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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Lord Richard de Towneley & Helen de Coucy

 1477146. Lord Richard de Towneley & 1477147. Helen de Coucy.

~1315, Richard de Tounlay born in Lancashire, England, 2nd s/o 2954292. John de Legh & 2954293. Cecilia de Towneley.

~1325, Ellen born in England, d/o §§William de Coucy [an alien].

1/24/1327, Edward III succeeded Edward II as King of England.

[––Richard & ?––]

Richard de Thonlay 1st married a d/o Adam de Birtwisle. [See 1354.]

Aft. 1333, Henry del Stocks transferred all his lands in Cliviger to Richard de Towneley for 10 years.

1334, A messuage in Redicarr released to Richard de Towneley by Roger de Holme.

1335, Matthew de Barcroft gave the Richard de Towneley the lordship and service of all the lands in Cliviger which Henry de Cowhope held.

1338, William del Hargreaves granted to Richard de Towneley, son of John de la Leigh, the land and tenements which he [William] had from his father in Towneley.

1341, Henry son of Henry de Cowhope, with his rent of 4d., gave a quitclaim to Richard de Towneley.

[––Ellen & Roger––]

Ellen 1st married Roger de Brokholes [Brocholys/Brocoles].

12/1341, Roger de Brockholes killed, his widow Ellen, was pregnant at the time.

1342, Ellen wife of Roger Brockholes had land in Tatham.

[––Richard & Helen––]

Richard married Ellen, widow of Roger de Brockholes. (S) See 1345 & 1357 Records.

12/22/1342 at York, Debtor: Richard, the son of John de Legh, of Townley [in Burnley, Blackburn Wapentake] of Lancs. Creditor: John de Woodhouse, parson of the church of Rudby {Ruddeby} [N.R., Yorks.]. Amount: £40. (S) UKNA.

4/10/1343 at York, Debtor: William, the son of Richard de Hoghton, knight, of Lancs, ... Creditor: Richard de Townley, the son of John de la Legh [Richard held part of a fee in Claughton in Amounderness Wapentake, Lancs, and his family held part of Townley in Blackburn Wapentake, Lancs.] Amount: £40. (S) UKNA.

1345, William son of Ralph de Stirzacre, as nephew of William de Tatham, who had died seised, claimed 3 messuages, &c., in Claughton and Bilsborrow against Richard de Towneley and Ellen his wife. The defendants called Roger son of Roger de Brockholes to warrant them, but he was under age. [Roger is Ellen’s son.]

1346, John s/o John de Catterall [descendent Agnes, sister of Cecilia (2954293)] granted a lease of the third of the Townley estates he held for life to Richard de Towneley, younger son of John de la Legh and Cecily. (S) Trans. of Lancashire & Cheshire, V27, 1910, P149.

Aft. 1346, Richard’s father died, his older brother Gilbert the heir.

6/1349, The Plague reached Dorset, and had spread across England by the end of 1349.

1349, Richard de Towneley released his lands in Cliviger to Gilbert de Legh (Richard’s older brother) and Alice his wife for life.

2/1351, The franchise for providing a bailiff for the district of Blackburnshire was shared between the Abbot of Whalley, John de Altham, Gilbert de la Legh and Richard de Touneley. They collected the profits and in return rendered a fix yearly sum to the Lord of Blackburnshire who at this time was Henry Grosmont, 4th Earl of Lancaster.

1351, Grant by Henry, earl of Lancaster, to the abbot and convent of Whalley. Gilbert de la leigh, John de Altham, and Richard de Towneley. (S) Ancient Charters ... Clithero, 1851, P41.

1351, Richard moved to the manor of St. Savior at Stydd, which he rented [5 miles from Towneley, and more central to his land interests. Over 100 people had died there during the plague.]

1353, Richard appointed a receiver for Henry, now Duke of Lancaster. [Richard’s holdings were now held of the crown.]

