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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Lord John atte Bayhalle & Johanna ?

 5000194. Lord John atte Bayhalle & 5000195. Johanna ?

~1260, John Bayhall born in England, s/o §§William atte Bayhalle.

~1265, Johanne born in England.

7/7/1307, Edward II succeeded Edward I as King of England.

By 1308, John’s father died.

1308, Charter in which Cecilia, Margaret [Margery], Amicia and Christina, daughters of John atte Bayhalle grant to Thomas son of Thomas Colepeper, for 5 marks, all their part of a mill and lands in Pepinbury which they had after the death of their grandfather William atte Bayhalle.

1308-09, John died.


1309, Johanna quae fuit  uxor Johannis atte Beyhalle petit versus Thomam Colepeper juniorem (2500096, husband of Margaret).

1317, Quitclaim by Johanne widow of John atte Beyhalle to Thomas Colepeper and Margery his wife of a house and lands at Beyhalle for 3.5 marks.

Johanna died.

Child of John and Johanna:

i. Cecilia Bayhall, born ? in England.

i. Margery Bayhall (2500097), born ~1285 in England.

iii. Amicia Bayhall, born ? in England.

iv. Chirstina Bayhall, born ? in England.

1314-1317, Multiple grants from Christina de Beyhalle and Ralph Newheman in Pepinbury.

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