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Monday, October 5, 2020

Lord Oliver Champernowne & Eglina Valletort

 4194514. Lord Oliver Champernowne & 4194515. Eglina Valletort

~1320, Oliver de Campo Arnulphi born in England.

~1330, Eglina born in England.

1332, Oliver Champernowne holding property in North Tawton, Devon. (S) 132 Lay Subsidy.

Oliver died.


Eglina Valletort held the advowson of the church of North Tawton.

1346, Eglina living.

(S) Visitations of Devon, V1, Vivian, 1895, P160. (S) The Topographer, V3, July 1790, P100, Devonshire. (S) Magna Britannia, V6, Devonshire, 1822, Tallaton - Templeton.

Family notes:

·         Eglina [proposed] d/o John de Vautort of Clyst [living 1318], s/o 4990596 [brother Hugh.]

·         1270, Grant to John de Valletort of a market on Wednesday, and a fair for 3 days at the festival of St. Nicholas in North Tawton, Devon.

·         1296, John, son of John de Valetort, Knt. one of the holders of Clyst-Moys.

·         Aft. 1307 (early Edward II) John de Valetort of Clist Gerard a holder of Clyst-Moys.

Children of Oliver and Eglina:

Sons: Otho, Hugh, Osmond: all died d.s.p.

i. Richard Champernowne, born ? in England.

Richard married Ibot, d/o Adam de Branscombe.

ii. Johanna Champernowne, born ? in England.

Johannna married Richard Atwood.

iii. Elizabeth Champernowne (2097257), born ~1355 in Devon, England.

iv. Margaret Champernowne, born ? in England.

Margaret married Thomas Stonehouse.

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