, buried at North Cadbury church. [Possibly died at 2nd Battle of St. Albans.]


8/6/1462, To the escheator in Somerset. … delivering to Margaret wife of William lord Botreaux … of the said Margaret's dower of all lands … the remainder descended to Margaret late the wife of Robert Hungerford knight as daughter and heir of William Botreaux. (S) CCRs.

1464, Margery married Thomas Burgh.

1488-89, IPM of Margaret, sometime the wife of William Botreaux, knight, and late the wife Thomas Burgh, knight: Somerset. (S) UKNA.

(S) 8 Papers Relating to Claims to the Baronies of Botreau, 1870, P101.

Children of William and Elizabeth: [2 sons died as minors.]

i. Anne de Botreaux, born by 1410 in England.

1426, Anne married Sir John Stafford. [No children – must have died in her father’s lifetime.]

ii. Margaret de Botreaux (950547), born 1411 in England.

1463, Gift for lives by Dame Margaret Hungerford of all the Cornish lands she inherited from her father, William late lord of Botreaux, excepting the advowsons of the churches. (S) UKNA.

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