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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Lord John de Foxcote Esq. & Margaret Waleys

 1055426. Lord John de Foxcote Esq. & 1055427. Margaret Waleys

~1310, John Foxcote born in Gloucester, England, s/o 2110852. Richard de Foxcote.

1/24/1327, Edward III succeeded Edward II as King of England.

1327, Margaret born in London, England, coheir & d/o 2110854. Augustine le Waleys & 2110855. Maud de Rothinge.

[––John & Joan––]

By 1330, John, son of Richard de Foxcote, 1st married to Joan, an heiress of Philip le Lou (fl.1310) and his wife Margery of interest in Whatcote, Warwickshire. (S) Antiq.’s of Warwickshire, V1, Dugdale, 1730, P608.

By 1341, John’s father died in London.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

7/1352, John de Foxcote acknowledges that he owes to Gilbert Chasteleyn, knight ... (S) CCRs.

1352, Grant by John son of Richard de Foxcote of Gloucestershire to Gilbert Chasteleyn knight of the manor of Rodebroke. (S) AALT, T1352 C: Gloucestershire.

7/24/1353, Margaret’s father died.

[––Margaret & William––]

Margaret married 1st to William de Carleton.

2/1353, Margaret’s mother was very ill. Her properties were assigned to the temporary custody of John Malewayn, husband of the elder sister Margery, to hold until partitioning.

11/6/1353, John de Foxcote of Andover statisfied in the port of Southampton for £13 6s 9d ... (S) CCRs.

4/15/1355, Margaret’s mother died.

5/8/1355, Escheator for Essex to prepare to partition the manor of Latton between Margaret and her sister Margery. Margery and her husband sent an attorney. William de Carlton and his wife Margaret declined to attend.

1355, Half the manor of Watcote [see 1330] conveyed by Joan wife of John son of Richard de Foxcote to Thomas de Morehalle, clerk. (S) Hist. of Warwick, V5, 1949, Whatcote.

10/6/1355, William de Carlton and John de Ardern given protection by the King under a secret seal for some business ‘lying near his heart.’ Margaret’s half share retained in the King’s hands.

1356, William de Carleton died.

10/20/1356, Margaret petitioned to recover her half of the Latton manor, citing the death of her husband William.

10/30/1356, Margaret received her half on payment of 1 mark and pledge to do homage by 12/1357.

4/21/1357, Petition of Margaret Carleton [Whaleys] daughter and co-heiress of Austin [Augustine] Waleys and Margery, daughters and co-heiresses, and John Maleweyn, husband of Margery, concerning the manor of Mark Hall, Latton, and the manor of Brandeston Hall, Brandeston. (S) UKNA.

1357, Margaret’s sister Margery died.

[––Margaret & John de Lodewyk––]

Margaret married 2nd John de Lodewyk.

4/22/1357, Margaret obtained her share of Brandestonhall, which had been tied up in debts of John Malewayn [husband of Margery, deceased] to the crown.

1358, John de Lodewyk died.

By 1362, Joan died.

[––Maragret & John de Foxcote––]

John de Foxcote married Margaret.

11/8/1362, Petitioners: John Turk [Margaret’s nephew]; John Foxcote; Margaret Foxcote, wife of John Foxcote. Petition for rights in land of which the petitioners have been deprived by John de Ardern, an executor of her mother’s will in London. (S) UKNA.

11/15/1362, Writ to the sheriffs of London to have information from the prioress of Dartford in chancery on 7 December in connection with the dispute between JohnTurk and the John and Margaret Foxcote on the one side and John Ardern [executor of will] on the other. [Multiple records of this suit in 1362.]

4/1363, John Foxcote and his wife Margaret conveyed the manor of Braundeston Halle in Suffolk to Matilda, prioress of the new works in Dartford in return for their admittance to all the benefices and prayers in the church. (S) Nunneries, Lee, 2001, P21.

