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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Lord John de St. Lo & Margaret de Clyvedon

 7604378. Lord John de St. Lo & 7604379. Margaret de Clyvedon

~1330, John de St. Laudo born in Somerset, England, s/o 15208756. John de Sancto Laudo & 15208757. Elizabeth ?.

~1335, Margaret born in England, heiress & d/o 15208758. John de Clyvedon.

1/24/1327, Edward III, age 14, succeeded Edward II as King of England.

Aft. 1342, John’s father died.

5/6/1349, Order to deliver to Elizabeth late the wife of Hugh le Despenser, tenant in chief, the knights' fees … a fee in Neweton which John de Sancto Laudo holds, extended at £20 yearly … (S) CCRs. [Held by his father in 1314.]

By 1349, John knighted.

11/3/1349, Afterwards on John de Seyntloo, 'chivaler,' and Robert de Seyntcler are appointed in Somerset to levy the 15th and 10th for 3 years. (S) CFRs.

[––John & Alice––]

~1350, John Seyntlo 1st married Alice daughter of John de Pavely.

10/24/1351, Confirmation by John de Forde … Witn. Dom Walter de Rodeneye, John de Sancto Laudo, Knts. … (S) UKNA.

4/8/1352, Quitclaim of John de Forde … Witn. Dom. Walter de Rodeneye, John de Sancto Laudo, … (S) UKNA.

4/14/1355, Commitment during pleasure to John de Sancto Laudo, the elder, of the counties of Somerset and Dorset, so that he answer at the Exchequer as sheriff. (S) CFRs.

7/7/1355, John de Sancto Laudo, escheator in the county of Somerset. (S) CFRs.

2/4/1356, John de Sancto Laudo, escheator in the counties of Somerset and Dorset. (S) CFRs.

8/1/1357, John Seintlo, knight, a collector of the 10th and 15th in Somerset. (S) CFRs.

11/6/1359, Grant by Walter de Rodeneye, Knt. to John de Forde … Witn. Dom. John de Sancto Laudo, John de Palton, Knts., … (S) UKNA.

2/18/1361, Richard de Acton and John de Sancto Laudo to be paid £14 8s. for 36 days at parliament representing Somerset at Westminster. (S) CCRs.

12/24/1361, Order to set free Matthew de Gourney and John de Sancto Laudo from the prison in the Tower by the mainprise of Edward le Despenser lord of Glamorgan, Edward de Courteney, … knights, … they have mainperned for the entering again of the said Matthew and John into the Tower, where they are imprisoned for certain contempts and rebellions … (S) CCRs.

11/17/1362, John de Sancto Laudo to be paid £8 8s. for 42 days at parliament representing Somerset at Westminster. (S) CCRs.

1363, John Tracy and John de Sancto Laudo, knights, … to grant messuages and land in Bitton, Upton, and Marshfield, … (S) UKNA.

2/29/1364, Writing of John Bays of Yevele, being a quitclaim to Guy de Bryene knight, John de Sancto Laudo the elder knight, … (S) CCRs.

2/27/1365, John de Sancto Laudo and Matthew de Clyvedon to be paid £15 12s. for 39 days at parliament representing Somerset at Westminster. (S) CCRs.

4/4/1365, To the bishop of Salisbury. Mandate, if the facts are as stated, to dispense John de Sancto Laudo, knight, and Margaret de Clyvedon, of the dioceses of Salisbury and Bath respectively, to intermarry; the late Alice Paveli, a former wife of John, having been related to Margaret in the 4th degree of kindred. (S) Cal. of Papal Reg’s, V4, 1902, Regesta 254.

[––John & Margaret––]

1365, John married Margaret.

4/30/1370, Quitclaim: Matth. de Clyvedon, … to John de Sancto Laudo, knt., lord of Aulre: in the manors of Standerwyke and Radene. (S) UKNA.

6/12/1374, Order to John de Sancto Laudo, 'chivaler,' to deliver the body of Elizabeth, d/o Thomas de Bradeston, for marriage. (S) CFRs.

1/12/1375, Licence of Alienation. Thomas de Berkele lord of Berkele and Bedmynstre … to grant the manor of Ashton near Bristol … Witnesses: John de Sancto Laudo … knights … (S) UKNA.

11/8/1375, John died.

