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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Escheator Thomas de Pikering Esq. & Katherine de Hodilston

 738784. Escheator Thomas de Pikering Esq. & 738785. Katherine de Hodilston

~1355, Thomas born in Killington, Yorkshire, England, s/o 1477568. James de Pykeryng & 1477569. Agnes ? .

~1365, Katherine born in Cumberland, England, d/o §§Sir Richard de Hodilston, knight.

By 1384, Thomas married Katherine.

3/15/1396, Thomas de Pykering of Skelsmergh witnessed a marriage settlement. (S) UKNA.

Aft. 5/20/1397, Katherine’s father died, her brother Richard the heir.

By 1399, Thomas’ father, Sir James de Pickering, died. (S) UKNA.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

1404-06, Plaintiffs: Thomas de Pykeryng, esq. Defendants: William de Sproxton and Nicholasatte Lay, esqrs., Richard atte Lay, and others. Subject: Attempt to murder petitioner at Ampleford (Ampulford). Yorkshire. (S) UKNA.

1405, Order to all persons of the county of York to be intendant to Thomas Pikeryng as escheator. (S) CFRs.

1406, Thomas Pykeryng escheator for Yorkshire. (S) UKNA.

Katherine died before Thomas.

8/25/1406, Thomas de Pickeringe died, holding at his death the manor of Killington of John de Par, one of the lords of Kendale, by homage and fealty and for 6d. rent; it is worth £8; also the hamlet of Frethebanke of the same John for 6s. rent, worth 100s. yearly. John his son, aged 21, is his next heir; (S) CIsP, 7 Hen. IV, n. 27.

[––Post Mortem––]

9/21/1406, IPM of Thomas de Pikeryng at Howden, Yorkshire. He held in his demesne as of fee: Thorganby, ..., annual value 40s.; Ellerton, ..., annual value 100s.; Bielby, ..., annual value 100s.; Aughton, ..., annual value 20s. He died on 25 Aug. last. John his son and heir was aged 21 years and more on the day of his death.

9/25/1406, IPM at Kendal, Westmorland. He held ... Killington, the manor, of John de Parr, one of the lords of Kendal, by homage, fealty and a rent of 6d., annual value £8. Firbank, the hamlet, of the same by homage, fealty and a rent of 6s., annual value 100s. Old Hutton in Kendal, the hamlet, of Philippa duchess of Ireland by fealty and the rent of a red rose, annual value 100s.  Meathop, the manor, of John de Bethome, knight, by fealty and a rent of 2s., annual value 106s.8d. [Date of death and heir same as at Howden.]

9/28/1406, IPM at Penrith, Cumberland. He held half the manor of Birkby by the courtesy of England for life in right of Katherine his wife, of Richard son and heir of John de Hodilston, knight, by the rent of a red rose, annual value £4. He died on 25 Aug. John the son and heir of both Thomas and Katherine is aged 21 years and more.

(S) The Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993. (S) IsPM, Henry IV, Entries 52-101, 1992.

Family notes:

·         Richard de Hodilston, s/o Sir §§John de Hodilston, knight.

·         5/20/1397, Thomas de Berdesay to Alan de Penyngton and Catherine his wife: Grant, indented, of the manor of Langden, which he had from William de Penyngton; with remainders to Richard de Kirkeby and Richard son of John de Hodilston, knights: ... Witnesses: Richard, son of Richard de Hodilston, ...  (Cumb), (Lancsr). (S) Deputy Keeper Rpt., V36, 1875, P180.

Child of Thomas and Katherine:

i. John Pykering  (369392), born 1385 in Killington, Yorkshire, England.

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