1364, John Foxcote and Margaret his wife of the manor of Bruandeston Halle in Magna Waldyngfield with Appurtenances v. Matilda, prioress of Derteford. (S) Cal. of Feet of Fines, Suffolk.

~1365, Petitioners: John Turk, son and heir of Margery, widow of John Malwayn, and Margaret, wife of John de Foxcote, daughters and heirs of Augustine Waleys, state that the manor of Brandeston Hall [Suffolk] belongs to them as heirs of Augustine (Austin) and Maud his wife, ..., but that the King seised the manor with other lands of John Malwayn until John had made satisfaction with him. John did so, ... this manor remains in the King's hand. They request restitution of the manor, as they have been barred from their inheritance for 7 years and more. (S) UKNA.

5/3/1365, Commission of the peace, ... and of oyer and terminer ... to John, duke of Lancaster, ... John Foxcote, ... in the counry of Hertford. (S) CPRs.

11/30/1365, Guardianship of Richard, son of Richard de Cavendysshe, late draper, was committed to John de Foxcote and Margaret his wife. (S) Letter-Book G of London.

11/11/1366, A recognisance given by John de Foxcote before John Lovekyn, Mayor of London. (S) UKNA.

3/9/1367, Debtor: John Foxcote, of Glos. Creditor: John Hatfield, citizen [merchant] of London. (S) UKNA.

5/7/1367, John de Foxcote to Robert Lucas of London. Recognisance for 40 marks, to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in Gloucestershire. (S) CCRs.

5/24/1367, Debtor: John de Foxcote, of Glos. ... Amount: £300. ... he has two messuages and five shops in the parish of St. Dunstan next to the Wool Quay in Tower Ward, by the right of Margaret, his wife. They are worth £23 a year. (S) UKNA.


9/12/1367, Debtor: John de Foxcote, of Glos. ... Amount: £100. (S) UKNA.

12/24/1367, John de Foxcote, giving to John Paya citizen of London a yearly rent of £10 by even portions of all the grantor's lands in the towns of Dontebourne, Turkedene and elsewhere in Gloucestershire and in the city of London. (S) CCRs.

3/1369, Due to an outbreak of the plague in London, the royal court was moved to Windsor.

8/1369 at London, Writing of John de Foxcote of Gloucestershire, being a quitclaim of the manor of Merkhall co Essex. (S) CCRs.

6/1/1370, Debtor: John Foxcote. Creditor: Sir Robert Knolles, knight. Amount: 500m. (S) UKNA.

3/28/1372, Order to cause a piece of ground in the town of Gloucester called Seynt Martyn place ... the sheriff gave notice accordingly to ... the commonalty thereof by Thomas Catewy, John Foxcote, ... (S) CCRs.

1372, Robert atte Brome, Canon of Wyngham [close associate of Margaret’s parents] died. In his will ... These are the debts owing to me: ... John de Foxcote in £20. (S) Wills at Lambeth, Book 25, P532.

2/5/1376, John Foxcote, as guardian of Richard, s/ Richard Cavendysshe, delivered £10 in trust for the orphan. (S) Cal. of Letter-Books, London, 1907, P21.

6/21/1377, Richard II, age 10, succeeded Edward III as King of England.

7/26/1377, John Foxcote of Duntesburne to Hugh Sprot citizen of London. Recognisance for £81 7s 4d to be levied in Gloucester. (S) CCRs.

9/3/1377, Reversion of tenements and rents held in London by John Foxcote for life. (S) Cal. of Wills, Husting, London, Pt2, 1890.

17/12/1377, Debtor: John de Foxcote [of Glos.]. ... Amount: £40. (S) UKNA.

John, of  Duntesburne (1377), Turkendene (1367), and Seynt Martyn (1372), co. Gloucester, died.

(S) Journal of the House of Lords, V124, 1892, P198. (S) Tran. – London and Middlesex Arch. Soc., V52, 2001, P140.

Child of John and Margaret:

i. Margaret Foxcote (527713), born ~1363 in London, England.

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