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Monday, October 12, 2020

Henry Cokyn & Alice Caryndoun

 525190. Henry Cokyn & 525191. Alice Caryndoun

~1365, Alice born in England, d/o 1050382. John Caryndon & 1050383. Alice Berrye.

4/1/1371, Writ for IPM of Emmeline, late the wife of Edward de Courtenay, knight. … Cornwall: Shevyok, Aunton, Landilp, and Portloo. The manors. … Immediately thereafter Henry Cokyn, then the prince’s feodary in Cornwall, entered into the premises by reason of the prince’s prerogative and the minority of Edward her son and heir, and took the profits for the prince’s use until 16 November, 45 Edward III. (S) CIsPM.

1369-70, “Compotus Henrici Cokyn custodis feodorum.” (S) Western Antiquary, V12, Wright, 1893, P159. [Henry a custodian of the fees of (14 persons) … Rogeri Giffard. … Thomae Carmynon Militis. … Johannis Killigreu. … Johannis Clyfford. … Johannis Inkepen. … Willielmi Daubeneye Comitis Warwick.]

Henry of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, died. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993, ‘Thomas Cokayn’.

(S) Visitations of the County of Cornwall, 1887, Vivian, P94. (S) Hist. Survey of Cornwall, V2, Pt1, Gilbert, 1820, P72.

Child of Henry and Alice:

i. Joan Cokayn (262595), born ~1382 in Gidleigh, Cornwall, England.

[Undated] John Deneford and Johanne, his wife, daughter of Alice, daughter of Clarice, sister of John Daumarle (d.1392), of Devon, knight, vs. Nicholas Tremayn, feoffee to uses. Manors, advowsons, and lands in Flute Daumarle, Sydenham, Guddelegh, Northhiwyssh, Throulegh, and Seintmarie Tavy; a rent in Colyton; land in Holbeghton and Witcherche. (S) Lists and Indexes, Iss16, 1903, P485.

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