1354, Adam de Birtwisle settled lands with remainders to Nicholas son of Sir Richard de Kighley and Joan his wife, the daughter of Adam, and to Richard de Towneley. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V6, 1911, Hapton.

1354, Alice widow of John de Myerscough claimed a rent of 5s. from Claughton—obtaining 4s. 8½d.—against Richard and Ellen de Towneley.

1355, Thomas Banastre, Robert de Haldleghs, Henry de Kuerden, Richard de Towneley and John de Stamford or Stanford, having the 128th part of a knight's fee in Claughton.

12/8/1357, Ellen died. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V8, 1914, Parish of Tatham.


1/3/1358, Writ for IPM of Helen, late the wife of Roger de Brokholes. Lancaster: Gayrstang. A messuage, 40a. land … and 2a. meadow in a place called ‘Byrewayth’ held of the king by knight’s service, as of the inheritance of William de Coucy, an alien, in the king’s hand after his death, by rendering 3/4d. yearly for ward of Lancaster Castle. Claghton, Billesburgh and Caterhale. A messuage, 4 score acres of land … Tatham. 3 messuages, 20a. land … by service of a rose yearly. All the above she held to herself and her heirs begotten between herself and Roger de Brokholes, formerly her husband. She died on Friday the feast of the Conception of the Blessed Mary, 31 Edward III. Roger, son of Roger de Brokholes, aged 15 years, is her heir. (S) CIsPM.

2/21/1360, Debtor: Thomas, the son of Roger de Tunstall [of Lancs.] ... Creditor: William de Worksley, and Richard de Townley [of Lancs]. Amount: £40. (S) UKNA.

11/20/1360, Richard summoned to parliament to represent Lancashire. [Among the acts of this parliament was to define the selection and responsibilities of justices of the peace.]

2/18/1361, William de Radeclyf and Richard de Tounley, Knights of the Shire, to receive £15 4s for 38 days at parliament in London for Lancashire. (S) CCRs.

1361, John of Gaunt succeeded Henry Plantagenet as Duke of Lancaster.

1362, Wardship and marriage of William de Hesketh  granted by John Duke of Lancaster to the Abbot of Whalley and Richard de Towneley.

1362, Richard and his elder brother Gilbert del Legh of Hapton and Towneley pardoned for 26s by King Edward for acquiring land without royal licence. (S) The Palatine Note-book, V2, 1882, P248.

5/20/1363 at Preston, Debtor: John, the son of Gilbert de Crawshaw {Croukshagh} [of Lancs.]. Creditor: Richard de Townley [of Lancs]. Amount: £41 10s. (S) UKNA.

1/27/1364 at Preston, Debtor: Henry, the son of John de Clayton of Dutton [Lancs.]. Creditor: Richard de Towneley,[Lancs.]. Amount: £13 6s. 8d. (S) UKNA.

6/17/1364 at Wigan, Debtor: John de Croukeshagh'. Creditor: Richard de Towneley [of Lancs]. Amount: 41m. 6s. 8d. (S) UKNA.

1365, Sir Thomas de Dacre (1477144) covenanted with Richard de Towneley, that Edmund de Dacre, his son, should take to wife the said Richard’s daughter [Alice], and upon this marriage were to settle in jointure the manor of Tatham, with the advowson, with the manor of Over Hesham and Hesham, which Sir John Harrington of Farlton held for term of life. (S) Hist. of the Co. Palatine & Duchy of Lancaster, Herford, 1870, P592.

1366, Richard witnessed a property transfer in his role as seneschal of the wapentake of Clitheroe.

2/24/1371, Richard, Knight of the Shire, attended parliament in London. [Among its accomplishments was to assert parliament's right to approve indirect taxation.]

3/29/1371, John de Ipresand Richard de Tounley, Knights of the Shire, to receive £19 12s for 49 days at parliament in London for Lancashire. (S) CCRs.

11/11/1371, Richard de Tounley appointed the escheator for the county of Lancaster. (S) CFRs.