11/9/1375, Writ for IPM of John de Sancto Laudo, ' chivaler'. Wilts: Westbury and Hevedynghulle. The manors. … He held them for life by the courtesy of England after the death of Alice his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of John Pavely, the reversion after his death belonging to Joan wife of John Chidiok the younger, knight, aged 21 years and more, and Ela de Bradeston, aged 18 years and more, the daughters and heirs of the said Alice. He died on Wednesday, 8 November last. Alexander his son by Margaret his second wife, who survives, is his heir, and is half a year old and more. (S) CIsPM.

12/3/1375, Order to Oliver de Harnham, escheator in the county of Wilts,— pursuant to an inquisition made by him shewing that John de Sancto Laudo, 'chivaler,' held in chief for life by knight service the manors of Westbury and Hevedynghull and a moiety of the hundred of Westbury, co. Wilts, by the courtesy of England after the death of Alice, late his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of John de Pavely, and that Joan, one of the daughters of Alice, whom John Chidyok, the younger, 'chivaler,' has taken to wife, and Ella de Bradeston, the other daughter of Alice, are her next heirs and of full age,—to make a partition of the premises into 2 equal parts, and deliver to the said John Chidyok and Joan, and to the said Ella, their respective pourparties ; as the king has taken the homage and fealty due from John be reason of his having offspring by Joan, and for a fine of 20s. made by Ella has respited her homage and fealty until Midsummer next.

[––Margaret & Peter––]

Margaret married 2nd Peter Courteney, knight.

1391, Peter settled multiple manors in Somerset on Margaret with remainders to her son-in-law William Botreaux.

1404, Peter died.

9/16/1411, IPM of William Botreaux, Knight. Oxford: … he held a close called ‘Brendoun’ and a close called ‘Lenmannesfeld’, of both of which Margaret widow of John Seyntlo, knight, holds a third part in dower. … (S) CIsPM.

1/5/1412, Margaret Clyvedon died.

1/8/1412, Writ for IPM of Margaret, widow of John de Sancto Laudo, Knight. [Maternal grandmother of William]

·         Wilts: She held the manor of Little Cheverell with the advowsons … for life by the grant … to her, then the wife of Peter Courteney, knight, …, with remainder to the right heirs of Alexander son of John de Sancto Laudo. It is held of the earl of Salisbury by knight service, annual value £9. Alexander died during her lifetime. William Botreaux is his kinsman and heir, being the son of Elizabeth his sister. … She died on 5 Jan. last. William Lord Botreaux, son of Elizabeth her daughter, is her heir, aged 22 years and more.

·         Dorset: She held the manor of Maiden Newton … jointly with John her late husband by the grant of John de Clyvedon, knight, …. annual value £10. … John de Sancto Laudo was twice married. By his first wife, Alice daughter of Walter Paulegh of Brook, knight, he had two daughters, Ela and Joan. Ela is married to Richard Saymour, knight, and had issue Richard Seymour, knight, now deceased. He left a daughter Alice, now in the king’s ward, aged 3 years. Joan was married to John de Chydyok, knight, and had issue John, now aged 26 years and more. Both his parents are dead. By his second wife John de Sancto Laudo had a daughter Elizabeth who married William Lord Botreaux and had a son William, who is still living. John de Sancto Laudo died without heirs male by Margaret. Alice daughter of Richard, John son of John Chydyok and William Lord Botreaux are his heirs.

·         Somerset: She held the manors of Aller, Yeovilton, … to her and Peter Courteney, knight, her second husband, now deceased, for their lives by a fine of 1391 [CP 25(1)/201/31, no.20], … with remainder to William Botreaux son of Elizabeth daughter of John and Margaret, and the heirs of the body of William. … She also held the manors of Publow and Newton St. Loe with the advowson of Newton St. Loe, … Alexander survived his father and died under age without heirs of his body. William Botreaux son of Elizabeth, sister of Alexander, is his next heir.

(S) 8 Papers Relating to Claims to the Baronies of Botreau, 1870, P101.

Children of John and Alice:

i. Joan St. Lo, born 1353 in England.

Joan married John de Chydyok, knight.

ii. Ela St. Lo, born 1356 in England.

Ella 1st married Thomas de Bradston.

Children of John and Margaret:

i. Elizabeth St. Lo (3802189), born ~1370 in England.

ii. Alexander St. Lo, born 1375 in England.

Alexander died underage, his sister Elizabeth his heir.

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