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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Lord Hamon Denebaud

 9978240. Lord Hamon Denebaud

~1235, Hamon de Anebou born in England, , 3rd s/o 19956480. Philip Denebaud & 19956481. Alice Gifford.

1245, Hamon’s father Philip gave him a moiety of Hinton St. George, which Philip held of homage and service. (S) IPM of Philip.

1245, Hamon’s father died.

5/14/1246, Writ to bailiff of Nether Went. Philip de Anebou. Philip Deneboud had many sons; … his elder son William (1st son) on his marriage, who had 4 sons, and died before his father, … The said William had 2 brothers, Matthew (2nd son) and Hamon (3rd son), and in 29 Hen. III (1245) the said Philip gave to the said Hamon, his younger son, that moiety which remained with him, by homage and service. … (S) CIsPm.

7/18/1246, To the sheriff of Somerset to deliver all the land formerly of Phillip Denebaud in Hinton St. George and which the same Phillip gave to Hamo, his son, after his birth … to take security from the aforesaid Hamo for 40s. (S) Fine Rolls H.III.

12/1266, Hamo Denebaud on an inquisition at Sutton as to whether the manor of Haselbeg ought to be in the king's hand. (S) CPRs, 5/30/1267.

5/10/1269, Exemption for life of Hamo Denebaud from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions, and from being made sheriff, &c. against his will. (S) CPRs.

1271, Hamo Denebaud’, Walter de Furneus and Phillip Denebaud give 1 mark for an assize to be taken before Henry of Woolavington. Order to the sheriff of Somerset. (S) Fine Rolls, HIII.

1281, Hamon died on a journey to the Holy Land.

(S) Hist. of Somerset, V4, 1978, Hinton St. George.

Child of Hamon and ?:

i. William Denebaud (4989120), born 1260 in Somerset, England.

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