12/4/1373, To Richard de Tounley late escheator in Lancashire. Order to deliver to Henry del Kar his goods and chattels, … (S) CCRs.

1374, Richard de Tounley appointed to levy the 10th and 15th in the county of Lancaster. (S) CFRs.

1375-77, By appointment of John of Gaunt, Richard the High Sheriff of Lancashire.

1376, Richard acquired land in Dutton.

1379, Richard, of Towneley Hall in Brunley, died, holding a fourth part of the bailiwick of Blackburnshire. (S) CFRs.

(S) A Gen. & Heraldic Hist. of the Commoners of Great Britain, Burke, 1835, P262. (S) Hist. of the Co. of Lancaster, V6, 1911, Township: Cliviger. (S) Tracing the Towneleys, 2004. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V6, 1911, Havergham Eaves & Rufford. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V7, 1912, Townships: Calughton.

Family notes:

·         1338, Roger de Brockholes received from William de Tatham, rector of Halton, the manor of Claughton, purchased from Adam son of Richard de Claughton, and tenements in Landskill, Catterall. This grant was charged with the maintenance of a chaplain in Claughton, or at Garstang Church, a stipend of 66s. 8d. being payable.

Child of Richard and ?:

Cecily de Towenely, born by 1324 in England.

By 1336, Cecily married to John de la Legh. [See 1336, they would be 1st cousins.]

Child of Roger and Helen:

Roger de Brockholes, born 1342 in England.

1363, Roger made a feoffment of lands in Tatham.

1375, Roger lands and rents in Claughton, the names including White Carr, Alcocks Field, Myerscough Field and Dawfield.

1390, Roger obtained land in Catterall from Robert Haneson de Stirzacre.

Children of Richard and Ellen:

i. John de Towneley, born 1350 in Lancashie, England.

1379, John son and heir of Richard de Towneley made a feoffment of all his lands in Burnley.

1382, John married Isabel, d/o William de Rixton.

1386, John given protection for going to Calais on the King’s business [forfeited for not going.]

3/31/1388, IPM of Alice late the wife of Gilbert del Legh. Duchy of Lancaster: She held …  John de Tounlay, aged 38 years, son and heir of Richard de Tounlay, Gilbert’s brother, is next heir of the said Gilbert and Alice by virtue of the entail. (S) CIsPM. [At the death of Alice the estates fell to John. Gilbert is John’s uncle, Richard’s older brother.]

By 1388, Through the acquisition of the third of the manor held of Agnes, sister of John’s ancestral grandmother Cecilia de Thonlay, all of the manor of Towneley.

1397, John Towneley in 1397 handed his lands to 2 chaplains who granted them back to John and his heirs, and default to Robert and Henry his brothers, with a jointure for Elizabeth (Isabel) wife. 

1399, John died, his son Richard, born 5/14/1387, a minor, the heir.

Isabel married William Rigmaiden after the death of John, and William was granted wardship of the Towneley heir.

Isabel/Elizabeth died. (Chetham Society 95: 1875, pages 157-8). 'Henry per la grace &c. Johan Wakery ng n're Chanceller per la mort de Elizabeth nadgairs feme a n're buame esciuer William de Rigmayden et la quelle Elizabeth jadis feu la feme do Johan de Tounlay q'i de nous tenoit en chief per service de Chivalor o n're Countee de Lanc: certeines terres tentz et possessions les quelles cela meame Eliz: tenoit a term de sa vie del heritage de dit Johan en le value de quarant et cynk marcs per reson del moindre du filz et heir de dit Johan deinz age ...'.

ii. Alice de Towneley (738573), born ~1352 in Lancashire, England.

iii. Robert de Towneley, born ~? in Lancashie, England.

iv. Henry de Towneley, born ~? in Lancashie, England.

1369, The Bradhull estates in Billington, Dinckley and Kenyon were settled upon Simon de Morley and Ellen and their issue, with remainders to … and Henry son of Richard de Towneley. (S) Hist. of Lancaster, V6, 1911, Townships: Billington.

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