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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Henry Wyvelescombe & Clarice ?

 1247550. Henry Wyvelescombe & 1247551. Clarice ?

~1325, Henry born in Somerset, England, s/o §§John Wyvelescombe & Gunnilda ?.

1364, Henry Wyvelescombe shipped 100 Cloths for wine; 100 cloths for olive oil oversees from Bristol to Seville. (S) Seville, Avery, 2007, P108.

10/1/1368, Return to the Chancellor announcing the election of a new Mayor and Constables of the Staple of Bristol … Henry Wyvelescombe [on election commission] … (S) Overseas Trade of Bristol, V7, Carus-Wilson, P301.

8/1/1372, Letter of attorney from Willelmus Coumbe, nominating Henricus Wyvelescombe to put Willelmus Bongham senior, and Margaretta his wife, in full and peaceful seisin of tenement in Lonkerstret. [Bristol]. (S) UKNA.

1377, Robert Cheddre, … Henry Wyvelescombe, … of Bristol, … Thomas Asteley, … to grant messuages and shops in Bristol and its suburbs to the prior and convent of Witham, retaining lands held of the mayor and commonalty of Bristol. Glouc. (S) UKNA.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

6/25/1380, Henry Wyvelescombe … querents, … manor of Norton Beauchamp juxta Worspryng … for this Henry, … gave 300 marks. (S) Pedes Finium, Somerset, Green, 1902, P108.

8/2/1381, Release by Henry Wyvelescombe [same persons of 1380] in the manor of Norton Beauchamp …  co. Somerset; … Certified under the seal of the mayoralty of Bristol. (S) Desc. Cat. of Ancient Deeds, V5, 1906, P146.

4/15/1389, Grant: Henricus Wyvelescombe of rent and service for one messuage (held for life by Alicia, relict of Willelmus Brompton) in Temple Street. (S) UKNA. [Bristol.]

10/17/1389 at Bristol, Quitclaim … Witnesses: William Canynges [I], Mayor. John Toky and John Haveryng', Bailiffs and Chamberlains. Henry Wyvelescombe. (S) UKNA.

3/23/1390, Henry Wyvelescombe shipped 6 “cloths” to Portugal from Bristol on the ship ‘Andrew’. (S) Overseas Trade of Bristol, V7, Carus-Wilson, P197.

8/8/1390, Henry Wyvelescombe shipped 7 “cloths” to Portugal from Bristol on the ship ‘Gracedieu’. (S) Overseas Trade of Bristol, V7, Carus-Wilson, P202.

4/18/1393, [Will] To be buried in the church of holy Cross Temple of Bristol, before the altar of St. James, … The poor to have bread on the day of burial. … to pray for my soul and the souls of Clarice my wife and Walter Kebbe on Sundays ‘in Pulpito’. Legacies to the vicar, … William Champion, formerly my servant, dwelling at Hereford, to Master Simon Sydenham and his sister Joan Sydenham, … to William Norton, Nicholas Knyght, the sisters of St. Mary Magdalene of Bristol, each of my godchildren, and the Commonalty of the town of Bristol. To my apprentice William Knyght 10 shillings and the term of his apprenticeship. To a chaplain to celebrate for one year before the aforesaid altar of St. James, for my soul, and the souls of John and Gunnilda my parents, and Clarice my wife, &c., 100 shillings. To Sir Thomas Frenssh chaplain 20 shillings and my psalter in the chest aforesaid. To Henry Sydenham my silver seal with a chain. Executors to sell 2 large furnaces, and distribute the money for the good of the souls of Walter and Thomas Kebbe, … the soul of John Wycombe being mentioned, those shops "in vico Templi" between the shops of John Badecok and what was formerly the shop of William Hendy, extending from the said street in front to the Temple cemetery behind. To Henry [grandson] son of Richard Sydenham (623774) and his lawful heirs the tenement inhabited by testator in the same street, situate between what were formerly the tenements of John Fraunceys and Henry Babbecary, and extending from the said street in front to the Avon behind. If the said Henry should die s.p., remainder to his brother Simon Sydenham, and in default of issue, rem. to their sister Joan (311887) and her heirs. If she should die s.p., the property to be sold ; £20 of the price to the Commonalty of Bristol, and the rest for pious purposes. … To Sir Henry Inet, chaplain, my book called Orologium sapiencie and 20 shillings of silver. To Richard Inhyne 12 new silver spoons and my new saddle and bridle. To John Slape a furnace standing in my kitchen, with all wooden vessels for brewing … To Geoffrey Hole 4 pieces of lead "vocat' p'sse" for dyeing cloth. William Norton, Richard Inhyne, and Henry Sydenham, executors. (S) Abstracts of Wills, Council House of Bristol, Wadeley, 1886, P36.

1393, Henry died.

8/19,1393, Henry’s will proved before the Mayor of Bristol.

Family notes:

·         Wyvelescombe near Bristol in Somerset, prominent in the rolls at this time – particularly associated with the church, where they produced “crism oil”, and which was visited by the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1331.

Child of Henry and ?:

i. Joan Wyvelescombe (623775), born ~1350 in England.

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