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Friday, October 9, 2020

John St. Aubyn Esq. & Katherine Chalons

 1901306. John St. Aubyn Esq. & 1901307. Katherine Chalons

1379, John Seyntaubyn born in Devon, England, s/o 3802612. Sir John St. Aubyn & 3802615. Joan Chudleigh.

1383, John’s father died, John’s brother Guy, age 7, the family heir.

1394, Katherine born in England, coheiress & d/o 3802614. Sir Robert Chalons & 3802615. Blanche Waterton.

9/30/1399, Henry IV succeeded Richard II as King of England.

By 1407, John heir to his brother Guy, acquiring the manors of Alston Sutton in Somerset, Combe Raleigh and ‘Uppetons Prudhomme’ in Devon, and 8 manors in Cornwall.

12/24/1409 at Exeter castle, John 1 of 4 whose names were written on the indenture recording the election for Devon.

[––John & Katherine––]

By 1410, John married to Katherine.

1411-12, John Seyntaubyn to John Tretherff: Grant of his messuages and lands in Nansausan, with the rents and services of John and Nicholas Nankelly in Trethurffe and of William Fyntenlasek and Meliora his wife in Fyntenlasek: [Cornw.] (S) UKNA. [John Seyntaubyn’s daughter married John Tretherff’s son.]

1/20/1412, Demise by John Seyntaubyn, esquire, to John Archer of Truru and William Trethek in the county of Cornwall, for the term of their lives, of a croft in Poltuska in the parish of St. Clement … (S) Ancient Deeds, V4, 1902.

7/1/1412, Parties: Robert Chalons, [knight], …, querents, and John Seyntaubyn and Katherine, his wife, deforciants. Property: The manors of [Arallys], Broungolowe, Reswyn, Treswynen, Trenhale, Seyntgerans, Trebell' and Penlen in the county of Cornwall and [the manor] of Combe Ralegh' in the county of Devon. Action: Plea of covenant Agreement: John has acknowledged the manors to be the right of Robert Chalons, … of his gift. (S) Feet of Fines: CP 25/1/291/63.

3/20/1413, Henry V succeeded Henry IV as King of England.

4/1413, Agreement between Robert Chalons, chevalier, ... querents, and John St. Aubyn, and Catherine, his wife, entailing upon John & Catherine, and the heirs of their bodies.

4/1414, John, Knight of the Shire for Devon.

5/29/1414, Robert Cary and John Seyntaubyn to be reimbursed £16 for 40 days at parliament representing Devon. (S) CCRs.

1/1415, Katherine gave birth to daughter Margaret at the abbey of the minoresses of St. Clare outside Aldgate, London.

2/16/1415, Feoffment by Luke Skynner to Henry Coly of Eglosnyulyn, of land in Medeshole annexed to a close of John Seyntaubyn; … [Cornwall] (S) CCRs.

4/15/1416, IPM of Nicholas Bromford, esquire at Cornwall: … Penhalt, 1 messuage and 1 ferling, of John Seyntaubyn in socage by a rent of 2s. at Michaelmas, annual value 2s. … (S) CIsPM.

1417, John travelled to France with King Henry V. King Henry first captured the city of Caen after a 2-week siege. The following months he captured other towns within Normandy, including Alencon, Falaise and Cherbourg.

1417-20, Plaintiffs: Katherine Seyntaubyn. Defendants: Richard Trevaynon, of Carheys. Subject: Manor of Broungolowe. Cornwall. (S) UKNA.

10/14/1418, John de Sancto Albino died before his mother; seized in demesne as of fee of the manors of Argalles, Browngolow, Reswyn, Trefwynen, Trenhale, Seingerans, Trigel and Penhen; and Broungolow was held of the King. Joan, his mother, still held in dower Alston Sutton and Combe Raleigh.


1418, The daughters were put in the charge of Sir William Bodrugan.

12/11/1419, Commitment to Robert Chalons, knight, … of the keeping of two-thirds of the manor of Tregony, co. Cornwall, late of John Seyntaubyn, esquire, who held of the king in chief on the day of his death, the same being in the king's hand by the death of the said John and by reason of the minority of Joan and Margaret, his daughters and heirs. (S) CFRs.

1420, Katheine died, buried in the house of the Carmelite friars in London. (S) Her 2 daughters were the heiresses to her nephew John Chalons.

(S) The English Baronetage, V1, 1741, P544. (S) Collectanea Topo. et Gen., 1834, P55. (S) The King’s Knight: Sir Thomas de la Pomery, 2018. 1388. (S) Hist. of Parliament, Roskell, 1993.

Child of John and Catherine:

i. Joan St. Auby, born 1411 in England.

Joan, age 17, married Otes Bodrugan Esq.

11/16/1420, Commitment … of the keeping of all the messuages, lands … held by Thomasia late the wife of John Denys, deceased, … of Joan and Margaret, the daughters and heirs of John Seintaubyn and minors in the king’s ward, … (S) CFRs.

ii. Margaret St. Aubyn (950653), born 1/1415 in London, England.

10/25/1428 at Tretherf, Devon, IPM of Joan wife of Thomas Pomeray, knight. She died on 8 December 1423. Joan wife of Otes Bodrugan is her kin and one of her next heirs as one of the daughters of John Seyntaubyn her son, and aged 17 and more. Margaret wife of Reynold Tretherf is her kin and other next heir as the other daughter of John Seyntaubyn , and aged 13 and more. (S) E-CIPM, 23-246.

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