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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Lord Thomas Hody

3802232. Lord Thomas Hody

1343, Thomas born in Devon, England, s/o 7604464. Richard Hody & 7604465. Joan .

12/25/1357, Thomas’ father Richard Hody died.

6/20/1358, Writ for IPM of Richard Hody. Devon: West Raddon. The manor … The said Richard died on Monday, Christmas day last. Thomas Hody his son, aged 15 years and more, is his heir. … (S) CIsPM.

5/8/1359, Grant to the king’s son Lionel, earl of Ulster, of the keeping of the manor of Westraddon, co. Devon, late of Richard Hody, who held it by knight service … by reason of the nonage of Thomas, his son and heir. … with the marriage of Thomas. (S) CPRs.

Thomas died.

Family notes:

·         This Thomas, “of Devon”, does not appear in the records of the time. There are many “Thomas son of Richard de …” possibilities. There is a “Thomas fitz Richard” of Essex, and one of Ireland contemporary. A possible scenario is that this Thomas married a prominent heiress in Essex or Irleand, or some other place, which does not allow us to identify him without additional information.

Child of Thomas and ?:

i. Thomas Hody (1901116), born ~1375 in Devon, England.

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