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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Lord Robert de Byron & Joan de Melling

 5908562. Lord Robert de Byron & 5908563. Joan de Melling

~1260, Robert born in England.

~1275, Joan born in England.

~1285, Prior Warin of Burscough granted to Robert de Byron and Joan his wife for their homage and service 2 selions.

1292, In suits brought by William son of Adam de Sefton, as to tenements which he claimed in right of his grandfather. In one of these claims, which included a share of the wood, Robert de Byron was a defendant. [Robert won his case. Roger appears to have  inherited or acquired the estate of Roger de Melling.]

Aft. 1300, Adam the Forester of Melling made a number of claims against various people of the vill, in respect of the inheritance of his wife … One of these suits placed Robert de Byron, Robert de Molyneux of Thornton, Margery late the wife of Robert de Thornton first among the defendants. Their defence was that they were lords of the town of Melling, holding the waste in common; Adam the Forester had enclosed part of this waste, and they had pulled down his hedge, as it was lawful for them to do. The jury accepted this defence and dismissed Adam's claim.

1303, Robert de Byron, Henry and Nicholas de Bootle and others were charged with assaulting one Henry de Moss, and carrying him off to prison at Lancaster, for which he claimed £1000 damages.

1309, A charter by Robert de Byron granted land in Melling to Nicholas son of Henry de Bootle, at the yearly rent of 1d.; and a further grant at the same rent.

Robert of Melling manor, Halsall parish, West Derby died.


1317, Roger son of Dobbe de Melling quitclaimed to Henry de Bootle certain lands. Witnesses: Robert de Nevill (daughter Isabel’s husband), …. William Gerard and Maud his wife, Joan formerly wife of Robert de Byron, …

1323, Robert de Nevill, …. William Gerard and Maud (Isabel’s sister) his wife, Joan (Isabel’s mother) alleged to have made a mill pool on the Alt, between Kirkby and Melling, in such a way that Henry de Bootle's land was flooded by the water impounded. The jury ordered its abolition.

(S) A Hist. of the Co. of Lancaster, V3, 1907, Melling.

Children of Robert and Joan:

i. Isabel de Byron (2954281), born ~1295 in England.

1313, Robert de Nevill and Isabel his wife took action against William son of Roger de Melling in a plea of the assize of mort d'ancestor. Hervey de Melling and Henry his son, as also Henry son of Roger de Melling, were concerned in the case.

ii. Maud de Byron, born ? in England.

Maud married William Gerard of Kingsley.

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