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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Lord Ralph Paynel & Joan Wake

 7604760. Lord Ralph Paynel & 7604761. Joan Wake

~1260, Ralph born in England, s/o of 15209520. Ralph Paynel & 15209521. Cecilia ?.

1265, Joan born in England, d/o 4997404. Baron Baldwin Wake & 121688631. Ela de Beauchamp.

8/4/1265, Joan’s maternal uncle John de Beauchamp died at the battle of Evesham. Joan’s mother Ela one of the 3 co-heiresses of John.

 [––Joan & Michael––]

Joan married first Michael Pigot.

11/16/1272, Edward I succeeded Henry III as King of England.

1278, Michael & Joan held part of Linslade. (S) Hist. of Buckingham, V3, 1925, Linslade.

Michael died.

[––Ralph & Joan––]

1282, Ralph Paynel holding Higham, Streatley and Faldo.

1284-86, Ralph & Joan held part of Linslade. (S) Hist. of Buckingham, V3, 1925, Linslade.

1285, Part of the Gobion lands in Higham had been held of Ralph Paynel, who held of the king in chief.

1291, Ralph Paynel to grant land in Barton to a chaplain in the church of St. James there. Lincoln. (S) UKNA.

12/4/1293, Mandate for inquisition into proposed grant by Ralph Paynel to establish a chantry in the chapel of St James by Glaunford bridge, returnable to the parliament at the quindene of Easter following. (S) CCRs.

10/4/1295, IPM of Isabel late the wife of Simon de Bello Campo. Bedford: Wottone. The manor held in dower, by the assignment of the said Simon with the consent of William de Bello Campo (9994918) his father, of the heirs of the barony of Bedford. As for the heirs of the said barony, … Joan (7604761) the wife of Ralph Paynel, aged 30, daughter of Ela (121688631) sister of the said Simon, … the jury are doubtful … to whom with the other heirs aforesaid the said manor ought to revert. (S) CIsPM. [See 9994918 for complete record.]

By 1296, Ralph married Joan.

1/1/1296, Joan, wife of Ralph Paynel, puts in her place John de Gostewyk to receive the purparty falling to her and Ralph of the manor of Wotton, co. Bedford, which Isabel, late the wife of Simon de Bello Campo, tenant in chief, held in dower of Simon's inheritance. Elizabeth, wife of John de Horbury, puts in her place Hugh le Blunt to receive her purparty of the aforesaid manor.

2/1/1296, To escheator this side of Trent, Order to deliver to John Buteturte, who is in the king's service in Gascony, and Maud, his wife, the following purparty of the manor of Wotton, co. Bedford, which belonged to Simon de Bello Campo, tenant in chief, and which Isabel, late the wife of the said Simon, held in chief of the inheritance of Roger de Moubray, Ralph Paynel and Joan, his wife, Isabel, late the wife of Simon de Pateshull, John de Horbury and Elizabeth, his wife, and the said John Buteturte and Maud, the heirs and parceners of the lands that belonged to Simon on the day of Isabel's death … if Roger, Ralph and Joan, Isabel, John and Elizabeth come to the king's court … (S) CCRs.

2/22/1296, To escheator Beyond Trent, Order to deliver to Isabel, daughter of John de Steyngreve, kinswoman and third heiress of Ela, second sister and heiress of Simon de Bello Campo, … in accordance with the partition of the manor made in chancery between the aforesaid Isabel and Ralph Paynel, who married Joan, and John de Horbury, who married Elizabeth, kinswomen of the said Isabel and daughters and heirs of the said Ela. (S) CCRs.

4/25/1298, Commission to William Wyther, Ralph Paynel and Roger de Ingoldeby, late sub-escheator in Lincoln, to extend the lands, tenements, knights’ fees and advowsons of churches which were of Edmund the king’s brother of the earldom of Derby, within the county of Lincoln … (S) CIsPM.

6/25/1299, IPM of Richard de Arcy. Lincoln. … All held of Ralph Paynel by foreign service. … (S) CIsPM.

1302, Ralph & Joan held part of Linslade. (S) Hist. of Buckingham, V3, 1925, Linslade.

5/5/1305, It is shown to the king by Roger Lestrange (Extranei), John Buteturte (2498728), Walter de Teye (2nd husband of 30422157, d/o 60844315) , Ralph Paynel (7604760), and Richard le Rous that whereas they as heirs and parceners of the inheritance of Joan de Bello Campo, granddaughter and heir of William de Bello Campo (9994918), sometime baron of Bedford, …, hold the lands that belonged to William at his death, and do not hold any lands falling to them by right of inheritance by the death of John de Bello Campo, son of (9994918) the said William, the barons demand relief by reason of the homage that the said John de Bello Campo, brother (9994918) and heir, … that the said king took the homage of the said John [rebel knight, killed 8/4/1265 at the battle of Evesham], the brother and heir, as it was said [but he was not William’s heir, his older brother Simon was], of William de Bello Campo, … by inspection of the rolls of the said king's chancery for the 51st year of his reign that the said king, believing that all the lands that belonged to John, his enemy, who was slain at Evesham, were his escheat, gave them to the present king, and that in the same year by the present king's assent he took the homage of Maud de Moubray and Thomas son of Oto and Beatrice de Bello Campo, his wife, grand-daughters (neptum) and heiresses of the aforesaid Joan, for 2 parts of the lands that belonged to Joan at her death and that John occupied during the time of the disturbance aforesaid, and rendered the 2 parts to Maud (23640641), Thomas and Beatrice (4997459), the third part, which fell to Joan (7604761), Ida (60844315) and Isabel, the daughters of Ela Wake (121688631) and co-heiresses and parceners thereof, who were then minors in the present king's wardship by the late king's grant, remaining in the present king's hands during their minority: the king orders the treasurer and barons to supersede entirely the demand upon Roger, John, Walter, Ralph and Richard for relief. (S) CCRs. [They wanted relief because the lands of a rebel had to be reacquired by fines – but John was never the heir of the lands.]

By 1316, Joan died.

1318, Ralph died.

3/14/1318, Writ for IPM of Ralph Paynel. Bedford: Kerdington. The manor … held, by the courtesy of England of the inheritance of Joan sometime his wife, … John son of Baldwin Pygot, aged 27 and more, is kinsman and next heir of the said Joan. (S) CIsPM.

Children of Michael and Joan:

i. Baldwin Pygot, born ~1283 in England.

By 1316, Baldwin died before his mother.

Son: John Pygot, born 1291 in England.

·         1316, Thomas Paynel, with the consent of John son of Baldwin Picot, but without royal licence, sold the manor of Wootton to Adam Picot and Annabella his wife. (S) Hist. of Bedford, V3, 1912, Wooton.

·         3/4/1318, John succeeded to his mother’s estates still held by his stepfather.

·         5/4/1318, John son of Baldwin Pigot acknowledges that he owes to Richard de Carleton of Lincoln and Walter de Crauden, executors of the will of Ralph Paynel, £67 13s. 10d.; to be levied, in default of payment, of his lands and chattels in cos. Lincoln and Bedford.

·         Son: John. 5/1/1345, John son of John Picot, tenant of the lands which belonged to John son of Baldwin Picot, … to defend the execution of a recognisance for £67 13s. 10d., made by the said John son of Baldewin to the executors of the will of Ralph Paynel. (S) CCRs.

Child of Ralph and Joan:

i. Ralph Paynel (3802380), born ~1305 in England.

[Ralph inherited lands in Lincolnshire through his father.]

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