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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Lord Hugh de Moriceby

 5910336. Lord Hugh de Moriceby

~1265, Hugh de Moricebi born in England.

1270, Robert de Layburne quitclaimed to the Abbey of Furness all rights to iron and copper ore within the abbot’s jurisdiction, which he held by a grant from Hugh de Moriceby. (S) Antiquities of Furness, West, 1805, P98.

3/1274, Grant and quitclaim from Thomas, son of William Byndegerard ... to abbot and convent of Furness, Witnesses : Richard le Butiller, ... Hugh de Moryceby. (S) 36th Ann. Rpt. Deputy Keeper, 1876.

1285-98, A grant to Holmcoltran abbey by John de Hodeliston … Witnesses—Sir Michael de Hartecla, sheriff of Cumberland, …, Sir Robert de Haverington, …, knights; Hugh de Moricebi, … (S) Reg. & Rcds. Of Holm Cultram, 1929, Lekeley.

Child of Hugh and ?:

i. Hugh de Moriceby (2955168), born ~1290 in England.

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